The Therapeutic Nature of Essential Oils


There’s basically an essential oil for almost anything. A headache, back pain, fever, anxiety, high blood pressure, and even cancer each have an oil for some relief. The therapeutic nature of oils has long been proven and continues to thrive today amid modern medicine. 


From diffusing essential oils, to topical application, many individuals can attest to how these oils make such a difference in the way they feel and how they alleviate symptoms of their ailments. 


Essential oils come from tree parts, herbs, and flowers. The essence of the plant, which gives it a fragrant smell, is extracted and becomes an essential oil. Making a pound of essential oil takes a lot of plant product. Lavender, for example, needs 200 pounds of the flower to make a pound of essential oil. 


 The Aromatherapy 


The term aromatherapy can encompass several things. Essential oils can be applied to the skin, inhaled, or even ingested although the latter is not recommended to the general public. Doing so requires expertise and a great deal of knowledge to safely practice it. 


So generally, when people talk about aromatherapy, they mean topical application or inhalation. 


An aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment for health and wellness. It enhances both the physical and emotional well-being and improves the condition of the mind, body, and spirit. 


Aromatherapy is regarded as both an art and a science. In recent years, this practice has gained recognition from scientific and medical experts


 Benefits of Essential Oils 


There are many therapeutic essential oils. Some of them are the following:


  • Lavender – This is arguably the most popular of the essential oils. It is effective for stress relief as well as healing colds, migraine, and flu.

  • Eucalyptus – This is great for respiratory diseases. It is also beneficial for a holistic addiction recovery.

  • Rosemary – This is a mental stimulant. History dictates how this oil is thought of as sacred.

  • Jasmine – While this is an expensive oil, it has powerful healing and relaxing properties. Many mothers use it for post-natal depression.

  • Lemon – This is a favorite essential oil that is widely used for problems with digestion, improvement of concentration, and to ease symptoms of arthritis and acne. 


 How It Works 


When the essential oil is applied to the skinthese oils are absorbed in the skin just as it would if you were using nicotine patches or prescription patch for medication. 


There are many factors affecting skin absorption. Massaging the oil on a certain area first will increase circulation to the said area. This can cause an increase in the absorption. Heat can also increase the circulation thereby enhancing absorption. 


Some studies also revealed that certain skin locations with a higher concentration of hair follicles and sweat glands can easily absorb the essential oils. This includes the armpits, soles, head, and palms.


Inhaling the essential oils means using the olfactory system. This includes all physical organs and cells that have something to do with the sense of smell. By inhaling through the nose, the molecules interact with these organs and then the brain. Inhalation through the nose or mouth will also interact with the respiratory system.


By inhalation, the odor travels to the brain and affecting several receptor sites. Among them is the limbic system or the emotional brain. This is directly connected with parts of the brain that control the breathing, heart rate, stress levels, blood pressure, and hormonal balance.


This explains why smell is deeply connected with emotions. This also explains the psychological and physiological effects of the essential oils.  


Ingesting the oil, while possible, poses certain risks. It can be toxic to the kidneys and liver, its chemical breakdown while gastric processing may have adverse effects and potential drug interactions. You should always make sure that any oils you use are created for ingesting before doing so. 


Therapeutic oils have great benefits to those who choose to use them. Make sure that your essential oils are the proper grade, safe for internal use if you choose to, and that you are getting oils that are as natural as possible. You're sure to see a variety of benefits when you do. 



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