The War Between the  Soul  and the Body

What happens when there is a split between your soul and your body aka vessel? Do you feel conflicted, restless, dispersed, rifted or just confused ? Well everyone will have a different verbiage to rationalize this ‘split’ situation. This is because this war is so intangible that one cannot even verbalize it much. Only those who have ‘been there done that” will actually understand this cathartic phase.  This is usually the first step for a spiritual warrior on the 'path'.

Let’s examine this split and how it unfolds:

Step 1 : It can happen at any age. The ‘old you’ will start questioning the ‘evolving you ',as to why things, situations, thinking pattern seems so out of sync to you. Most of you will have an explosion or bombardment of questions in your head …why this, why that , why me …so on and so forth. Every known paradigm will start falling .You find talking to yourself more than ever ; rather running away from the crowd for that much needed ‘space’, ‘me time’. For days you would not want to talk to others, it’s like guys ‘just shut up’! Just let me be ! Hopefully if your folks and friends are mature and supportive they will give it in else be ready for an external ‘war of words’ with all and sundry .  Trust me this q&a session in your head will be never ending . It’s just how good you are at handling it.

Step 2 : Your body would want to fulfill all it’s worldy desire but your soul will pull you away. To illustrate this : it’s something like your body would say let me just hang out with other dudes of my age , go clubbing, wine, dine, dating and all the regular stuff ( depending on your age). But once you are there doing all the fun things with your ‘age types’ suddenly this ‘evolving soul’ of yours will give you a knock…hey this is not your path, let go. You will want to smile and be happy but the soul within you will keep nudging you …listen this is not you ! don’t try to fit in ! You will feel agitated and highly irritated ; something like ‘what the hell’, this is my life , you keep quiet! Honestly this will only rebound and some unforeseen situation will be created and you will have no other option but to listen to the ‘voice within’!

You will be like. ..right, you told me; so now what ? Surrender!

Sounds bad but trust me ‘soul knows the best’. And one fine day you will realize you were never happy in the company of your ‘age types’ and you will also accept that you were trying to ‘fit in’ but to your rescue came this wise one 'within you' showing you ‘your true north’. And to your immense surprise you find yourself on a journey which is effortless and smooth. Your gps directs you all you have to do is just listen to it!

Step 3 : Now you are getting on your path and letting your soul takeover. Things are now little better, war seems to cease and it’s more like “calm after the storm”. Infact the more you abide by your soul whispers, the journey gets better. Do not expect that this calm will last forever because the evolution is an upward journey so sometimes more fortitude and strength is required . Sometimes your body will behave like a trickster trying to pull you away from soul’s ‘captivity’ and you like a fool will give in .Honestly these are triggered by your soul to test you and your resolve . You will try to go back and be the old fool you were, but somehow you will not enjoy that state now because something within you has changed and you will feel ‘odd one out’ and will now want to get back on the path. Sometimes you may give in to temptations and will have even harder lessons to learn and it’s like start fresh!

Step 4: This one happens bigtime . Many of your friends who were like your ‘friends forever’ category will just fall out .You won’t be able to connect to them at any level . They will call you ‘weird’, crazy or insane for all ‘human’ reasons and will even want to laugh at you, for you no longer run their story. But as they say it’s a journey you leave some and you meet some. Not to forget your kith and kin ; very rarely you will find them supporting you ; even if they do they may not understand your sudden transformation, need of space and all the changes within. So you just have to take it with a pinch of salt; either they are open to understanding you, well and good else better to detach and keep it to yourself.

Explaining them may not yield any results. You will have to find out your sacred space, where your soul can reassure you and heal you. The soul talk is a great motivation on this evolutionary path.

Funny as it may sound, you may find a tug of war happening between your body and soul while encountering a love interest. Your body may get attracted to it’s physical other half but your soul may have it’s reservations. Your soul may just get in between the ‘act’, firing at you with things like …hey she/he is not meant to be in your path; don’t  fall in the desire trap, let go. Howmuch ever you may try to shut out the ‘inner voice’ but to no avail; if not heeded to you will endup in more mess than one can fathom. So just say to your soul “I do”.

Step 5 : You might find an urge to change jobs, place , as mentioned above relationships but trust me it’s all good. Though it might look threatening in the beginning but gradually these shifts will herald a new energy in you for your greatest good! So just give in and flow with it.

Step 6 : Change in sleep patterns . Since the Dna within you is changing so it will change your ‘nocturnal cycle’ as well. Again let it happen. Most likely you will see visions, intense dreams, astral spirits all in the time frame between 2am to 4am; and this might have you waking up suddenly. Don’t worry let it be ; it’s because a lot of inner processing , transformation is taking place within your soul . Sleep whenever you are directed to; forget about the time just ‘dive in your bunk’!

Step 7: Food preferences will change a lot. Your body will crave for ‘delicacies’ and your soul would command you to go light – turn organic. If you try to skip this you will have major digestive issues. So better you follow the guidance and abide peacefully.

So this war as it may appear in the beginning will slowly end and pave a life full of celestial wonders .

You will know the beauty of this path when you start witnessing miracles. Universe will become your playground and this time you won’t fight rather you will goal it right!



Sunanda’ s Bio

Sunanda Sharma is a professional Tarot Card Reader, Psychic, Author and Life Coach . She is a published author. She has written two books of Spiritual/Inspirational genre "Inspiration from the Spirit Volume I" and "Inspiration from the Spirit Volume II".You can reach her at



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