November is the month of gratitude as cultures across the world express thanks for what the year has brought. For many of us, November is also a time of added stress as budgets are stretched with rushed shopping expeditions and hours spent fighting traffic and crowds. This is the time of fierce competition, often a time of growing hostilities as tempers flare and patience wears thin, and while many of us are well versed on drawing prosperity and abundance into our lives, we often neglect to practice even the simplest forms of spiritual protection.

Psychic self-defense is something that each of us should know how to employ in some form or another. Our environment is awash with negativity that has the potential to be very damaging to the human energy field. Anger, aggression, fear and depression, energy vampires, negative places and arguments work to build and create negative energy that can cling to our auras or build up in ours homes causing problems over time. Spiritual self-defense and spiritual cleansings are very important for you, your loved ones, your personal belongings and your home. Negative energy can cause stress, fatigue, headaches, depression, a run of unfortunate circumstances or 'bad luck' and even illness.

Our bodies are so much more than meets the eye. Of course we are flesh, blood and bone but we are also Spirit and within our body lies and an amazing network of energy centers or chakras. Energy workers employ several methods for warding off negativity. The first is recognizing the attack or the possibility of an attack and countering it with the healing energy of the universe. Energy is part of the fabric of matter. To some it is Chi (from Chinese), Ki (Japanese) or Prana (Indian). To others it is the life force or breath of the Gods. The greeting Namaste encompasses this idea and while there are several translations, my favorite is, "The God in me recognizes the God in you." For indeed we all have a bit of god in us, our consciousness, even our every breath is infused with the energy of creation that courses through all things.

Energy is sacred. It is a part of all things. When energy is in a proper state of balance, it moves smoothly through the space it occupies (our homes, our workspace even our bodies). Balancing this energy is a crucial part of living a healthy and harmonious life. There are seven main chakras, or energy centers, located in our body, five of which are located along the spine, the upper two on our head. Each chakra is associated with a different energy level beginning with the lowest, the root chakra which stands for the pure matter, to the highest, the crown chakra which represents the pure consciousness. Energy flows through these centers and the flow of energy affects our health. Through meditation we can balance and aligned each energy centers setting the chakra to glow and spin.

The practice of meditation is a large part of psychic development and spiritual work. Meditation is the practice of focusing and quieting your mind to achieve a heightened awareness of your inner spirit and release your inner wisdom whereby you are attempting to merge the desires of the subconscious mind with the desires of the conscious mind in order to work toward a common goal. Through conscious breath we not only oxygenate our blood, we control our perception, for when you shift your attention to each breath slowly and deeply drawn and released, you shift your mind into a quiet mode, releasing your mind clutter and silencing the “monkey mind" that constantly tries to invade our thoughts and emotions. The result of this shift is peace, serenity, calmness and inspiration. With practice, meditation affords the practitioner the ability to slip his physical body and explore his subconscious and even work on the astral plane. Through Meditation Practices one can improved mental functioning, achieve greater intuition as well as heal the human energy field and afford psychic self-defense.

New at meditation? Here is a lovely grounding exercise that will neutralize negative energy and replace it with earth energy. This is a form of the Tree Meditation. I find it does wonders for grounding and centering me when I feel my life has gotten out of control.

Allow yourself fifteen to thirty uninterrupted minutes for this exercise. Find a comfortable place in a quiet room where you will not be distracted. Sit with your back straight. Take a series of deep, slow breaths exhaling and inhaling to the count of three. When you are ready visualize roots slowly extending from your root charka down into the earth. If you are inside, see your roots traveling down throughout the layers of the building, down through the foundation and eventually into the soil.

Your roots go down deep into the earth until they come to a cool pool of earth energy. You draw this energy up your roots with each breath and all the excess nervous energy, tension, and stress is absorbed and replaced with the cool healing energy of the earth. Breathe this cool earth energy up through your body and allow it to neutralize all the negativity it encounters as it replaces it with peace and ancient serenity.

