Tuning Into Your Clairsentience - Day 3 Conscious Living Challenge

Tuning Into My Clairsentience Gift

Today's Challenge:

After reading through the below information, try out each exercise, and begin to open the door to your own psychic, intuitive and mediumship abilities. Then, share your experiences with all of us in the discussion forum!

Be sure to download your free audio meditation at the end of this material!

First Things First…What are your clairs?

Connecting with your higher self, your sixth sense, and Spirit World requires the use of all of your senses: taste, touch, smell, hear, and sight. These senses will be the doorway through which your connection with your intuitive psychic self becomes stronger. Through your clairabilities, you take your physical senses to a higher spiritual level. I call this ‘heightened sensing’. We have 7 clairabilities:

Clairvoyance – Clear seeing

Claircognizance – Clear knowing

Clairaudience – Clear hearing

Clairsentience – Clear feeling

Clairkinesthesia – Clear touching

Clairgustance – Clear tasting

Clairolfactory – Clear smelling

Clairsentience & Sacral Chakra

Your clairsientience ability is rooted in your second chakra. This is the gateway to this amazing ability that you were born with. The word clear is from the French word clair. Sentience comes from the Latin word sentire which means ‘to feel’.


The Sacral Chakra is orange in color orange in color and spins like a disc in a clockwise direction. This chakra offers us the opportunity to tune into and feel our emotions and the emotions of others. In addition, this is the seat of our clear feeling ability. Here you begin to strengthen, unravel and become in tune with your clairsentience.

Take a moment now to see this vibrant orange chakra spinning with vivacious life force. As you begin to work with this chakra more and more, in time, you will begin to feel it. You might feel it now as you place your consciousness in this area. What are the sensations? Focus here and begin to tune into this chakra. Let your attention be present in this space for a few moments. This simple act is telling your Higher Self you are ready to open this fully.

How do I know I’m clairsentient?

Pay attention to your language. If clairsentience is a strong ability you might find yourself saying:

“The way I feel when you talk of this plan …” as opposed to “What I hear you saying about this plan is…”

“As I consider this project I feel …” as opposed to “As I consider this project I’m hearing you say…”

If you chose the former word arrangement, you are likely clairsentient. If you chose the latter, you are likely more strongly clairaudient (clear hearing).

Do you find yourself feeling the emotions of others?

Can you walk into a room and sense the energy and emotion as well as the energy of the people in it?

As you work through issues of importance in your life, do you find yourself considering your emotions or the emotions of others?

Do you recall emotional connections, expressions, impressions or feelings such as happy, curious, strong, calm in your dreams clearly and vividly?

If you were describing how a recent trip went to your friend or family member would you be more inclined to tell them what you saw, felt or what you heard?

Take a moment to recall the last theatre performance you went to. When you recall this what are your initial impressions? Do you give attention to vivid costumes and colors you saw, the sounds of the music or the performers voices, or to emotions and feelings it brought for you or that you saw in the performers?

If you tend to give more attention to feelings of experiences in your daily life, then you are clairsentient. It is quite common to have two or even three clairabilities that present as strongest for you. As you grow in your learning you will identify your strengths by how you interact with the world around you.

A classic clairsentient response is the chills in your body. When this happens, pay attention to what’s happening around you and become aware of higher consciousness signs, symbols and messages presenting for you in the moments surrounding this.


Sometimes clairsentience can be blocked by fear. For example, if a person fears they may feel something using this clairsentient gift that may scare them or that is unwelcome then this creates a block. Understand fully that your clear feeling gift is rooted in the highest of good and love. So, before you step into this work be sure to find a good healthy perspective.

Intention Statement

Before you go to bed at night say out loud while you also write in your journal, “I am open and available to receiving higher knowing. My clairsentient ability is growing stronger every day. I use my ability to assist myself and others.” Writing and stating your intention out loud sets certainty within your subconscious and will amplify the blossoming of the ability.


