Centuries before colonization a sacred and unique people existed within the villages and communities of the indigenous cultures around the world.  Along with male and female there was an additional person living within the community, a third gender.  Known in India as hijra, chakka, khusra, Aravani/Aruvnii; Southern Africa knew them as chibudi, /chibanda, gangas; the South Pacific they are called mahu, on the Island of Hispaniola they were known as guevedoche.  Descriptions of third-gender beliefs can be found throughout the region of South America as well, particularly within the Aztec and Mayan cultures. It is recorded that third gender natives especially honored Xochiquetzal, the Aztec goddess of spring and sexuality, and were known as patlacheh. In North America male and female “Two Spirits” have been documented in over 130 tribes.  Known as neither male nor female they held a high status leading the communities in conducting marriage rites, rites of passage and death ceremonies. In some cultures they were called high priestess, powerful wizards, and medicine people.  Also seen in the community in the role of teacher and healers as in the following examples from several North American tribes.


special role players in the Sun Dance (Crow, Hidatsa, Oglala Lakota)


     The reason for this acceptance within the community was based on the fact that the indigenous people did not have within their culture a learned bias regarding gender.   What we now call intersex people, hermaphrodites, and those that had bodies that did not conform to male or female were considered special people “blessed” by the Creator.  Most appeared neither exclusively male nor female however many time noticeably both.

     Those who were born with both female and male genitalia were considered a sacred being, protected by the village especially in time of warring.  They were not considered different, but they were accepted as an addition to the culture, and community, thus a third gender.  We are reminded by the understanding of the indigenous culture regarding intersex people, that gender is the role you play along with your contribution within your community, and family.

     Early on in the development and behavior of these children their uniqueness was noticed and nurtured.   If a boy did not want to hunt with his father or the other men, but wanted to stay behind with the women it was simply accepted.  Also if a girl did not want to stay behind but choose to go to hunt or battle, the men invited her to go with them.   This was not an embarrassment for the parents, even when the boy wanted to dress like a woman, or the opposite for a girl who dressed like a warrior. Being designated a “Two Spirit” within the village was an honor, and usually meant the child was educated and trained with the medicine people.  This designation also gave the child higher status within the society.  

    If they played such an important role in these communities the question is not that they existed but why were they targeted for discrimination, stereotyping, and for most often death during and following colonization?  You must only look to the history of the church and Christianity for its role in destroying a sacred group of people on the planet. 

     Christian dominance and authority began enforcing strict rules and systems that set gender standards leaving little room for third gender people on the planet, which threatened their existence for centuries.  Faced with ridicule, abandonment, persecution, imprisonment and even death they were unable to freely be who they were born to be.  



A Supreme Court decision in Nepal added a “third gender” category to national census surveys and citizenship documents, announced by the United Nations Development Program in 2007.  The action was seen around the world as a positive step for human rights, designating Nepal as a pioneer in equality for a minority disadvantaged group. Recognized as precedence in South Asia for the struggle of a better future for people who have been forced into unemployment, prostitution, and panhandling for livelihood.  Nepal has become “AWARE” of new ideas, attitudes and respect towards this most misunderstood gender. 

     Germany leads Europe in legalizing “third gender” by an announcement that was made just recently.  Legally a German doctor may not designate a child who is born indeterminable because of certain physical conditions. In the past such children were generally labeled a boy by medical staff.  Years later according to physical development, about the time of puberty, questions surface about their gender role.  For many it was obvious at a much earlier age, as the child expressed disappointment in the gender that was assigned to them.

The new legislation also means that babies who are born without gender-defining physical characteristics can be registered as having an undetermined or unspecific gender on their birth certificate.  The new law aims to remove discrimination against intersex people, a category that includes those born with both male and female genitalia, formerly known as hermaphrodites, and those affected by medical conditions that mean their bodies do no conform to a male or female standard. Pilgrim, Sophie (2013) Connect with France 24.

This decision in Germany is a major break through for all intersex people throughout the world regarding their rights of equality.

