Tuning Into Your Clairvoyance - Day 1 Material for Conscious Living Challenge

How Can I Open My Clairvoyance?

Today's Challenge:

After reading through the below information, try out each exercise, and begin to open the door to your own psychic, intuitive and mediumship abilities. Then, share your experiences with all of us in the discussion forum!

Be sure to download your free audio meditation at the end of this material!

First Things First…What are your clairs?

Connecting with your higher self, your sixth sense, and Spirit World requires the use of all of your senses: taste, touch, smell, hear, and sight. These senses will be the doorway through which your connection with your intuitive psychic self becomes stronger. Through your clairabilities, you take your physical senses to a higher spiritual level. I call this ‘heightened sensing’. We have 7 clairs:


Clairvoyance – Clear seeing

Claircognizance – Clear knowing

Clairaudience – Clear hearing

Clairsentience – Clear feeling

Clairkinesthesia – Clear touching

Clairgustance – Clear tasting

Clairolfactory – Clear smelling

Clairvoyance & Sixth Chakra

Rooted in your sixth chakra is your ‘third eye.’ This is the gateway to your clairvoyance. The word clairvoyance is French and means clear seeing. If you have ever had a daydream then you have experienced what it’s like to use your clairvoyance. It really is that simple. So, let’s try it now, together. Take a moment, look around you and pick an item. Now, close your eyes and see it in your mind’s eye. Look at the details of it, the color, shades of color and the texture. Are there particular shapes and sizes? As you do this you are recalling visually but in a new and heightened way. This simple visualization is how it will feel to see clairvoyant images so remember this feeling. Images come naturally, gently and on their own time.

How do I know I’m clairvoyant?

Pay attention to your language. If clairvoyance is a strong ability you might find yourself saying:

“The way I envision this plan …” as opposed to “The way I feel about this plan is…”

“As I consider this project I see…” as opposed to “As I consider this plan I feel…”

If you chose the former word arrangement, you are likely clairvoyant. If you chose the latter, you are likely more strongly clairsentient (clear feeling).

Do you find yourself imaging or visualizing how things will play out?

Do you recall your dreams clearly and vividly?

If you were describing how a recent trip went to your friend or family member would you be more inclined to tell them what you saw, touched, felt or what you heard?

Take a moment to recall the last show performance you saw. When you recall this what are your initial impressions? Do you give attention to vivid costumes and colors you saw, the sounds of the music or the performers voices, or to emotions it brought for you?

If you tend to give more attention to visual aspects of experiences in your daily life, then you are clairvoyant. It is quite common to have two or even three clairabilities that present as strongest for you. As you grow in your learning you will identify your strengths by how you interact with the world around you.



Sometimes clairvoyance can be blocked by fear. For example, if a person fears they may see something clairvoyantly that may scare them or that is unwelcome then this creates a block. Understand fully that your clairvoyance is a gift from the highest of good and love. So, before you step into this work be sure to find a good healthy perspective.

Reading Screen – your most essential tool

The reading screen is your viewing receptacle. It is where you will receive images and pictures through which you receive psychic impressions. In the beginning of your learning it is best to have a place for pictures to present. Again, using your mind’s eye, imagine a large movie screen out in front of you. Give it a grounding cord and secure it to the center of the earth. The grounding cord may be a giant and powerful waterfall, a beam of golden divine light or strong roots traveling downward to the center of the earth. Now, ask your question. Don’t demand, just ask. Let the answer come. Did you get black? Great! Black is a color. The first image that comes will be your answer, be it symbol or literal.

Your only task is to relax and let images come to you. Trust, expect and intend that your ability is there, just set the intention to let your clairvoyance now open. Your desire to understand fully the meaning of the images or make it be is rooted in your ego. Release this desire.

Images may be brief at first, much like bursts in a sense. This is okay. You also may find yourself unsure about the meaning of what you are seeing. This is okay too. Meaning and interpretation will come as you enhance your claircognizance (clear knowing).

Truth Rose

In your mind’s eye see a rose just outside your aura. Make it any color you like. Ground the rose to the center of the earth by seeing the roots of it travel and affix firmly to the center of the earth. Try not to figure out where the center of the earth is. Your energy self knows this.

