Towards A New World Leadership Paradigm: Spirituality in Action

If we are to survive as a human race on a planet called earth, the first and foremost task is to divinize politics and spiritualize our political leaders. At the end of the day, politics has to provide the leadership that has the highest positive influence on its people and the environment at large.

The collective consciousness is already skeptical and critical about the present state of affairs globally, as more and more radical groups of diabolic forces create a reign of terror around the world, and humanity is plagued with the fear of more destruction both from man and nature. Never before has there been such a huge population on the earth, and never before has greed manifested so much at the individual and collective level, creating a society founded on the fake precept of mammon worship, where the dollar rules.

The destiny of a nation and its rise or fall lies in the hands of the politicians; they influence the global welfare at a macro level. If they are not anchored to the strengths of their inner spiritual core, if they are driven by their unconscious conditioned ego-centric lower mind, they will always experience a temporary rise to power at an individual level, but could be a threat to the peace and harmony of world at large. It is easy to get drunk with power. This is what happens with most people in authority. It is no small wonder that the plight of the neglected and illiterate remains unchanged. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Power is a gift of the divine and a prudent person should only utilize it for the betterment of his fellow human beings.

Conscious leadership is the need of the hour. We have all witnessed the disaster that has happened all over the world due to unconscious, power-hungry political leadership. Thus, spiritualization of the men and women in power is the only way to world peace.

US Congressman Tim Ryan’s, “A Mindful Nation” is great clarion call to all the politicians of all nations. Being a sitting congressman, he brings to light the dangers that the American society is now facing due to collective unconsciousness. He makes it very clear that only the practice of mindfulness from the schools to hospitals, the military to administrators at every level, and mindful politicians could save the nation from peril.

Essentially, spirituality in leadership is the mindful effort to be more spiritually attuned in order to bring in this dimension of consciousness awareness. If we all are to survive and thrive together on this planet earth, it must be from manifesting the power of our egoless self. Ego dominates, controls, and survives by feeding on that which is unreal. For those who are successful in the world of business, politics, or any other field, because of their ego, a time comes when the universe creates situations by which they are humbled.

Ego, as the sole referral point, at some point in time always brings all the divisive forces into play, as it is ruled by the conditions of mind. As a leader becomes more mindful and begins to rise above his/her lower instincts and conditions of mind and stops living for the sake of selfish desires, he/she starts feeling the pains and agonies of others. An inner process of expansion has begun. The ego is naturally humbled.

Conscious leadership always puts the happiness and good of the many as its primary focus, and not individual power and greed. The ego is sublimated through mindfulness and the inner life of spiritual living. Spiritual leaders always carry with them an aura of positive light and are harbingers of true peace and prosperity.

True success comes from the originating source of all inspiration and intelligence, the fathomless ocean of universal consciousness, the energy within all of us. It cannot come from the ego. Once the reference point is set right, once one is connected to the unlimited source of knowledge, information, energy, and consciousness, they are on the path to success. That success will come only through humility. At that point one will become more and more aware of their social responsibility and rise up to share their success with the less privileged in this world.

True success always seeks the true source. That source is not false in any way. It is not rooted in vanity. It is the infinite power of our Spirit.

When selfishness melts away, one flows with compassion because true compassion is the natural state of our being. Without being blinded by our small self, the ego, one is able to see beyond apparent evil manifestations. They become more sensitive to light. They begin to see light even in the midst of darkness, because darkness is only a lower frequency of light.

Their heart melts for others. It flows with the most powerful energy in the universe, the energy of Love. Love is the energy that unites; it has the power to unite all the divisive forces, to overcome all evil forces. Its power flows from one’s feeling heart, unconditioned, unprejudiced.

Compassion, too, is unconditioned, unprejudiced. Compassion happens when one’s mind is calm and ready for the universe to play through us. If we want happiness in life or happiness in the world around us, compassion can truly transform any negative situation and its consequences into the positive light. When we give up the prejudice, anger or resentment against anyone or any people and allow the compassion born of forgiveness to blossom in our heart we feel so elevated, and so does the world.

It is time for the leaders of the world to understand that spirituality is not the fad of helpless and insecure people trying to find a way to escape their earthly realities. We are passing through a critical time in human history; the air is overburdened with negativity. It is time for all leaders to join together in evoking the spirit of tolerance and love which needs to envelop Mother Earth. They must consciously raise above all religious dogmas and sectarian views and work for spiritual oneness. They need to lead true, conscious, spiritual lives so that they can radiate a positive spirit and inspire others to follow the path of positive light and love. They need to try to bring in more positive vibrations to the world today so that negative elements can be naturally subdued or transmuted.

If leaders who lead from within were to direct every nation from the well of the inexhaustible source of Light, then we would have no wars and man-made conflicts and violence. Instead, we would have nations that would support each other in protecting Mother Earth as the first priority, and would work together for creating an environment where every citizen is made to realize that we are individually and collectively responsible for the sustained growth of all nations, equality, fraternity and justice to all of humanity.

Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari (Kolkata, India): Globally acclaimed motivational teacher (mindfulness meditation, stress reduction) author, peacemaker (Man of Peace Award 2012) Visionary social advocate; founded Lokenath Divine Life Mission, 1985. Serves thousands of poverty-stricken individuals in India. (Lifetime Achievement Award, House of Lords, UK, 2015)

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