The Visual - Why Can We Not See? Good Question!

The Visual - Why Can We Not See? Good Question! [71]

by Kathy Custren

Why Can We Not See What is Right In Front of Us?

When it comes to all things visual, why is it that so many of us are unable to see? Why can we not see things that are right in front of us? While not everyone may be blessed with the gift of 'second sight,' is there a reason why so many of us deal with occlusion, where we cannot see things and situations that are clearly obvious before us?

Many of us are grateful to exist in a world of sight. The many photographs, videos, and other images we interact with on a daily basis encourage us and promote the use of our eyes and the visual cortex of our brains. What many of us 'envision,' can even be brought into existence through metaphysical means, if we choose to use that method of creation.

Beyond metaphysics, however, there is a vast majority of people who run their everyday lives clueless to the visual wonders that surround them. Granted, there are many others who are either born or who, because of accident or disease, have lost their sight. People who cannot see with their eyes can eventually learn the skills to exist and thrive, while many otherwise sighted people may continue to live with blockages that keep them from seeing; both intentional and unintentional.

Who or What is Behind the Occlusion that Keeps Us from Seeing?

Who or what would want to keep others from seeing, you may ask? There have been instances purported, in cases of control and power, where there is clear evidence that shows an entire group of otherwise well-sighted people can be manipulated. Despite having all their faculties, they are misdirected into believing something other than what their eyes experience, or their 'gut,' tells them.

When it comes to general or broadcast media, such as television programs or even movies, beyond telling us an entertaining story, we can just as easily say that by watching the pre-recorded show, our eyes are not seeing what may be going on around us. We passively watch screens today, without as much of the interaction that can happen in a regular theatre or concert, where we experience live production, or conversation improvised on the fly.

There is so much visual distraction available for us today, also. Visual consumption happens everywhere, it seems; even mealtime is seen as an ideal time to catch up on email or, as has been the norm since “TV dinners” were created, to sit as a family and eat meals together. We eat as we consume.

Perhaps this is another reason why we cannot see...because we are consuming the evidence! The act of consumption is the opposite of the act of creation, so we see the opposing effect. Plus, we even get 'reward points' for being such good consumers. How about that?

Visual Distraction and Visual Consumers - So Many Special Effects!

In fact, we are such good consumers, taking in all the many messages and memes headed our way, that we also believe the messages that tell us others are out to 'take what is ours.' So many of us believe the construct that there is a shortage, that we fear those who are in need. We call them many foul names and think of our fellow human beings as 'less than,' even when we know we are all the same.

To really see the vile side of our human nature takes a lot of fortitude. Not only do we have to look past the 'obvious' misdirection, we must steel ourselves for what we perceive on the other side. It is not always pretty, seeing suffering people in pain. Maybe this is why many are happy for the distraction and do not seek to look past it.

We all must look beyond, not being afraid of the word, 'apocalypse.' If we are light workers, then we shine our light for all to see. If we are visionaries, then we must make and create a new place where everyone gets to play and live freely with dignity. If we are more hands-on, fit and active, then our efforts need to go to help others freely, with no expectation of 'payment,' for what goes around, comes around.

So, whether it is part of some upper-handed or underhanded manipulation, or simply our own sort of ignorance, there is a lot out there just waiting to be seen, and consumed. It might be a good time to remember the old adage, 'we are what we eat.' It may be time to switch from 'diet' to 'live-it,' and wouldn't that be wonderful to see?

About the Author

Kathy Custren, OMTimes Senior Editor, is a mother of four, who strives for balance and has a deep respect for All. Interests include education, elements, nature, humanity's cosmic origins, philosophy, spirituality, and wellness. Connect with her community page "Consciousness Live" on Facebook.

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Comment by Kathy Custren on April 1, 2016 at 9:17am

Thank you, Lisa!!

Comment by Lisa Shaw on April 1, 2016 at 8:17am

HI, Kathy.  I"m forwarding this to the publishers for possible inclusion in an upcoming issue. ;-)

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