A love that transcends dimensions and touches your soul, the one that’s ‘you’ seeing back at  ‘you’ …sounds mesmerizing ? Yes it happens, rare to come by and happening probably once in many lifetimes – true and pristine, pure and eternal. To put it straight and clear – you meet your soul…so far, you thought it was all ‘in you’, you forgot that a part of it was always walking etherically beside you and one fine day, you see it in ‘human form’ and guess what, you ‘freeze’, time stands still and everything else ceases to exist ! That’s ‘true love’ smiling ‘in your face’…reminding you of the song,

“baby, come love me one more time…”

How blessed one is if such a beautiful moment unfolds in their life too, it may or may not culminate into a lifelong story but those ‘few’ precious moments are for ‘keeps’ , forever and ever. Wonder how to manifest such love in once life? Well this kind of love is more divinely orchestrated and if your soul is prepared to ‘receive’ it, it’s yours to ‘keep’; as befitting as it sounds…

Though this is more like a ‘celestial’ phenomenon, still one can ‘ready’ oneself to radiate the ‘pure frequency’ of love to receive one’s true mate.

Let’s see how do we get there … ?

  1. Meditation – Cliched as it may sound yet this is undoubtedly the most powerful way to invoke the ‘one’ within you. The ‘one’ as in, your true mate who is ‘soulfully’ your energy residing in some other human body. Sounds eerie or unbelievable? Yes! but it’s the truth, as they say every human being is made of ‘yin’ and ‘yang’, the male and female energy. When we meditate, we start entering deeper states of consciousness from alpha, to beta, to theta, to delta; delta by far being the ‘deepest’ state you can reach where you are connected to ‘universal’ or ‘cosmic’ consciousness; the ‘one’ in many or many in ‘one’; or unity consciousness; the state of universal presence, the most deepest revelations , healing, divine experience happen when you hit ‘delta state’…in hindi they say ‘Aham brahmasmee’, “I AM BRAHMA/ I AM THE UNIVERSE”. What a profound way to access yourself! You can actually connect to your ‘other half’ whether it’s he/she you looking for. And once connected you can feel them like a collusion of suffused energy wrapping your ‘being’. It’s a very subtle, warm presence always with you; no words can describe this beautiful ‘envelope’ of love encircling your ‘being’ always and forever . Now it’s your luck or shall we say if your ascended masters and spirit guide choose you to be the ‘one’ to meet your ‘self’ in this very lifetime in human form, than ‘man’ you truly are ‘blessed’ ; it’s the ‘gift’ of a lifetime and beyond; eternal and timeless…

  2. Synchronicity – Yes, to be at the right place at the right time, to meet the magical manifestation waiting for you.Trust me meeting your true mate this way is by far the best human gift one can receive and that too so effortlessly ! As it is rightly said …’easy does it’. Only thing is you need to flow with the tide, be in a state of presence always and let your spirit guide you, for it knows the best.

  3. Manifestation – Best way of manifestation is to visualize day and night what you want and with a focused intention put it out to the universe; let the cosmic powers materialize your thoughts. But the hitch is you will get your desired man or woman but it may not be the one and only ‘eternal’ mate , could be you may meet a connected mate too. Now what exactly is the difference between a true mate and connected mate? Well true love is the ‘one and only’ ‘energy mate’ who holds your ‘soul energy’ and connected mate could be another soul who vibrates aligned to your soul’s vibration. That similar soul frequency type, is also good to go with. Atleast you have a nice bond to cherish, whether it turns out to be a lifelong association that time will tell, lest you surrender the outcome.

     These are a few ways one can find ‘one’; so to speak.

    All that matters is you find your energy because the harmony that resonates from your ‘own’ is beyond ‘expressions’. All you need is to feel the ‘presence’ in the ‘absence’ or presence so profound that it is felt best in ‘silence’. Whenever you two are ‘humanly’ together, there are no words to speak as you are complete; you just know the other’s mind; the best ‘telepathic communication’ ever …like reading a book, silently . Many poets, songwriters, lyricists have aptly written poems, songs on this kind of ‘fusion’ of timeless love.

    Experience it to believe it! Infact the best part is even if you are not in physical proximity to them yet the essence that one ‘core’ exudes towards the ‘other’ is still so profound and still so magnetic. As they say ‘wordless is thy love’.

Sunanda’ s Bio

Sunanda Sharma is a professional Tarot Card Reader, Psychic, Author and Life Coach .She is a member Elite Psyche Team - Best American Psychics 2013, Member of Certified Psychic Society 2013  , Winner Tarot Super Achievers Award 2012 India. She is a published author. She has written two books of Spiritual/Inspirational genre "Inspiration from the Spirit Volume I" and "Inspiration from the Spirit Volume II".You can reach her at www.sunandatarot.com

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Comment by Sunanda Sharma on July 25, 2014 at 7:42am


Many thanks...

Comment by Trevor Taylor on July 25, 2014 at 7:39am

Thanks Sunanda  - we stick with the original title :)

Comment by Sunanda Sharma on July 25, 2014 at 7:32am

Thank you so much Trevor

Well ya if you feel 'wordless is thy love' as an appropriate fit to the article that's great, my idea was to project the nuances of 'true love' so decided on The thing called ...True Love;

so you take call ...

Comment by Trevor Taylor on July 25, 2014 at 6:30am

Thank you Sunanda. Recommended to the publishers for inclusion in one of the forthcoming multi media editions of OM Times. The last 4 words..."wordless is thy love" struck me as an ideal title to this article, although there is nothing wrong with the title you have. Just a thought ..

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