How Clairsentience Presents

Clairsentient messages can present through your physical body in actual body sensations. Body messages can be felt either outside or inside the body. You may feel a touch on your shoulder or an itch on your skin. These all have meaning. From inside your body, you might notice a twinge inside your belly or an ache inside your foot.  Sometimes I’ll get a tingling in my hands, which is my symbol for someone who’s very creative. It’s possible to get a combination of inside and outside messages, such as getting the chills, which you feel inwardly as well as getting literal goose bumps on your skin. Chills have become a powerful way of confirming that the evidence I’m receiving is real, letting me know I’m fully tuned in during a reading. Other body codes include a whooshing sound through my ears, a facial twinge or ear ringing. Many people experience these sorts of messages without knowing what they relate to.

I once did a reading where I was drawn to my left ear as the client’s mother came through. Usually, a spirit will present giving some indication of how they passed or something that was going on with them before they passed. I asked the client, “Did your mother have a hearing loss?” She said, “She had a major hearing loss in her left ear.” I didn’t experience hearing loss in that ear myself, but I was given indication of something having happened with the left ear.

Physical Awareness: Decoding Intuitive Signals and Body Messages

Your body is full of information for you, but you must be consciously aware of the present moment in order to experience it. In this modern age, we’re taught to honor our left-brain thinking and to ignore or suppress our emotional or physical selves, as if we were computer brains walking around with a body attached for convenience. The result is that we’re centered in our heads, not in our hearts. This is why we have to take time and special effort to be aware when we are getting psychic messages and/or our loved ones on the Other Side are trying to speak to us to encourage, warn or applaud us about something going on in our lives.

We’ve all probably had that experience where we feel a slight touch, maybe on the shoulder or head. We look around and see no one. That’s a gift from a spirit. If you’re into intuitive work or you’re a healer that is a particular code that you will need to decipher. As mentioned previously, these feelings can be localized to one part of our body (inside or outside) or may present as a general intuitive gut feeling. Sometimes when I’m on my bike, I’ll get a feeling that there’s a bike coming up way behind me, even though I can’t hear it yet. I’ll look back, and see someone is indeed coming. That’s an example of one of those gut feelings.

Pay attention when intuitive messages gently come in, because you don’t get a written letter! You have to be aware, in the present moment, and tuned in to them, because they can be very subtle. When I receive an intuitive message three times, for example, I know that my guides or a loved one are trying to tell me something. Otherwise, that idea wasn’t so much my intuition, but just a fleeting thought that came and went through my left brain. If you get a message three times, then that’s your “hello” that the message is psychic or intuitive guidance.

Recognizing Body Codes

I’ve developed body codes to know what each feeling in my body means. Over time, I have developed a book of these codes. If I feel a poking sensation at my left temple, this has a particular meaning as I’m reading for a client. Or, if I feel something in the area of my liver or stomach, then I know there is an issue of relevance for the person I am in a session with. These messages are always correct. In meditative state, begin working with your Guides and Higher Self to develop a system of codes that works for you.

I had a reading once where the gentleman had a medical issue. He said there was some kind of surgery he needed, but said nothing more. I said to him, “I’m being drawn to my lower body, specifically my knee area. I feel tension in the joint area.” He confirmed this was the root of the problem and he would be having surgery for arthritis or tendinitis. You don’t need to feel physical pain to recognize the code for a physical issue. I’ve learned to simply asked messages of clairsentience present gently.

The Empath

Empathy is the intuitive gift of being able to experience others’ emotions as if they were your own. Healers are very empathic, as are many psychics and mediums. One psychic told me once that they could feel their body almost meld into the other person’s body. Some highly empathic intuitive people find they can’t spend time in malls or other crowded places. They’re so empathic that they pick up on everyone’s energy and feel overwhelmed by it. Though it is a gift, if you’re very empathic and open, you have to learn to quiet that ability and remain balanced and centered, otherwise other people’s energy will overwhelm you. Grounding, running energy, and prayers of protection can assist you in finding a balance with this.

