Our life is full of trauma! Imagine an unborn child who takes the journey from the safety of its mother’s womb to come into an unfamiliar world. Can you imagine how different those two worlds are?

Most traumas happen at an early age, in the womb or sometimes later. Imagine a small baby in the womb hearing her parents fighting or her mother being abused by another person. What emotions will come to surface and how can she not be overwhelmed? What would be the protection and coping mechanism for that baby?

The word “trauma” is used to describe experiences or situations that are emotionally painful and distressing, and that overwhelm our ability to cope, leaving us feeling powerless. There are different types of traumas:  traumatic events, physical, psychological and sexual abuse among others. Also, there is the new science of epi-genetics that tells us we could inherit our unresolved ancestors traumas and emotions through our DNA. Therefore, what you experience in this life may not be the totality of emotions that you need to deal with. It is possible that the traumas associated with famine, drought or war experienced by your great grandfather may be a part of your psyche that requires attention.

I provide individual consultations by reading patterns in the eyes, which are mostly fixed at birth. Many psychological patterns show up from our ancestors in the eye that require our attention in this life in order to be in harmony with ourselves and our body. Also, life time experiences such as trauma can show up in the iris of the eye (mis-shapen iris). My readings have verified traumas due to events, sexual abuse, verbal and emotional abuse by both female and male figures (right eye is male and left eye female). For example, a father mocking his daughter for not being good enough or perfect enough can cause the trauma which shows up in the iris of the right eye.

It is important to understand that traumas usually want to be forgotten and those emotions never felt again. This has been an effective mechanism as a helpless child with no reasoning. The emotional reactions to fear, insecurity, abandonment, and criticism as part of trauma are always with us. Unless we feel all those emotions, with the  help of others if needed, to heal the traumatic experience as much as possible, we may feel stuck and overly reactive to certain emotions during our life time.

We can also actively heal our ancestor’s traumas and unresolved emotions of guilt, shame, anger, insecurity, self-pity, and helpless-ness by feeling them through regression, prayer and intention, in a safe environment, along with our ancestors energetically at our side.

We are born into the unknown when we are the most fragile, physically and emotionally, and survived the trauma. Our birth most likely will not be the last trauma that we will experience. We will face other unknowns at some time in our life. It is important to keep our perspective of a difficult situation (death in family, job loss, divorce), which may or may not be as difficult as when you were born into total unknown and complete vulnerability.

Our parents most likely welcomed us with open arms when we were born, and most likely will support us till they die. Conversely, the people who support us may not be our parents. We need to surround ourselves with people who are around us like our parents, to support and nurture us while we go through our “births”.

Birth Canal

The beats of sound

The darkness

In time the darkness and sounds become familiar

It becomes home!

After a while, home starts to become too small

It is time to move on

It is time to leave the comfort of “home”!

Ups and downs

Twists and turns

Forced into a bigger arena
unknown, unfamiliar, shocking

Strange and frightening sounds

Fear, skepticism, rejection, grief, self-pity
now rule the psyche

Nothing can be done but cry!
A cry of: what has been destroyed
A cry of: why me?
A cry of: why now?

Cries finally fade out
small eyes eventually open up

Will it be smiling faces welcoming
will it be angry and unsupportive faces?


Copyright @2014 by Shervin Hojat

About Author:

Shervin Hojat has a PhD in Electrical Engineering. He is the author of Tend to Your Garden Within and enjoys self-discovery, teaching, painting, writing and poetry.

Shervin helps his clients to discover and know themselves, find out what they really desire, help find their answer within and take the steps to achieve their desires.

Connect with Shervin at http://www.shervinhojat.com

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Comment by Kathy Custren on April 4, 2014 at 8:37pm

Excellent! You have made my day!!  Thank you very much, will be recommending to the publishers. ~ Blessings!

Comment by Shervin Hojat on April 4, 2014 at 8:32pm


I now have the updated blog; replaced the old one (added more paragraphs) as requested.


Comment by Shervin Hojat on April 4, 2014 at 7:27pm

Hi Kathy,

Do you want me to revise the article (replace it)? I can do it if that is what you want.


Comment by Kathy Custren on April 4, 2014 at 6:54pm

Thank you for your revision, Shervin. Let's see how it will be for length, and where it may be used best. I appreciate your attention to making the revision. ~ Blessings!

Comment by Shervin Hojat on April 4, 2014 at 11:28am

Hi Kathy,

I have revised the article. How do we proceed from here?


Comment by Kathy Custren on March 31, 2014 at 9:51pm

Hi, Shervin - I would like to recommend your article with its verse; however, the text before the verse needs more substance added to it so it may be long enough for consideration. Right now, your submission is under 300 words. Are you able to add a few more paragraphs to bring the reader in, and maybe review some of the types of trauma we experience in life and how that makes us feel? It is a great lead in to your verse, encouraging us to seek support.

Let me know if you have any questions, and please send word when you have revised your article. Thank you ~ Blessings!

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