Spirituality in the real world. What does that mean to the average person? Usually thoughts of religion, God, Jesus Christ, the Rapture and sinning. But is that all spirituality really is? I say no it isn't. I say spirituality is the binding thread that unites us all. We are all here on this magnificent planet as ONE in HUMANITY. We can't continue to separate one another by their "religions" because all religions do in my humble opinion, is put fear into people. Believe the way the religion says to or you will be damned and go to hell or you will be outcasted and forever lost in the eyes of God. Each religion has several beliefs, but each lead to the same unifying God energy that we all associate with. The idea of God is in the eye of the believer. God is something different to everyone, but at the basis of each belief, LOVE IS THE ANSWER. When people open up to this reality and see that we are all connected as a member of humanity and that there is a collective consciousness that we all contribute to, both positively and negatively. Positivity and love are the binding threads that we all must acknowledge now in order to take humanity through it's next stage of evolution. God is LOVE no matter what way you view Him or Her.

Religion is a fascinating subject that has been around for centuries. There are so many ways that each religion are interconnected that most people don't realize how interconnected they really are. Each religion Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Catholicism, Islam, Hinduism, Confucianism, Islam, Jainism, Shinto, Sikhism, Taoism and Zoroastrianism all teach of a GOD energy. They all refer to a higher energy with love at the basis of each religion. Man has created these "religions" as a means to separate us from the ONENESS of God that we all are. With religion that is man made, there comes fear, fear that they will be forever damned or punished for "misbehaving", when this is not how God wants us to feel. It doesn't matter which religion you belong to, there is a difference in reverential fear and fear itself. Reverential fear is a deep respect for God and doing what is right by God. Fearing God is fearing the punishment and judgement that comes from disobeying him and the way you should be living your life. Being interconnected, religions have got to open up their eyes and see that there are more similarities than there are differences amongst them. People from all walks of life can subscribe to any religion they would like, without having been born into that religion. An American can choose to be a Buddhist, or a Taoist, while a Korean can choose to be Christian or Islamic. The list goes on and on, and to me, this says that the oneness of God is alive and well throughout these religions and that we should not be separating one another based on a religion. God wants us to live as one and to love each other the way that he loves each of us. His love is eternal, and those that follow Him know what it is to be accepted and to experience true love unconditionally. Why did man create religion? As a means to feel superior to those that did not experience God on their own. To feel superior to those that won't except God into their world. Most people are turned off by religion, because there is such a negative connotation that goes along with the word religion. The point of God's love is to invite those in without scaring them with threats of judgement and damnation if they fail to commit themselves to your religion or way of thinking. God is universal, no matter what name is put on Him to identify Him. Separation creates distance from the God source. Separation causes confusion. Separation causes us to feel a lack of identity and wholeness because we are separating ourselves from God. When one is condemning a person, they are in fact condemning God because God is the only true source of the love and compassion that we can exhibit to all members of humanity. God isn't worried about which "religion" you come to Him from, what He cares about is how you live and embrace Him. He cares about how you treat others and accept others. God doesn't want us to go about trying to convince others that our religion is the only correct religion, He is however wanting us to show everyone we come into contact with the same love that He gives to us each and everyday of our lives. God is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, and religion does not allow us to connect with one another in such a way to please God, because in God, we are all the same. There is no separation to God.

Faith is defined as complete trust or confidence in someone or something, often strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof. All of the world religions mention faith in some shape or form. I am going to talk about Christianity and Buddhism in this post. In Buddhism, there are three modes of nature. These modes (experiences in one's life) are according to one's level of understanding. The first is the mode of Mode of Goodness. The mode of Goodness is purer than the other modes and it is illuminating and it frees on from all sinful reactions. The second mode is the Mode of Passion. This mode is born of unlimited desires and longings, so it embodies the living person with material actions. Actions done in the mode of passion result in misery. The third mode is the Mode of Ignorance. In the Mode of Ignorance, there is delusion of all embodied living people. The results of this mode are foolishness. In Christianity, there are three main types of faith mentioned in the Bible. 1) No Faith (faithless), 2) Little Faith (weak faith), and 3) Great Faith (faithful). Each of these levels can be shown by man at different stages in their walk with God (or lack there of). When a person has little faith, they aren't believing in God, and therefore are relying on themselves or a false idol. They rely on their own minds to get things accomplished or to justify their actions and disbelief. When a person has weak faith, they have a small amount of faith in God, but they are still doubtful of the full ability that faith provides. And finally when a person has great faith, they are fulling relying on God to fulfill their wants and needs. They have no doubt whatsoever that God is and will continue to provide for them. In comparison, each of the Modes of Nature can be compared to the levels of faith.

Mode of Ignorance=No Faith (works of the "devil" or evil people)

Mode of Passion=Little Faith (works of the "flesh" or self)

Mode of Goodness=Great Faith (works of "Spirit" or God)

The point I am bringing us too, is that each religion has they're own definitions or titles for faith, but they are in essence the same things. You must choose to have faith in God in order to receive the joy and happiness and enlightenment that comes with having faith. When you are in no faith and weak faith, you are miserable most of the time, because you have not surrendered yourself to the will of God. Faith requires one to completely surrender themselves to God and to follow God's plan or mission for their life. Christ had complete faith in God and so did Buddha. Even though Buddha didn't have a specific God that he worshiped, he still had faith. Faith that he could rise above the delusions of the world and he was able to reach nirvana. Without faith, Buddha would have given up before reaching that level of enlightenment. Faith defines our day to day lives, even if you don't realize that you are exercising faith. Faith is required when you get into your car and drive somewhere, you have faith that you won't get into a car accident. You have faith when you go to the grocery store and buy food. Faith that the food will be safe for your consumption. You have faith when raising your children, faith that they will take heed to what you have taught them when they are adults, faith that they are becoming good people. Faith is a light in each of our soul's that helps guide us and allows us to dream big dreams and believe that those dreams will be accomplished. When you look at yourself and your faith, what do you think of? Do you feel as though you are strong in the faith department or lacking faith?

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