 The first people, and the indigenous cultures lived harmoniously with the third gender, nature, and the Universe. A great enlightenment has been happening according to indigenous prophecies concerning the return of harmony and a “thousand years of peace”, that is coming to our planet.  Many connect this to the Spirit of Jesus, and the return of the prophet of love.  A  Cherokee prophesy states that the “Pale One” will return and bring harmony, some think they are also referring to the Spirit of Jesus.  This time of peace is coming because of reincarnation, all the great masters, and goddess are reincarnating at this time.  We are they, the ones that have arrived again, and are  ‘Aware’.  We are the ones who understand the sacredness of nature, the stars, and the sacredness of all people.   The old paradigms, and systems that persecuted, oppressed and ruled the inhabitants of Earth, by fear, will pass away.  We humanity are a living pendulum swinging back to our original understanding and reconnecting to the Creator.  The Soul remembers, and never dies as recorded by all cultures.  Our soul is celebrated, anticipated, and reincarnated into a new body, one that brings with it thousands of years, or more of lifetimes. Humanity is going to save themselves regardless of the forces of evil that ruled this world for eons. Earth will survive,  and clear her waters of the poison that industries have poured into her lakes and streams, her plants and trees will rejuvenate, and her sacred creatures will thrive again.  There has always been a Divine Plan for our planet from the Supreme Creator, a plan that included the welfare of all sacred creations.


Nancy Oakes is a member of the Free Cherokee, and an adopted member of the United Lenape Band.  Nancy is currently involved in the study of psychology, and cultural anthropology.  Her passion is “A humanity free from the addictions of drugs and alcohol.  She is also an activist for the Freedom of Tibet, and the preservation of sacred life on this planet.   Her first two books will appear soon on  The Return of Sophia, Mother of the Universe, and Remembrance, Living in the Fifth World.  You can contact her at her email address of,

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Comment by Nancy Oakes on September 6, 2013 at 5:16pm

Trevor, Here is my Water article, hope you enjoy. I will post it if you agree. Love and Hugs



Human beings as declared through science are as much as 80% water. The indigenous people, the “First People” believe that before the voice of the Creator, and the light of the Sun was placed in our new galaxy, water was primary on this planet, and is the basis of life.

 From the beginning in a mother’s womb the fetus floats in amniotic fluid which is 98% water. Proof again the sacredness of water, just as the Creator provided water for the first people on this planet, the same process is carried on for each child born since our arrival. We are created within the warmth, and protection of the water within the womb.  This knowledge is encoded in our DNA. We have been separated from this sacred understand, however we have now become awakened and can remember. The elders say we are no longer in a dream. 


For centuries humanity has built alters at waters edge, used water to baptize ourselves and our  babies, emerging ourselves in water as a sign of rebirth.  It is written that Jesus went down to the water as a great sign of his humility and dedication to God, to be baptized in water.  Water is known to heal, restore youth, and ensure eternal life. We are drawn to sacred pools around the world as we believe in the healing waters.  In Southern France at the “Waters of Lourdes” six million people come each year for a miracle of healing. We gather at the ocean shores many of us mesmerized at the site of the magnificence of the ocean waters. Humans scatter ashes of their loved ones in rivers and oceans as a sign of immortality. The Maya believed the deep sacred pools of water called cenotes were portals to the underground a sacred place where the water cooled the core of the planet. Without the water deep within the earth our planet would heat up.  Many indigenous people believe that water has memory, and if you listen it will tell you of the stories of creation, flowing from the mouth of the Creator. 


One-sixth of the worlds population do not have fresh drinking water. Forty-six percent of the households on our planet do not have piped in water.  In Luanda, Angola, two cups of water cost ten cents in a recent drought. Some women in developing countries walk over five miles to get fresh water. In some of those areas, people are not allowed to bath in the precious water, it must be saved for cooking, and drinking. Recently in Kamal Bhato, of Nehru Camp in Delhi, a young man was beat to death for trying to break into a line waiting for water being delivered from the government. 

