there are no bombs, guns or bullets in heaven.

There are no bombs, guns or bullets in heaven,
Peace is within our grasps
A painting says a thousand words, I think this one dose and I would leave the painting to speak for itself but there are things in it that may need explanation so I will tell you how it as developed.
The painting there are no bombs, gun or bullets in heaven was born in my head in 1987, then it was just this idea of painting the crucifixion of Christ, I did want to have armed guards at the foot of the cross to give it more impact, plus life seems to be rule by the gun. I will only tell you what is in my mind at the time of painting the canvas and hope you the viewer will see things I dint have in mind at the time that way the painting can talk for itself.
Crucifixion is an ancient method of painful execution in which the condemned person is tied or nailed to a large wooden cross and left to hang until dead.
In the year 337, Emperor Constantine 1st abolished it in the Roman Empire out of veneration for Jesus Christ, the most famous victim of crucifixion. It was also used as a form of execution in Japan for criminals, inflicted also on some Christians.
I have depicted three different types of crucifixion in the painting, the end result is the same death of a human being at the hands of another. On the left of the painting we have a roman crucifixion. This is depicted on a stake as I have always wonder is it was carried out on the stake or a cross, I myself think a stake as the act of crucifixion took place in a desert country but that is my own personal believe, the Romans did go as far as reusing the nails they use.
The second crucifixion on the right is baste on a Japanese crucifixion. The one in the center of the painting is set on a cross made from a M 16 and a Enfield rifle, the figure on the cross is Christ. I have painted Christ with no detail and in white, white being the colure for purity, the viewer will see Christ as they picture him, there are so many artist impression of Christ that I could not do it justice because people will always be drawn to what they have seen before. The fact Christ is crucified on a cross made of rifles speaks for itself and I leave that to you to ponder, I have armed men ever side of the cross instead of roman solders.
Why paint such a subject as crucifixion some may say, well this painting is about more than that, it all about piece and the crimes mankind inflicted on his brother, why doesn’t he inflict piece on is fellow man instead of war and suffering. War brings the crime of maiming and killing of are fellow man, so much suffering no matter what the reason for the war, some times it’s the act of terrorist that brings that suffering and death. On the right side of the painting I have represented the twin towers 9 11, 2001 attack and the 7 7, 2005 Tavistock square attack, there are so many terrorist attacks in history I could have filled the painting with them but will just left it with these two.
The gravestones down the right are just a few wars from the past, I say they should never be forgotten, but remembered with out hate but forgiveness for those that took the lives of the fallen. We tend to forget what every we have fought for was right for us at the time but the other side was also fighting for what was right for them. Wars teach the world lessons but does man learn anything from them, it seems not as if you look at the dates of the wars one war follows another, man is at war all the time can we now have piece.
Though the center of the painting I have put a field of remembrance, with a poppy in between each grave stone, in the bottom right corner we have a red poppy and a white poppy, now when the first white poppy came out it was for piece, a thing that should be in every ones heart when remembering are war dead, one of the things said at the time was it was disrespectful to the memory of the fallen I don’t believe that, they where fighting for freedom and piece at the time. What I would like to see is a red and white poppy so we could remember that, I would even wear a red and white poppy side by side, perhaps it time for the white poppy to make a come back.
In the field of remembrance I have placed the sigh that was at Auschwitz as a remembrance for all the souls lost there, it say ARBEIT MACHT FREI, workers would march under it in the morning then march under it on there return, translated it means WORK WILL SET YOU FREE, I agree with that saying because it is only with hard work that world piece can be attained, it just a shame that the sigh is also a reminder of the bad things that happened in the worlds history.
Now on with the left side I have put a reminder of the first A bombs, Enola Gay is over shadowing the ruins of Hiroshima, under the ruins of Hiroshima I have placed a collection of ordinance. The two A bombs have been added, little boy was the first to be dropped, fat man was the second, the names where the code name given to the operations.
The right hand bottom corner is taken up with a selection of amputees, people are being blown up not just in current wars but by mines in countries where the war they where used in have long finished. I have admitted the faces of the people in the painting to depict the faceless side of war, war as no face to most of us as all we hear is the media news, the only time the victims have faces is if we know a member of the armed forces or get caught up in a terrorist attack, it only when the victims all have faces that all people can feel compassion and all in brace piece.
The world at the bottom middle as a rainbow around it, I would say it there for hope. The center cross is Anker into the ground along with four battle field graves, two ever side, blood is seen coming out of the ground, it the blood of the earth, the earth is bleeding it bleeding blood because of war, I cry for the earth but my tears cant wash away the blood, it can only be washed away with the hands of friendship and the end to war.
The left hand bottom corner a silver birch tree can be seen, a man sits by a fire he is burning the silver birch bark, if every man burnt the bark of silver birch we would have piece in the world, this is a shamanic practice given to me by the holy spirit, before you start burning the silver birch bark you should burn pine bark, this is to clean the energies around you and the fire. Three candles can be seen burning, they are joined together by a rope, in-between each candle three knots have been tied, the candles are left to burn right out. This is another shamanic practice given to me by the holy spirit, it is to unit the three tribes of the world. Prayer should be said well doing both these rituals.
The sigh post reads free hugs, it points in all directions, a hug comes in any language and says the same, the people are all hugging there at piece with the world. One of the pointers dose say tree hugs, hugging a tree is well worth a try if you have never done it. If you have just read this bit stop there and just give some one a hug, it free and you will feel better for it, if you got a partner give them a hug, if you got children give them a hug. You will find if your not used to hugging your partner that they may say what have you done now, if so tell them you love them and the hug comes from your heart.
As for me I started sending hug mail, it goes like this-
Hug mail
Please find enclosed a hug,
This hug comes to you at no charge it is free,
It comes without any strings attached,
It also comes with my love,
Lets start making the world a better place,
Pass this hug mail to all your friends so they may pass it on,
Love and blessing to all x x x x
Of course you can forward it with my name if you like but it would be better if you put your own name.
The robin on top the sigh post, well he is just there because I could paint him, I don’t know why, perhaps he will mean something different to many people. I think I painted him because it around Christmas time who knows.
The shafts’ of light seen in the painting are from the watch tower, there are watch towers all over the world. Each tower as a light on top, the light is so bright it can be seen by spirits, it calls them back to heaven. The light is Gods light it is feed with the power of prayer, the more prayer get said the brighter it shines, a angels stand on watch at each tower making shore only those that are to enter heaven pass. Up two of the shafts of light I have painted spirits returning to heaven, the four angels in the middle are welcoming them home, I will call them St Gabriel, St Michael, St Uriel and St Raphael. Under the sign Arbeit Macht Frei there are three spirits, these are spirits that are still working for God in the spirit world, I put them in the painting to pay respect to my friend and guide Ishaka Khmer, he collects lost spirits and brings them to the light allowing them to pass on through the gate to heaven.
On the far left corner an angel can be seen he goes by the name of Dareos, and I work for him when he passes instructions from God. Just under him is Yung Ho Ling, he was a shoaling monk and worked for the catholic church as a translator, next to Dareos is my friend Sitting bull. On the far right I have painted Chief Crow, and just below him is Captain Robert Nairac, he past during the troubles in Ireland in 1977. His spirit is still on the earth plane and he is traveling around looking for lost spirits, the last time he called at my house we where told he was off to the Somme to look for lost tomes. It nice to no he is still out there bringing peace to the world, but it also sad to think that some spirits have not found peace and still feel the need to serve. All the spirits mentioned work with me from time to time. I think that as brought me to the end and leave it up to you to enjoy the painting.
Across the top of the painting is three doves, one in the centre is holding an olive branch for peace, the other two are holding a banner saying - PEACE IS WITHIN THE WORLDS GRASP - lets all start grasping.
Some history for you
Crucifixion is one suffering that mankind inflicts on mankind, I will just pass on a bit of the history behind it.
It is believed to have been suggested to the Japanese by the introduction of Christianity to the region. The condemned, usually a commoner convicted by the local feudal authorities, was hoisted upon a T-shaped cross. The executioner finished them off with spear thrusts from below the ribcage, then the body was left to hang for a time as a public display before disposal.
In 1597, twenty-six Christians were nailed to crosses at Nagasaki Japan. The executions marked the beginning of a long history of persecution of Christians in Japan which continued until the introduction of religious freedom in Japan in 1871.
Crucifixion was used as a punishment for prisoners of war during World War 2, an Australian prisoner of war, was crucified for killing cattle, along with two others. He survived 63 hours before being let down.
During World War 1 there were persistent rumors that German soldiers had crucified a Canadian soldier on a tree or barn door with combat knives.
A practice resembling crucifixion, also known as Field Punishment Number One, was used as a form of punishment in the British Army, especially during World War I, usually for crimes such as disobedience and the refusal of orders. The offender would be tied to the wheel of a wagon or gun carriage for two hours every day. They would also be subjected to solitary confinement, a bread-and-water diet and hard labor in between crucifixions. This could last for up to twenty eight days. Later on in the war, when wagons and gun carriages were in short supply, the offender would be tied to a fence, a beam, or on at least one occasion, a barbed wire fence. The main idea was to humiliate the soldier.
It has been reported that crucifixion was used in several cases against the German civil population of East Prussia when it was occupied by Soviet forces at the end of the Second World War.
The human rights group Karen Women Organization documented a case of Tatmadaw forces crucifying several Karen villagers in 2000 in Burma's Kayin State.
The crucifixion of a nun in Romania made news in 2005. 23 year-old Maricica Irina Cornici was believed to be possessed by the devil. Father Daniel, the superior of the Romanian Orthodox monastery who ordered the crucifixion, did not understand why journalists were making a fuss over the story, claiming that "Exorcism is a common practice in the heart of the Romanian Orthodox church and my methods are not at all unknown to other priests." Father Daniel and four nuns were charged with imprisonment leading to death.
On 23 November 2009 in Saudi Arabia a 22-year-old man was sentenced to beheading and posthumous crucifixion, by tying his beheaded body to wooden beams to be displayed to the public after the beheading. The man was convicted of and admitted to abducting and raping five children, aged between 3 and 7 years, whom he left out in the desert to die, most people would say the punishment was right for his crime, I would like to agree with them but it not my place to judge, I don’t know why the crucified him after they had behead him he was dead the moment his head left his body.
On 1 May 2011, the Gyeongbuk Provincial Police Agency investigated a dead taxi driver in his late 50s who was crucified in an abandoned mine in South Korea, I wonder who he upset and what his crime was.
There are a lot of facts that have come to light well I was researching my painting, something’s did make me think could the out come of some wars have been different if the public had known what was really going on. Its like the reports coming out of the camps behind German line in the second world war, the government and military shrugged them of saying this is not really happening, or it to far fetched, perhaps if the report had been believed in the first place the camps could have been liberated sooner.
You could ask your self was the bombing of Hiroshima a war crime ?, I don’t know it was an attack against a civilian population. The B-29 Enola Gay was selected for the bombing mission a year earlier along with 16 other plains, only two bombs where used and two of the planes, it left me with the question how many bomb would the power that be have dropped on Japan if they had not surrendered ?, I don’t know but it is a frightening thought. Some one did say to me when I was talking about Hiroshima one day, but the Japes did bomb Pearl Harbor, yes they did bomb Pearl Harbor but human error did allow the planes to more damage than what would have been done, a sub was seen just outside of Pearl Harbor on the day of the attack, add that to the fact the American military had intercepted the Japanese decoration of war before the Japanese interpreter had translated it for them they new what it said, keeping these facts in mind I would say the powers that be did more damage then the Japes’.
Well that’s enough of the history lesson if you need more you can go on line or to the library.

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