TVC, a new ITC, evp classification for 2015 and beyond

Imagine this. You and your team are in a clients house. You have the support of a remote viewer over 1000 miles away. During their voice box session, they hear a familiar voice coming through saying “hi”. This voice is coming directly from your live remote viewer. Is this bilocation or or remote viewing where your essence and your soul projection can come and go as it wants with no restrictions of time and space. Is this possible?

It has happened.
There is a new form of evp's and interactive evidence being heard over certain voice boxes and in the homes of clients accross America by less than a handful of people. It is a soul communication, the same way we get messages from the dead.

A new classification of higher vibrational individuals have and are performing this feat on a regular basis under scientific study.
What do we call or classify this new classification of evp/avp/astral or soul projection documented thousands of miles away by our latest voice boxes, apps and new technonology?

The name is TVC, or Trancendental Vibration Communication. It is practiced by one person I know working as a dedicated worker for at least two groups blessed with utilizing this individuals talents in the continental US.

Her name is Renee Marie Tennant. She lives outside New York. She is a Reiki Master, a healer, angel worker, spiritual confidential worker and has helped out multiple group and clients over these past years.

So what am I talking about? You are a valid group in a clients house under negative influence and you ask for her assistance. Next think you hear is through your teams voice box as she calls you by name and says "hello". If she bumps in to you out of body, your voice recorder might pick up on her saying “oops, I'm sorry!” .

She is still working with her angel guides and TVC, but it is setting a brand new precedent in the para community today. She's helped thousands. It is only now that her skills are being scientifically acknowledged and adopted by teams around the nation. And she is at the top of this new genre of evp/ITC work. It started unintentially but she has a well respected valid team who have major credibility in this field scientifically. One of these teams is the Expedition Unknown team found at Tanya Vandersteeg, Stephen Guenther and Kevin Williams lead the group and speak at conferences and workshop's worldwide. They have witnessed this amazing new unclassed catagory of evp/ITC classification personally for the first time ever. These recordings have blown them away based on past research . We have always been reliant on ITC or evp/avp for confirmation of spirit messages coming through the voice recorder or the box. Is this the first time a living human has produced these results? Yes!
The evidence is there. This is a new classification. Do we call it LEVP for living EVP? Do we call it oobevp?
for out of body evp? What would we call this new phenomenon technically?

It is known as Transcendental Vibrational Communication. A name given to the founders and one that will stay this way.

Think about the ramifications of this. It affects all theories of dopplegangers, astral projectors, remote viewers, angels, demons, evp's, avp,s, hauntings. This pearl in the oyster needs to be shined, perfected and properly defined. Or else so called hauntings may be living human beings out of body going remote. Think I'm nuts? 7 years ago one of our remote viewers was captured in his trench coat and cowboy hat assessing a client scene that was high level. He ensured we deleted the footage as it was “ accidental” and not meant to be seen publically. I know more gems like as this exist in the field. Not ghosts, living humans remote viewing or out of body. This is the first time TVC is being publicly documented.

Below are your links to this new classification. Take a look and think about it yourself. Society, spiritually and physically, is changing quickly. Research for yourself and pitch in your comments. This golden nugget of new evp and ITC may change every aspect of how we've viewed our paranormal past. I've seem simular with doppleganger research in the past. Things that make you question every second of training and belief.

We have so much more to learn.
Websites are below. Research and test these theories on your own. It may change your belief system Be warned. Be safe. Happy Haunting and Happy hunting. Blessings

Daniel Beck

Daniel Beck Mewhinney is a Lupus Survivor, writer, photographer, paranormal investigator, healer, actor and advocate for paranormal awareness, security and education on the web for over ten years. He founded and is currently a host on He, his wife and teams evidence have been featured on over 15 paranormal tv shows, documentaries and pilots over the years. He still helps out one client as a time as he is able. Protecting thousands with his groups messages and PSA's are still ongoing. One soul at a time. Be blessed. He can be contacted at

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