Many of us may consult the services of a spiritual healer to help us along our journey at some point in our life. We are all healers, and we have the ability to heal ourselves. When you work with a healer you actively open your energy field up to that healer so they can assist you to heal your energetic bodies. The healer does not do the healing on their own. It is two soul energies (yours and theirs) that channel Gods energy into the energetic body to facilitate healing. Any reputable healer will tell you that the healing does not come from them, but through them, facilitated by the tandem Soul connection to the Divine that allows for healing energy to pass through that dual Soul connection through to your energy field. Both participants normally will receive healing. They are an extension of God, exactly the same way you are an extension of God. Just keep in mind that healers are people, with egos, just like us. As we struggle with our ego at times, so does a healer. So keep this in mind as you journey through your life and before deciding how much of your self-power to give away. Your intuition is always your best course of action.

Below are some tips for those that feel compelled to ask for assistance in their own healing.

1. Choose a Healer that represents themselves by their full and Legal Name

Does the healer consult with their real name? Now don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of healers who work under different or spiritual names and they are beautiful, and it may be that their family is not accepting of this work, or they want to protect their privacy. So before you book a healing session, ask them why they don’t use their full and legal name. You need to determine if your higher self is in agreement to opening your energy field to another soul for healing, and whether the reason is acceptable as to why they do not openly embody who they truly are. Take for example, when we see a Doctor for treatment, we go to a clinic, the doctor’s name is on the wall, they are registered by a board, business cards are available etc so they are held accountable. So if you can, see a healer that openly represents themselves, for who they divinely are. You can look on association websites, or it is ok even if they even have their own website where they openly represent themselves and the essence of who they truly are. Also look for recommendations.

2. You are always in control

Do not give away your power. You are your own master. Healers share what they channel through their connection or share their opinion and normally it is in return for a fee. What a healer tells you should be considered as advice, always, and then you decide whether you accept it or not. All healers should be accepting of this and unattached to whether you follow their advice or not. You are always in control, and your healer should be acknowledged as an equal soul to you, although they may embody a refined soul frequency. A healers role is to educate, they are a teacher, and they should not impose their opinion on you, instead support you to decide for yourself. Nor should they impede on your sacred space or energy field, at any time.

3. A healing will make you feel energised, light and peaceful

If you do not feel energised, light or peaceful after a healing, stop any further healings until you can recognise why this is the case. Some healers say you will be tired and feel a lack of energy – and I cannot emphasis enough that this is not a healing. Because a healing is from the Divine Source – it embodies love and light, therefore it should feel as such.

4. Close up your energy fields after the healing, yourself

When you finish a healing close up your energy fields and consciously cut any cords of attachments or bindings, and it doesn’t hurt to call your soul fragments and energy back into your energy field, cleansed and purified by Spirit. Your healer should do this as well, but make sure you always do it yourself. A healer is not permitted to remain connected to your energy field and you should not remain connected to theirs – it is a Universal Law that all healers are very aware about. If your energy field is not sealed, then you will leak life force energy everywhere you go until it is sealed properly, so do it yourself.

5. Seeking the services of a healer should be occasional

You may seek the services of a healer occasionally, remember a healer is an educator. If you are seeking the services of a healer on a much more frequent basis, connect to your higher self and ask why this is so? Why do you have this reliance on them? Do you feel that you lack the power or will? Do you feel you don’t have the knowledge? Is it a superior/inferior relationship? Is there an attachment from you to them or from them to you? The knowledge is inside of you to access when you choose - but if you need a helping hand there are amazing books you can read and we have the internet today. Read and research and learn from others who take the time to share their experiences. Just sit with the information for a good while and select what is right for you in your heart and instead, consult a healer to perhaps talk through what your intuition is guiding you to do, if need be.

6. Participate in your own healing

Meditate and connect to your higher self to show you what you need to do to facilitate self-healing. Spirit is always trying to get your attention. You have it in you – we all do. Your higher self is your greatest healer and it is through your higher self that you connect to the Divine Source of wisdom, and heal in your own way and your own time.

Kasi Kaye Iliopoulos is the author of “Living in Light, Love & Truth”, a Reiki, Flower Essence & Crystal Healing Practitioner. She is also studying towards her Bachelor of Health Science, majoring in Naturopathy, which is driven by her passion to bridge the gap between complementary and western medicine.

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Comment by Kasi Kaye on September 4, 2015 at 9:41pm

Thanks Shelly, Blessings

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