The Wi-Fi Connection With the Earth is So Powerful


As we create such mega structures and things that are meant to amuse our senses, we are failing to realize the beauty that is already here.  The Earth is alive and full of energy.  It’s almost as if we deny the beauty the world has to offer and go off and create structures to replace it.  While we spend our days trying to get ourselves ahead for monetary gain that may only benefit ourselves or close loved ones, the earth provides unconditional love.

The world provides such wondrous beauty all around us.  We are surrounded by this beauty every day of our existence and yet people neglect to realize it.  We become so wrapped up in searching for beauty through other methods or other places.  The beauty we seek is here and everywhere in its most natural state.  The beauty of the Earth has not even been realized to the full extent that it truly possesses.  Once we start to understand that the Earth is as alive and living just as we are, we will see the divine connection we hold with it.  Through this understanding we will finally see the beauty we seek.

The connection that we have with the earth is no different with than the connection we have with all other beings in existence.  As our friends, lovers and family members, through our relationships with them, are all reflections of ourselves; so too is the earth.  We evolve spiritually through all our relationships as they provide some sort of experience that enhances our ability to learn and to awaken.  Connecting with the earth will bring the same awareness of ourselves through awakening as we see in the people around us.

Through this awakening, we will see the separation that our mind has created amongst people and things is all an illusion.  Understanding our oneness with all things will help us realize how the Earth and nature is a reflection of us.  The oneness that exists is a great power that is provided for us to utilize at our will.  When we are weak we may absorb strength, when we feel down we may utilize the frequency being emitted to uplift us, when we feel closed in we can observe the vastness of nature.  All the things that we need are here for us through the Earth’s unconditional love.  It’s like how we are so willing to purchase all the best things for our children without resentment because they are a part of us.

One example of the unconditional love the Earth provides is through rainbows.  Rainbows have long been an enchanting view to witness.  The scientific explanation of rainbows is that it is a result of the sunlight reflecting off the moisture in the atmosphere, which splits in a prism of the 7 colors.  Through this explanation we are denying the value it holds.  The magical beauty that it provides is the Earth simply reflecting the beauty we possess as spiritual beings.  Rainbow’s beauty is a reflection of the light we have within.  This is an untapped beauty which carries a sublime power.  The colors it radiates are the same colors of our chakras.

When the earth paints the sky with these illuminating colors, we are becoming recharged and rebalanced.  This is much like recharging your cellphone; two electronic devices feeding into each other.  When light meets light, the affect becomes amplified; this is true for the rainbows and our chakras.  Consider the affect to one’s mood when witnessing the beauty of a rainbow.  The stress we had carried prior to seeing it becomes washed away as we absorb an overwhelming sense of peace, joy and excitement.  Rainbows have such a great power to elevate one’s mood.

Our emotional state is a result of the Rainbow’s ability to balance our energy of our chakras.  As the chakras become recharged through the rainbow, they start to activate at optimum levels.  This activation will restore balance to our mind, body and spirit.  This ability is no different than how a cellphone is able to connect to the internet through a Wi-Fi signal.  The energetic vibration of the rainbow is far greater than that of a Wi-Fi signal.  It will uplift us to great heights so we can enjoy life as it is meant to be enjoyed.

The ability to enjoy life has been obscured by the hectic lifestyles we carry.  The rainbow serves as a remedy to all those stresses we carry.   It is very noticeable how we become child-like when witnessing the miracle of a rainbow.  The child within us resurfaces and we become over-joyed at this miraculous sight.  Through this child-like excitement, we start to think of magical things.  We start to fantasize of a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, we start to imagine unicorns, faeries, leprechauns and mythical creatures.  This is a common response we have to witnessing this miracle of earth.  It is a miracle because restoring one’s child-like excitement is no easy task as we have been so distracted by the lives we feel are for more important.  Our creative potential becomes enhanced through this miracle of nature.

The closer we are to nature, the more blessed we are.  We are able to have our energy to raise up and vibrate at a high frequency.  This frequency will restore the imbalances that we have as individuals, but it also has the power to uplift the people around us as well.  This is such a miracle blessing that really puts things into perspective.  This understanding allows us to realize that we are being cared for.  We are all in divine hands that nurture us continuously.  As people fail to realize this, they will continue to complain that they are alone in this world and they have no one to care for them.

Meditating on the beauty of the rainbow will allow us to connect with the oneness that exists between us all.  We are never alone, forgotten or neglected.  When we start to feel our connection with the divine beauty that is being presented to us through the natural wonders that the Earth provides, we will no longer seek to conceal it with concrete and cement.

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Comment by Trevor Taylor on March 27, 2014 at 6:11am

Good morning Paul, and thank you. Recommended to the publishers for inclusion in one of the forthcoming multi-media editions

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