Now, take a moment to see the details of the rose. What color did you make it? Are there leaves? Notice the petals and any texture. Then, out loud, ask a question you desire an answer to. Let the rose absorb the energy of your question. Then just observe. If the answer is truth or yes the rose will flourish or get bigger and brighter. If the rose withers or turns a darker color the answer is a no or not truth. These can be used any time you need assistance in a decision, during a conversation, or any situation you need intuitive guidance. When you are done, be sure to release the rose and see it leave.

Fun and Games

Building any clairability starts with your intention. Follow this up with practice. One very simple way to become in tune with your heightened senses is through fun and games. Find a deck of cards that you feel a pull to. In a quiet place, draw three cards and try to guess the suit only.  Do this several times. Notice how you do but resist attachment to the outcome or ‘trying to get it right’. Trying to get it right is rich with ego and hinders your growth. When you come to a place of just accepting what comes you know you are becoming in tune to your ability. You will find you are also accurately identifying suits in this mind set. Finally, pay close attention to how it felt to be accurate. Your awareness of this simple feeling assists the blossoming of your ability.

Linking With Your Third Eye

1. Place any finger from your non dominant hand between your eyes and above the bridge of your nose then push up slightly toward the center of your forehead.  Rotate your finger to the left a few times, then to the right a few times.

2. Take a deep breath.

3. Imagine an eye opening wide here. This is where your third eye is located. See the details of this eye. Is it round or almond shaped? Are the lashes long or short? Is there color?

4. Be mindful of this wide open eye as you go through your day.

Validation Exercise

Before you start your day and while in a meditative state ask the universe to bring you images of what is to come in your day ahead. Resist the desire to interpret images that present. Let them float in. You may receive information that seems ridiculous beyond belief and/or has no meaning to you whatsoever. This is fine. Write it all down when you are done. Come back to your journal later that day and note what you saw that did present in your day.  For example, did you see an eagle and then in your day you either saw an eagle or read about one in the newspaper or a book? The key here is to be consistent with this exercise. Clairvoyance is like a muscle it gets stronger with your consistency and your trust in it.


The Sensory Field Trip

One of the first tools to use to begin opening up all of your clairs is the sensory field trip. This will help you to increase your awareness of energy and sensory information. Go to a zoo, the woods or your local grocery store or farmer’s market. Take the time to really notice everything there, as if you were a little kid taking a field trip.

Take thirty or forty minutes to wander and go through an organic foods store, for example. Smell all the smells and see all the sights. Hear all the sounds that you can and feel all the feelings and body sensations. You may want to write down what you smell, see, feel and hear to keep you on track and help you focus more. Look everywhere and feel everything. Notice all textures, colors, sensations, temperatures, feelings, emotions and smells. Pick up a head of lettuce and really feel the textures, weight and temperature of the lettuce.

What is happening all around you? Is it colder or warmer in certain parts of the store? What are you feeling on the inside of your body? What are you feeling on the outside of your body? Are you drawn to look up, down, to the side for any reason? Ask yourself why if so. It’s important to notice direction, because the way things present to you - from the top, bottom, right, or left does matter. Often directional messages are correlated with time. For example, something presenting from the left can mean it is linked to the past; from the middle can indicate a link to the present, and from the right can mean future connection.

The sensory field trip is an excellent method for opening and developing the clairs. Be aware that if you are highly in tune to your abilities already or are very empathic, you may find a sensory trip to be a bit of an overload. If this is the case, just do this for a shorter time or choose a location that feels better to you.

The following meditation will be helpful to do before you go on your sensory field trip and throughout your development of this ability.

Clairvoyant Meditation

Daily meditation is essential as you hone this ability. A free audio Clairvoyant Meditation, specifically designed to supplement this teaching, is included below for you.


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Thank you for stopping in to learn about today’s topic at the 30-Day Conscious Living Challenge! If you would like to learn more about the topics this week: Clairabilities, Grounding, Running Energy, Prayers of Protection, Neutrality and Staying in the Center of Your Head, please be sure to follow the releasing of my inaugural book, Take The Leap, set to release Fall/Winter 2013.


Warmly, Medium Michelle

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