Every day we feed our body with food, but how often do we consider feeding the body the right energy from our mind? Confused?

It is just as important for wholeness and health to feed the energy of the spirit, as it is to put physical food into your mouth. The way to feed the energy of the spirit, is through meditation. Many people already understand the physical health benefits from meditating, but have you ever wondered why it is our guides, and the angelic realm, continually ask us to meditate?

Meditation is food for the mind. It connects your mind to your soul to enable you to create inner peace. Entering into silence, enables you to ascend stress, negativity. It offers you great insight into why you are experiencing what you are experiencing. It allows you to tap into the spiritual light-energy which nourishes your soul, to enable you to overcome your issues.

Meditation, on a holistic level, is key not only to your material evolution, it is also key to your spiritual evolution. If done correctly, meditation will give you the strength to see, and be, the truth, despite your conscious mind telling you something else. It will help you to eradicate anger; and through meditating, you access a higher level of guidance called the collective consciousness. This collective consciousness is the eternal life-force energy that feeds you.

When you fail to feed the body this energy source, the material body begins the ageing process, because the spiritual energy is stagnant. Like a battery, you are given a certain amount of this spiritual energy. Depending upon your thoughts, actions and experiences, you will either drain this store of energy quickly, or conserve it well.

Through meditation, you are able to view different concepts of reality. It opens up the ability for you to truly understand yourself. Spiritual energy affects your thinking. It enables you to tap into truth, wisdom and knowledge, which helps you achieve an understanding about the world and creation. In your daily life, you will come into contact with others, and experiences, that create negative thinking and negative energy. Regular meditation helps you to maintain clarity, so that you are less affected by other people’s energies. You reduce your potential for being drawn into despair, sorrow and misery. Your mind is a powerful computer. Meditation is a way of defragging your system. It is a way of clearing out old programming.

The effects of meditation on your consciousness, is one of the most important tools you have, to leading a spiritual life that is full of understanding and harmony. It is more than a tool to help your psychic abilities become stronger. If everyone on our planet was taught to meditate, not only would we see a drastic reduction in illness and disease, it would herald the end of ignorance, it would herald a new life of peace and enlightenment. The Sun, in our universe, emits energy. This energy feeds the planet with light, and this light accelerates your growth; not just physically but emotionally and mentally too. Many people are still tuned into the chaos around them.

Without meditating, you experience chaos, because your brain has a very difficult time processing information, adjusting emotions, which help you cope with life. Through meditation, your ability to maintain mental balance and understanding, is greatly inhibited. Guided meditation helps you to train your mind. It helps you to control the energies within and around you. It opens your mind, to being able to process information in a controlled manner. It trains the brain to see and understand with clarity. It helps you to control fear.  Guided meditations are a great way to help you train your brain. So you can discover the power that lies within you, and help you connect to new levels of consciousness. Regular meditation can help you awaken to new realities, so you can see and rise above your current life experiences, it will also help raise your vibrational energy levels, which you need to experience life in joy, peace and abundance.

Without meditation, your material consciousness runs erratically, and this affects the brain’s ability to comprehend thoughts, emotions, experiences and situations. If we add in the equation of mobile phones, hand-held screen gadgets and computers, your mind is completely scrambled. By training your brain through meditation, you not only benefit the physical body, but it offers you an opportunity to connect with the memories and knowledge of your past lives, and this significantly builds the neural muscles required for you to receive, and connect with spirit, on a telepathic level.  Meditation is the language of spirit. This language of signs and symbols can greatly assist you in your life. Following guided meditations will help you build your inner energies.  

Take your meditation ability to another level and next time you meditate try to observe any subtle energies, and tune into them,  this will really help you to grow spiritually, if you practice meditation constantly, you will gain access to the spheres of higher consciousness. Everyone has the ability to deepen their awareness, give yourself the gift of inner peace. If you're ready to create a profound shift in yourself, your energies and your life, if you're ready to step into your authentic majectic soul presence, make some room in your life for regular meditation.

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