To Thine Own Higher Self Be True: How Intuition Will Set You Free

We have all committed the cardinal sin. And, no, it’s not Pride, or Greed, or even Wrath – it’s something less obvious, but more dangerous: we have committed the act of going against our Selves. We made a choice to deny our inner truth. For some of us, it is an occasional slip – and it feels noticeably wrong; for others, it is a way of life so deeply engrained that we hardly notice it anymore. We have drowned out our inner voice for so long that we wonder if it even exists.

Be true to your Self. People say that all the time. But what does that really mean? And how do we do it? The answer to both questions is found by making a new commitment – a commitment to the act of following our Intuition.

Honor Your Self, with a capital “S”

We have two selves: our “s”elf (ego), and our “S”elf (higher Being). Our little self is our personal identity, and all of the encasements we have built for it over our lifetime – our appearance, our roles, our stuff, our self-image; our higher Self is our universal identity, and our true identity after all of the illusions of the little self fall away. It is who we really are, without all of the junk we attach ourselves to in “life.”

To be true to yourself really means to be true to your higher Self. It is the act of choosing what is best for our own, personal soul path. It is the process of seeing through the deceptions of the world, and the entrapments of the ego, to allow us to move beyond our limitations, fulfill our highest potential. Being true to our ego selves results in selfishness; being true to our higher selves results in Self-fulfillment.

The genuine Self, with a capital “S,” is at one with the Source of our life, growth and evolution – Higher Consciousness, Truth or God. The Higher Self sees beyond the limited, subjective perspective of our personal awareness. And it communicates with us in the most valuable language: the language of Intuition.


Follow Your Intuition to Self-Actualization

Self-Actualization  n. the achievement of one's full potential through creativity, independence, spontaneity, and a grasp of the real world.

We are all on the same journey – the lifelong process of self-realization. Everything we do, create and learn is, ultimately, geared towards this end; we can fight it or we can embrace it, but we are all on the journey, just the same. And we all have the same guide to lead us through the darkness, and help us climb the mountains; we all have an inner compass, our Intuition, that innately leads us towards what is “right” for us.

Intuition flows out of the very core of our Being, guiding our actions, feelings and thoughts. We can choose to follow it, or we can choose to deny it. When we follow it, we feel have this “one with the Universe feeling;” when we don’t follow it, we just feel wrong inside. This is the root of the concepts of guilt, and sin.

Want to find happiness? Peace? Commit to follow your Intuition. It is our highest sensibility – beyond our feelings and our mind. The heart will lead you astray; the mind will lead you astray. But Intuition comes from a higher place – from Truth, not the subjective emotions and thoughts of our ego identity.

Intuition: The Power Trinity

Most of us do not realize that the power of Intuition works in many different ways within us. Each of us will have our own individual affinity to Intuition, and the way it manifests in our consciousness. By embracing the three primary expressions of Intuition, we live truer to our selves, and life purpose.

The Power of Truth

Intuition is a direct pipeline to Truth. It immediately senses realities beyond the perceptions in time and space.

Manifestations of this power: Epiphanies, Clairvoyance, Gut Feelings, Sudden Knowings, Instinct, Conscience

Everyone has experienced this power at some point in life. Sometimes we just know things. We don’t know how we know them, we just know that we know. This can happen as a deeply psychic experience, or even a simple new thought or awareness that suddenly comes to mind.

The Power of Transformation

Intuition is the root of all creativity, innovation and change. We use our Intuition to make choices as we create the tapestry of our lives.

Manifestations of this power: Inspiration, Imagination, Creativity, Innovation, the Evolution of Consciousness.

We make creative decisions every day – decisions that are not a product of linear thinking, or rational decision-making. We use our connection to something higher, and create from a kind of “zone” where the energy just flows through us.

The Power of Transcendence

Most importantly, Intuition is our connection to the world beyond our world. It the key to higher awareness, and divine Truth.

Manifestations of this power: Enlightenment, Peace, Visions, Metaphysical Experiences, Oneness, Psychic Ability

Regardless of our religious background, we all have the ability to experience God through our Intuition. Yogis have been doing it for centuries through meditation; holy men and women have had visions and heard voices from beyond. As the most profound expression of Intuition, this power enables us to experience truths that are beyond the five senses of our everyday reality.


The Truth Will Set You Free

The powers of Intuition have one purpose: to lead you to your highest potential. They guide you to make the specific choices that are right for you; they drive you to evolve, and transform into greater Being.

So, sin no more! Be true to your inner guidance. Follow your Intuition, and you will never again be lost. You will find your true Self, which is all you ever need, wherever you are.


Kim Chestney is an author, artist and spiritual teacher. Her writings have been published around the world, and she has been raising awareness of Intuition and spirituality for over a decade. Learn more and develop your Intuition with her book, The Psychic Workshop: A Complete Program for Fulfilling Your Spirit..., or visit and The Intuition Revolution.

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Comment by Kim Chestney on January 5, 2014 at 8:31am

Thanks Trevor - glad you enjoyed it! 

Comment by Trevor Taylor on January 5, 2014 at 6:56am

Hi Kim - recommended to the publishers for inclusion in one of the fortcoming multi-media editions of OM Times

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