Water is so scarce in some places on the planet that science is using technologies to convert salt water into drinking water. Approximately, 97% of all the water on the planet is salty, 2% is in glazier and snow, (this is changing, rapidly) .03 is in rivers and lakes, this leaves 1% of all the water on this planet for drinking, and crop irrigation. 

The indigenous people are concerned about the process of forward osmosis, carbon nantubes, and biomimitics, all three involve cooking the water, and electrical charges. The elders say this destroys the memory of the water and causes it to lose its life force. In other words your drinking dead water, with the salt removed and replaced with fluoride and other additives. A clear cocktail of chemicals and electrical charges from which the body receives no natural advantage. 


You do not have to be an elder from indigenous tribe to see the damage done to our oceans, and the planet because of oil drilling and fracking for natural gas. Ask the people who are living in the areas of both industries. The process used to extract natural gas called hydraulic fracturing requires injecting great volumes of water obtained from the aquifers mixed with sand, and at least more than 20 chemicals underground to help shatter the rock. In addition to gas some of the water returns to the surface as an ultra-salty brine tainted with metals like barium and strontium carrying significant environmental risks and is most cases depleting the aquifers entirely of water.  Which means the people living above the aquifers will have no water for a long time, as in takes millions of years to refill aquifers.  John H. Quigley, former Secretary of Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, stated, “In shifting away from coal and toward natural gas, were trying for cleaner air, but were producing massive amounts of toxic waste water and radioactive material and its not clear we have the plan for proper handling this waste from fracking for natural gas. 

Review for yourself the damage being done to our rivers, and oceans, google oil spills since 2000. There you can review five pages of documented oil spills across this continent, it does not include other countries.  For example: Port Arthur, Texas spilled into the Bay. a barge collision 1200 barrels, Adak Petroleum, tank release, Adak Island, Alaska, 113,000 barrels spilled into the ocean and shorelines (not gallons, but barrels).  On the first page of the website an additional 195, 908 gallons of oil spills into rivers, oceans and the earths surface are recorded. 


Celebrate with the Pima, a Native American tribe in Arizona, after decades of campaigning the Pima, or Akimel O’odham, which means the “river people”, have won back their water that was the life blood of their society. The river that flowed through the tribes territory and fed their complex irritations systems was diverted by settlers in the late nineteenth century. Terrible poverty and starvation followed, and many Pima were forced to depend on government rations. These rations were based on three main products, white flour, lard and sugar. 

The collapse of the Pima’s farming system, the dependence on rations and spiraling poverty led to a health disaster, with the tribe having one of the highest rates of diabetes in the world. More than half of the population over the age of 35 has type 2 diabetes.

Now following the largest water-rights settlement ever in Indian country, water is flowing back into Pima land. The people are harvesting gardens of beans, okra and other vegetables. The elders say you can feel the healing power immediately upon eating what Mother Earth provides. With the return of the life blood, water, the people are renewed.  What a blessing for the Pima people, as they return to their culture of gardening, and better health.

Nancy Oakes is a member of the Free Cherokee, and an adopted member of the United Lenape Band.  Nancy is currently involved in the study of psychology, and cultural anthropology.  Her passion is “A humanity free from the addictions of drugs and alcohol.  She is also an activist for the Freedom of Tibet, and the preservation of sacred life on this planet.   Her first two books will appear soon on  The Return of Sophia, Mother of the Universe, and Remembrance, Living in the Fifth World.  You can contact her at her email address of,

Comment by Nancy Oakes on September 5, 2013 at 10:43am

I did edit it at my site. Thank You

Comment by Nancy Oakes on September 5, 2013 at 10:41am

I see now what has happened, the words above the title were suppose to be tags. Can we fix it?

In other words the title is: The Sacred Third Gender

Comment by Nancy Oakes on September 5, 2013 at 10:37am

That is acceptable by me. Thank you

Comment by Trevor Taylor on September 5, 2013 at 6:22am

Hi Nancy - selected for one of the October multi media editions. Perhaps the original title 'The Sacred Third Gender' is preferable ?

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