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The Vortex of Time: A Portal May 6, '11 6:47 AM
by Kathy for everyone
 Well “it” is here. “It” being that time foretold by so many as the huge shift of change; a time given so many different names and so much emphasis in its foretelling that we do not know whether to expect an apocalypse or a new Eden. Maybe it is a bit of both. However it turns out, it appears up to us to have an active hand in the process. Are you ready for the challenge?

Some of us are clearly not ready and have no clue what is going on. They are on the receiving end of what can best be described as great tumult. Whether we are apt to chalk it up to their particular karma or simply accept it as the mystical draw of the cards they are dealt, there are going to be certain persons or groups of people among us who will be facing especially difficult tests of fortitude if not out-and-out survival. Let’s face it, things like major earthquakes, nuclear disaster, series of tornadoes and a string of unusual weather phenomena do not happen with great regularity; at least not until this year.

Many of us may think we have some idea what to expect. Our conditioning tells us to anticipate some great annihilation, and maybe there will be. Where life is concerned, one life lost is one too many. Many people are planning for what they call “the inevitable,” or a worst-case scenario. They expect to see difficulty and shortage, or feel it almost a certainty that they will undergo great stress in the time ahead. If we look at change through the binoculars of that kind of dire gloom, then we are most likely going to see that very kind of evidence whenever and wherever we focus our attention.

Some of us who have made it their life’s work studying and searching, asking the right kinds of internal and external questions, do seem to agree that we are in a particular spiral, vortex, or portal where time is concerned. I would ask that you view the last video featuring Terence McKenna before his death in 2000, in which he talks about his own analysis of what is going on. The video is over an hour long, so I am posting the link for you to view at your leisure.

Terence McKenna - 63:47 minute video:


Terence McKenna page on Wikipedia:


In part of the video, McKenna asserts his perception that time is speeding up. As evidence, he provides example of the way many thousands of years must pass before subtle genetic changes take place, versus the time it takes for similar change to happen now. In other words, as McKenna states, "More connectivity occurs now in a calendar year than occurred in a million years a billion years ago.” Given that kind of acceleration, we can see that we are heading into a kind funnel where we are swirling through both space and time. We are entering an ultimate passage or portal from which we will emerge with a new definition and sense of space and time.

I tend to agree with the vision that time is speeding up. The natural world itself is full of indicators, if we are not blind to them. It seems to make sense that we are seeing more of these very kinds of weather phenomena such as tornadoes and storms that show us the inverted pyramid or force of things spinning, swirling and changing right in front of our eyes. We are here to bear witness to the transformation of the world of time.

We appear to be traveling en masse to another dimension. McKenna points to the increasing complexities and connections of experience as being the ‘why’ behind this great time-related change. We have gone from the cave dweller’s wheel to flights into outer space and from simple agriculture to agribusiness on a major scale. We have increased everything right down to our very numbers…for a particular purpose, perhaps. We will see whether it is to our benefit or our detriment.

How it will feel to go through this cosmic passage will be discovered as we do it. Those of us who enter this process, this time portal, actively and with full awareness of what the Now holds are poised to get the most out of the experience. If we are awake enough, actively conscious, and working to get our selves and others through it all, we will be the ones to appreciate what it will take to emerge successfully on the other side of this changing time. Compassion feels like a positive and critically important factor.

What will our next level be like? We will need to record what we call “history,” or the written record of our lives, in a new or different way; for it--and we--will not be as it was before. A new level of existence means a whole new world full of new possibility…an open, vast, landscape upon which to build still new, ordered, and better experiences based on greater understanding. Education usually does come with some cost. I do not think many of us, deep down, really doubt our sensation that what we call ‘time’ is changing. We even say the phrase with greater regularity, “Time as we know it.” We see our relationship to time is different in ways both large and small: as above, so below.

We are poised to make a quantum leap into another fractal of existence, another measure of breath and ability to continue. Similar to a birthing, we will know and experience what it feels like to weather the shift…travel the vortex…spiral through and emerge out the other side…where we can leap forward in a stride and where time will once again lengthen for us…where we will have completed a breath-type cycle of experience and have full exposure to a fresh slate upon which to write our next chapter.

If we have learned anything from all of the many great changes, connections, and complexities we have had in recent times, I think we might agree that not all change has to be something scary or feared. It is inevitable, and if we can embrace that aspect of it and learn to expect the unexpected, we may find a way of reaching our future with less trauma than those fearing the doom and gloom might anticipate.

This seems a very appropriate time to share some great music by Brad Paisley that talks about this very kind of change: “Welcome to the Future”


Comments are welcome. Namaste ~ Blessings!


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