Life does not begin with birth and end at death. And there is one question that leads you to the life beyond. Who am I ? It may not be essential for every human being living in this planet to ponder over this question because the answer might cost some material sacrifice. But for the human civilization that is wandering down along the subtle descension into depravity, at least a few will have to make a sacrifice to find the answer. 

The answer to this enigmatic question does not necessarily have to end in the conclusion that I was a musician in my previous life or that I have been born to do neurosurgery in this life and I will be a warrior in my next life. Just the realization that I am a quantum of conscious energy manifesting as a human being for the time being and that the journey of my life predates my birth and being born as a human I am supposed to ensure my spiritual ascension to the level of ultimate conscious purity and procreation while fulfilling my material responsibilities.

While I found a hint of answer to my question amidst the spiritual mire while staining my mind at the same time, I could not stand provoking others to ask the same so that I could gather some hands together to clean up the mess. Because whatever we refer to as the spiritual realm and offer our faith and worship is not functioning in its innate physiological state.

There is a story of blind men and an elephant. One feels the trunk, the other the leg, tusk, body or tail. Each has his own perception and each negates the perception of the other. There is a very strong human tendency to project their partial experience as the whole truth while rejecting the other side of experience. There is no other thing than god and religion where this holds so true.

There is an age old notion that says ‘divide and rule’. There is no doubt that the current human civlization is badly divided in the name of religion. Confused and divided, as is the mind of god, the humanity has forgotten their essential nature of existence in this neural universe of conscious energy. And while Elon Musk is ready to take you to Mars in the near future, a large part of humanity is still spiritually illerate and this is what leads to the enslavement of human consciousness. You may be riding a posh Ferrari, living in sophistication of a five star hotel, and celebrated as the richest man in Earth or be flying in a rocket to Mars, and yet be a slave of the Empire that runs the business of human consciousness and human civilization. Because material affluence does not guarantee your spiritual ascension. 

Humans are born with a brain that is capable of emanating consciousness just like a bulb that emits light when the current flows through it. A zero watt bulb does not function as a hundred watt bulb even though the same amount of current flows through them. All of us are connected to the same source but we manifest differently depending upon the functional capacity of our brain which is a product of our spiritual state, genetic inheritance and environmental influence. Just as the bulb emits the light energy, our brain also emanates the conscious energy and that is heavily influenced by the kind of sensory information that we feed our brain. What we eat, what we read, what we listen, what we watch, what we wear, what we feel, what we see, what we hear, or what we speak is all that determines what consciuosness we emanate and transmit to the higher state of mind or to the mind of god. What we simply perceive as our hair is not just meant to be a natural wig to otherwise a bald head, but rather a means to conduct this conscious energy to and fro from our brain.


The journey of our life is akin to a traveller aiming to climb the Mount Everest. The traveller starts his life down on the sea level, makes necessary preparation for climbing and then starts uphill. The life at sea level is akin to the material aspect life. It has its own importance. The journey uphill to the Everest is akin to the spiritual aspect of life. It is arduous, full of challenge and is inherently risky. Not all are able to make to the summit. But as you ascend the spiritual Himalayas, you lose your physical form and transform into the quantum of conscious energy. When you are on this path of spiritual ascension, the wind tries to blow you away and the avalanche waits to freeze you to death. In this path if you do not ascend against the current you are never going to reach the summit. The material life in the earthly plane of existence is analogous. If you do not swim against the current of your desire to taste every new food you come across, drink every new glass of wine that you are offered, sleep with a new partner every other weekend, or change a new set of fashionable cloths every other day, then it will blow you down and you will never even know that you were expected to make this spiritual journey uphill to realize your very own nature of existence. 

We are humans and naturally a part of this ecosystem. We put a dam on the river to harness electicity. We farm animals and fish for their meat. We farm chickens for their eggs. We farm bees for honey. This all seems very natural because we see ourselves as the best creation of nature and consider ourselves in the highest seat of evolutionary pedestal. So far, we even have a tendency to consider divine manifestations as a mass hallucination or a psychotic delusion. But the question of righteosness in these actions come into play with a strong streak of conscience when one knows that there is a place in this very existence where humans are farmed for meat, blood and their conscious energy. Human consciousness is imprisoned in the tower of the Empire just like Rapunzel was. If I were to ask that farmer as to why you are farming humans, he will show me the chicken coops, beehives, cow sheds, and fish farms and I am speechless. I may justify my righteous will by saying to myself that I am human and I have a capacity to fight back for my species which the bees, chickens, goats or cows do not have. But with humanity continuing with its ecological behavior, denying the evolutionary need to leave the animal instincts behind while moving towards becoming a true human, my weapons against the Empire is going to falter as long as humans continue to slaughter the animals. 

The question as to how in this invisible field can one possibly be conducting the business of human consciousness can be answered only with analogy until you choose to see for yourself. Imagine yourself as a bee freely wandering in the jungle, sucking the nectar of all different flowers you want to taste and then producing enriched honey for your colony. Now again imagine yourself as a bee in the beehive of a beefarm, wandering within a confined garden with limited variety of flowers and producing honey which only waits for the bee farmer to be tapped dry one day. Your tall towers in Manhattan are nothing less than this honeycomb. Your streets full of luxurious cars, your restaurants full of aromatic wine and cuisine, and your shops full of fashionable apparels are nothing less than the garden with confines. And the honey nothing less than your own consciousness.


Open your third eye. It is not occult. It is the only weapon you have against the Empire that can prevent you from being farmed or empower you to prevent others from being farmed. If you want to liberate human consciousness, you will have to dare.

All you have to do to liberate human consciousness from the paws of the Empire is to release the chickens from your coop, release the fishes from your aquarium, release the animals from your zoo, release the parrots from your cage, and release the bees into the wild. Stop slaughtering animals. 

Last but not the least, if you want the Empire to return your consciousness back to you, release the Rapunzel from the captivity atop the tall tower. 

‘Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair’. 

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