In the beginning there was Pain, and it called itself Birth. It offered no comfort nor promise, yet it bore with it the essence of being: Life. It grew in the greatness of itself and matured through the breath of its host: a human child. In the days that followed, Pain gave way to Life, who was now feeding ravenously from the knowledge and light given of the host. It called out joyously in the squalls of the beast and announced its triumph for the human race to regard. Life was good.

Then came the days of motion, making vast offerings of knowledge and pride to Life, yet within its bowels, Pain festered. Pain, eldest and most resentful of Life's dominance, was nurtured only by the drippings offered by the host. Soon, Pain committed to mutiny and a terrible conflict ensued. Through the savage struggle, Life was torn asunder: rent in two by the ferocious assault of Pain and its growing forces. Where there had been but one vital force within the host, there now dwelt two.

In the times that followed, Life continued to flourish, ever strong and rampant through and about the host. Pain, nonetheless, held its place among the dark recesses of being and gathered to it other darker characteristics to strengthen its resolve. Namely, the twins: Fear and Anger. They joined the ranks of Pain easily, often squabbling over who was who. Pain cared very little for the bickering, but recognized the importance of their allegiance. It quietly decided to simply be patient; Life could not continue to remain steadfast, despite all of its flurry and pomp. Pain would wait for its moment, and when the time came, the dark forces of its minions would rise.

Times came and went in the Life and Pain of the host. Life danced about its kingdom in utter glee, while Pain surged ahead at every opportunity, only to be assuaged by Life's ceaseless growth. The frustration of Pain's useless attacks enraged it even further, as it struggled to find a suitable armor. Pulling the twins closer about it, Pain drew in another newcomer to the host--Guilt. Guilt came well equipped to assist Pain in its mission, being the most devious and cunning of any dark power yet. With Guilt, Pain was able to at last steal a bit of Life passion at various times, tricking it into believing this was for the best. For the first time in the ages of the host, Life was confused.

There could be no better time to act, Pain decided in a fit of confidence, and worked the foolish Fear and Anger into a frenzied storm of activity. The swirling melee, augmented by the fiendish Guilt, formed a mass of confusion that had Life responding as an ally. Decisions and actions lost their fine line of judgment and the result was the creation of Pain's most powerful monstrosities: Betrayal, Shame, and Rage.

This trio of warriors beset the shaken Life, shielding Pain deep within the confines of their power. The driving force of their essence was well out of reach; Life could do nothing to weaken Pain. Guilt moved in to bleed what it could of Life's resolve, determined to satisfy Pain's hunger. Life held fast, weakened and disorientated in the wake of the assault, yet clinging to the essence of light borne in its creation so long ago.

Life was eventually forced to withdraw from Pain's advancing horde, knowing it could not grasp hold of its long lost darker half in order to heal the wounds, this time. Instead, Life lay quiet and still, feigning defeat. Pain and its terrible entourage laughed and gloried in the broken shell of Life sprawled out before them. They taunted their beaten foe and called out through the screams and tears of the host to announce their triumph for the human race to regard.

Eventually, the revelers receded into their newly acquired domain and left Life where it lay, fragile and small. In that prior spark of Birth, however, Life had been endued with an inherent power to overcome and thrive through the breath of the host. Pain was a foolish, over-exaggerated glutton and would fall from power under the constant influx of breath and light. All of its dark horde could not shield the absolute strength of the host's will to live and be. Life had faith in its host, and would maintain itself in this small corner until it could once more gain enough strength to quiet the rantings of Pain.

Life would be patient; it knew Pain could not continue to remain steadfast. Life would simply wait for its moment to arrive, and when the time came, the forces of breath and light would heal yet another wound left by the endless war of Pain and Life.

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