Visualize a lovely white light pooling around you, enveloping you. This cool, light energy trickles up your roots with each breath you draw, glowing, filling your first chakra with a red energy. This radiating ruby-red energy should be spinning, swirling in a clockwise motion. If it is not, then activate the chakra by place your hand over the area and visualize energy, traveling up from the earth filling the area, nurturing this chakra until it is filled with radiant ruby light and spinning like a bright jewel.

Leave your hand on the area until the chakra is activated. Feel the energy point swirling with bright red light. See the cool earth energy flowing through this chakra until it is bright and beautiful.

Now move up to your sacral chakra. This chakra is located close to the area of the pubic bone about two fingers width under your bellybutton. Visualize this chakra as a magnificent, radiating sunset orange jewel that is spinning in a clockwise motion. If it is not spinning, then do the activation process again until it swirls with a radiate orange glow. Feel the energy infuse this charka with bright orange light. See the earth energy flowing through this chakra until it is bright and beautiful.

Now bring your focus to your solar plexus chakra that is located slightly above your navel. Picture the chakra as lovely, radiating sunshine yellow. If it’s not spinning, activate the chakra and watch it swirl like a bright jewel. Feel the earth energy flowing through this chakra until it is spinning, whirling bright and beautiful.

Concentrate on your heart chakra located in your chest. Imagine the chakra as a dazzling, glorious emerald jewel. If it’s not spinning, activate the chakra and watch it swirl. Feel the energy infuse this charka until it glows with bright green light. See the earth energy flowing, permeating this chakra with energy until it is energized and spinning brightly like a bright green jewel.

Move up to your throat chakra. Imagine the charka as a luminous sky blue whirling and flowing. If it’s not spinning, then activate as before until the chakra is swirling. Feel the earth energy brighten the charka point. See the earth energy moving through this chakra filling it, healing it and set it to spin like a radiant glowing jewel.

Shift your attention to your third-eye chakra located between your eyebrows. Activate this intense violet chakra infusing it with the cool healing energy of the earth until the charka point becomes even more vivid and is whirling, spinning like a violet jewel.

Lastly bring your focus up to your crown chakra. Feel the top of your head open and expand as the shining violet-white light whirls in a clockwise motion. Feel the energy healing energy of the earth wash through the top of your head and spill down to thicken and feed your aura, setting it to glow in a cocoon of color as it wraps you in the colors of your glowing chakras.

Breathe and feed the energy down to you trunk, over your thighs back down into the earth. Run the energy through you. See it as a continuous loop of flowing energy as your roots draw it from the earth and your breath carries it up through your charka system until it flows from the top of your head, down your aura and back into the earth. Run the energy for as long as you allow, until you feel your life force is recharged and your spirit is at peace.

I often work with earth energy however earth energy is feminine. Some energy workers find that using the masculine energy of Air works better for them. To use air energy stand with your arms raised to the sky and run the charkas in reverse. Beginning with your crown, draw the energy down with each breath into each charka point until your heart is calm, your spirit revitalized, your energy centers full, and you are ready for anything...Stay quiet for a few moments. To end the meditation, slowly wiggle your finger and toes and then open you eyes.

White Light Protection
When you feel a psychic attack is eminent a good way to counter it is by drawing on the healing energy of the universe. Visualize a golden light beaming above you filling your crown chakra. See this cool clear light swirling down your throat past your heart into your stomach.

Now visualize the golden light expanding throughout your body to the tips of your finger down to the tips of your toes until it expands past the boundaries of your body to rejuvenate your glowing aura.

Hold this image for a few breaths knowing that all negativity has been cleared away and replaced with light.

If you are in need of a shield or a protective cloak simply visualize the infinite creative energy of the Universe swirling around you, like a gentle whirlpool moving all around your body. Draw it around you and infuse your aura with its pure energy. See the energy growing to surround you in a cocoon of color as each of your chakras glow. Feel your aura thickening as the energy wraps around you, clearing away any dark areas, mending any holes or thin places.

May the healing energy of the Universe keep you safe and grant you peace through this hectic season. I hope you are able to experience the wonders of meditation. May you gain the ability to tap into 'your well of inner peace' whenever you need to and connect with the state of altered consciousness for inner work and psychic protection.

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