People who are very empathic also often feel responsible for other people’s well-being. It’s very common for mothers to feel that way, because they have a strong psychic and empathic connection to their children. But as the child grows up, the mother must learn to let go and let the child take responsibility for their own life and decisions. It can be a challenge for empathic people, particularly healers and light workers, to let go and let others live their own lives, without experiencing their stresses and challenges and being worried for them. If you are highly empathic, it’s important learn to allow others their lessons and life path.

Sensitivity Increases

You may notice that as this gift grows, you become more sensitive to emotions and physical feeling sensations in your body. As the ability developed for me, I felt a plethora of new body sensations and awareness. I even felt a poke to my lower back to find no one there. These are all normal experiences you may have. Be sure to make note of all the new body sensations and experiences in your journal.

It is important to drink plenty of water, get good sleep and exercise daily. The care and attention I have given to healthy body balance has served to enhance awareness and quick tuning into this ability immensely. As you take care of your body in whatever way works best for you, you’ll know it very well. You’ll know when you get a tightening in your chest that that’s not normal for you. You’ll feel that very clearly and know whether it has some kind of a symbolic or literal meaning for you or someone near you.

Dream Journal

Pay attention to your nightly dreams. The feelings that present to you in this space are of higher vibrational frequency and profound messages of spiritual insight and guidance come to you here. Make note of all feelings and emotions that present. In particular, make note of the feelings that arise in the last dream before you wake. Come back to the journal a few days later to consider the meaning as it may take a few days to decipher messages initially.

The Sensory Field Trip

One of the first tools to use to begin opening up all of your clairs is the sensory field trip. This will help you to increase your awareness of energy and sensory information. Go to a zoo, the woods or your local grocery store or farmer’s market. Take the time to really notice everything there, as if you were a little kid taking a field trip.

Take thirty or forty minutes to wander and go through an organic foods store, for example. Smell all the smells and see all the sights. Hear all the sounds that you can and feel all the feelings and body sensations. You may want to write down what you smell, see, feel and hear to keep you on track and help you focus more. Look everywhere and feel everything. Notice all textures, colors, sensations, temperatures, feelings, emotions and smells. Pick up a head of lettuce and really feel the textures, weight and temperature of the lettuce.

What is happening all around you? Is it colder or warmer in certain parts of the store? What are you feeling on the inside of your body? What are you feeling on the outside of your body? Are you drawn to look up, down, to the side for any reason? Ask yourself why if so. It’s important to notice direction, because the way things present to you - from the top, bottom, right, or left does matter. Often directional messages are correlated with time. For example, something presenting from the left can mean it is linked to the past; from the middle can indicate a link to the present, and from the right can mean future connection.

The sensory field trip is an excellent method for opening and developing the clairs. Be aware that if you are highly in tune to your abilities already or are very empathic, you may find a sensory trip to be a bit of an over load. If this is the case, just do this for a shorter time or choose a location that feels better to you.

The following meditation will be helpful to do before you go on your sensory field trip and throughout your development of this ability.


Daily meditation is essential as you hone this ability. A free Clairsentient Meditation, specifically designed to supplement this teaching, is included below for you. Your consistent listening will be invaluable.



Copyright © 2013 Michelle Beltran. All Rights Reserved. www.MichelleBeltran.com


Thank you for stopping in to learn about today’s topic at the 30-Day Conscious Living Challenge! If you would like to learn more about the topics this week: Clairabilities, Grounding, Running Energy, Prayers of Protection, Neutrality and Staying in the Center of Your Head, please be sure to follow the releasing of my inaugural book Take The Leap, set to release Fall/Winter 2013.


Warmly, Medium Michelle

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Michelle is down-to-earth and open minded in her style and this assists her in guiding others to their full life potential. With grace and care, she becomes a game changer for you, helping shape your life in the way that works best for you. Her gift of intuition has served everyday citizens to entrepreneurs, therapists, professional athletes, CEOs and celebrities to housewives and schoolteachers who want to live life fully and capture the life that honors their soul. 



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