Twin flame – an Awakening

A lot has been spoken, written, analysed, deciphered, discerned regarding the ‘twinflame phenomenon’ . Yet to most of us, it still is quite a mysterious or shall we say an in comprehensible , mystical union. Why so ?

Well we fall in love with someone, isn’t that enough to get by ?

Why categorise it into twinflame, soul mate stuff ! Reminds me of that song …” I don’t care who you are ? what you do ? as long as you love me…” Actually ‘love’ is all that matters ! So that brings us to the next level…what the heck is a ‘twinflame’ love all about. For those of us who are experiencing it and our the ‘chaser’s’ it is for sure like ‘walking on fire’ or even worse. And for the ‘runner’s’; it’s so illusive a reality that their ‘logical mind’ seems to banter them ‘right’ , ‘left’ and ‘center’ ,just when they really are getting into the ‘groove’. Wow …they just can’t figure out why they are getting ‘attracted’ and scared at the sametime ; both forces seem to pull them in two directions.

So lets just walk through this ‘off’ and ‘on’ cathartic love cycle…

Stage 1 – Their ‘eye’s’ meet and many past lives simply flash through their mind’s eye…it’s eerie, surreal, mind blowing, magnetic, ecstatic yet so chaotic .Attraction seems more threatening than ‘harmonious’ .Strange , weird …these are the only two words one can possibly fathom and use to explain this ‘twining’ and ‘pining’.

The first meeting may have just lasted for seconds, minutes or if you are lucky hours but the ‘pull’ is so powerful that you can sort of live the rest of your life, “feeling”… that ‘impactful’ , ‘other worldly’ experience .Sounds like ‘one has lost it …bigtime!’ but honestly ….losing is no option here, it just ‘Is’…celestial , higher dimensional, astral connection so to speak.

Stage 2 – After the first connect you just can’t seem to get him/her out of your head however hard you may try to. He/She just doesn’t go …!

Omg ! Help ! what do I do ? that’s the next stage .

You want to call them, if you were lucky enough or so to speak ‘in your senses’ to have asked their contact no; for some even that is too much to do ! Because they are so lost in this ‘cosmic / divinely’ orchestrated moment that it’s like they are in a time warp ; speechless, aghast, mesmerized, it’s like ‘walking in the clouds’ where every moment just floats in an ethereal sky- Magical .

So you call them, considering you had the courage and sanity to have asked their phone number, but for some reason when you call them you don’t know what to say ; words just don’t seem to flow ? An eerie silence makes it more ‘enigmatic’ a connection, something like that Noting hill movie song “ you say it best, when you say nothing at all…”.

You don’t even know whether to ask them out , if at all you do; how on earth will you face them again ? And to top it all this particular connect is so divinely arranged that no matter how much ever you plan a meeting, it will just not work out ! Strange but very very true. Infact the more you let go, the more the ‘un expected’…meet may happen, just when you least expect! Wow so what about all the ‘dating mannerisms’, preparations, parlor/salon visits ? Well the answer is be ready always you will get caught ‘off guard’…when you can’t even imagine !

Stage 3 – So you finally met them in the most un likely, impossible circumstance and you are elated and shocked to no ends! Omg ! You don’t know where to hide or rather ‘runner away’. One of you would be  roaring like a lion and running like a horse to ‘meet’ and the other would probably be running away all happy yet nervous like a ‘lamb’; hilarious but that’s how it is. Again if the divine providence wants you to talk to each other that too shall happen, as they say here the ‘reins’ are in ‘celestial hand’…you are just ‘puppet’s…so enjoy the ‘show’.

There are definitely ‘no rehersal’s’ in this type of ‘union’ .

 Stage 4- So you have finally met may be after days ( very lucky) if that’s the case, may be after months or worst case many years, when the timing is right. This next meeting is beautiful, yet somehow, none can even talk about commitment. Both are still figuring out the ‘genesis’ of

this attraction and mystery seems to unveil rather slowly.

Many a times it happens that twin flames are already in a relationship or married after their first meet or sometimes even  before their first meet, that happens due to times lapse and both tend to drift in the ‘worldly life’ forgetting or rather ‘un believing’ , doubting, that another meeting with their twin may ever happen. Eventually twins get busy in their individual lives not knowing what universe has in store next ? During the time of separation many twins are basically completing their other past lives karma’s, since they have lived and have karmic ties with other soul mates and soul groups. They have to learn their individual lessons and ‘evolve’.

Many a times your twin may just not have in carnated in this lifetime with you , than in that case you can meet them in your meditations, dreams ; for they love you eternally and  touch your soul enigmatically, etherically .

Stage 5 – Let’s assume you are one of the lucky few who are single and ready to mingle and you meet your twin. Well than your are divinely blessed ! You have evolved to such a state that now universe has decided to shower you with the ‘best of blessings’ …a twin flame re union; why say re union? That is because you have birthed many, many lives together and finally universe is getting you two together ; the ‘yin’ and the ‘yang’ to live your highest life with a ‘divine /higher purpose’ as they say to fulfill your ‘ highest destiny’ and merge as ‘ONE’ for this is your ‘last’…carnation! Awesome …isn’t it ?

Indeed ! Twin flame unions are about living in ‘light’, their energy is heavenly and god’s gift to humanity.

The aura they exude is just so ‘blissful’!

Feel blessed if universe has chosen you for this magnetic union, it’s definitely ