They Say it’s Your Birthday

We have all heard that song and there is good reason to get excited about your Birthday. The actual DAY you were born has a lot to say about you as a person.  In fact, it describes some very specialized talents you have and is a significant number in your Numerology Chart. Each soul has a destiny and the day you were born supplies you with some essential abilities your soul needed to fulfill it. The day you were born also has a great deal of influence over the middle part of your life.  Isn’t it time to discover the best Birthday gift ever by understanding the meaning of the day you were born?

 Born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th

You are a natural born leader with a uniqueness that sets you apart from others. You have the ambition, courage, drive and determination to accomplish much success in life. You make up your own mind about things and are not easily influenced by the opinion of others. You think "outside of the box" and come up with innovative ideas. You walk your own path and are independent and self-sufficient. You would do well owning your own business or at least being in charge of one.

Born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th, 29th

You have a need for peace and harmony. You dislike confrontations and chances are, you know how to make compromises to keep the peace. You are a lover, not a fighter and prefer to be partnered rather than going it alone.  You work well with others and are very supportive. Being courteous, considerate and modest is part of your charm. You also are very sensitive. Your feelings can be easily hurt and you can have a tendency to become depressed or moody. You are very perceptive about people if not downright psychic. You sense far more than you probably realize. You may be indecisive from time to time simply because you see both sides of the decision you are trying to make. You are artistic with a good eye for details and you may tend to collect things.

Born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th

You are abundantly gifted with artistic expression. Whether you speak words or write them or find some other outlet for your creativity, you are meant to express yourself. You also have a good sense of humor and the ability to maintain a positive outlook on life. You have the ability to uplift others by your natural enthusiasm and endless optimism. You tend to see things in pictures and have a great imagination. You most likely are clairvoyant so pay special attention to your dreams and don't be surprised if you occasionally "see" something. You are warm, friendly, generous and so much fun. You look younger than you actually are and your inner child is alive and well inside of you. Your biggest problem is trying to focus all that creative talent.

Born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd, 31st

Born on the 4th and you are practical, grounded and hard working. You know the value of effort vs. reward and have a great deal of self-discipline which gets the job done. You tend to be organized and efficient and most likely have great managerial abilities. You know how to work within the system and follow through on any task until it is completed. You have patience with details and are very conscientious. Tried and true works better for you. You have strong moral values and chances are, you get most upset when someone lies to you. You have to be careful of being a bit too stubborn or set in your ways. 

Born on the 5th, 14th, 23rd

You have a gift with communication. Many writers have this number prominent in their charts. You are multi-talented but are especially talented with words, sales, networking, marketing, television, radio and media. People born on these days usually have nice sounding voices. You have a quick and clever mind with the curiosity of a cat but you also get bored rather easily. You may try something and once you have accomplished it, be ready to move on to something else. You are not afraid of change, in fact, can be restless and impatient when it comes to routine.  You love your freedom and would be considered to be a bit of a Bohemian or free spirit. You are more adventurous than most and probably enjoy traveling.  

Born on the 6th, 15th, 24th

 You were born with loving and compassionate heart. You have a deep love of home and family and accept a great deal of responsibility when it comes to caring for them. On some level, you feel a need to be needed and enjoy doing for others. You also need harmony in your life and are well equipped to see both sides of every situation which makes for a wonderful adviser or even a sympathetic shoulder to lean on.  You have a gift with children or even animals. You are also a "champion for the underdog" and justice is important to you. You will always help those in need. You are warm and kind and generous and choose to see the good in people. You also have musical and artistic talents. Being born on this day is considered to be born "blessed".

Born on the 7th, 16th, 25th

Born on the 7th and you are a mixture of logic and a highly developed intuition. You have a rational and methodical mind and probably have an above average intelligence with a gift for research and analysis.  Learning and knowledge is important to you. You are a seeker of the truth and you do not take things at face value. Because of your skeptical nature, you will always question what does not resonate with you. You also were born with great wisdom.You may be drawn to the metaphysical and spiritual philosophy. You look for the deeper meaning of life. You are also are gifted in scientific areas and may go in that direction vs. a more spiritual one. Although you can be quite charming, you most likely prefer peace and quiet and having your alone time. 

Born on the 8th, 17th, 26th

Your greatest gift is your strength of character. You are a natural born leader, highly ambitious and achievement is important to you. You have great potential for success. It is important for you to set goals and work to achieve them because you have an opportunity to leave a legacy of accomplishment behind you. You have a gift with finances, excellent organizational abilities as well as problem solving skills. You may have already noticed, you do things better than most people and find yourself getting impatient with others when they are not as efficient as you. No matter what adversity comes your way, you never give up because you are a fighter.  You have an opportunity to be very successful in life but remember, it is not about the money, it is ALL about what you can achieve. 

Born on the 9th, 18th, 27th.

You may have interest in your past lives and rightly so, as you are probably working through some experiences attached to them in this lifetime. You are very multi-talented and probably have a desire to make some kind of impact on the world for the good of all. You also have a strong connection to your spiritual beliefs. You can be very compassionate and caring, reaching out to help those in need although you may end up feeling you give more than you receive.  You also have artistic creativity. This is the number associated with spiritual teacher and humanitarian. It is also associated with international travel or having the opportunity to have an effect internationally. 

Additional Notes for those of you born on the 11th, 29th and the 22nd. These are recognized as Master Numbers in Numerology and because of that, they have additional meaning and potential. Some of the most famous people have Master Numbers in their Numerology Chart but the trick is to master the Master Number. 

Born on the 11th or 29th:

 11s are quite psychic but most do not realize it because they were born that way.  11s normally are drawn to a more spiritual philosophy in life. 11s are very creative, artistic and can be downright inspirational although they most often inspire by example.

 They can often have problems with their nerves or anxiety. The 11 day of birth suggests that the person has a message that awakens or enlightens others. 

 People with a 22 birthday often have the potential to lead very successful lives. They have leadership ability that expands to handling large-scale enterprises. They also have a great deal of intuition and inner guidance. They tend to focus on the good of all the people and bring humanitarian undertones in all of their endeavors. Highly ambitious, a 22 can easily become overwhelmed by the size and scope of their dreams and what it takes to fulfill his ambition. Born with a great deal of wisdom, self-discipline and practical sense, this person has the potential to leave something real and tangible on this planet that will be here long after they are gone.


Alison Baughman is a Professional Numerologist, author, teacher, public speaker and intuitive. To learn more about her, please visit

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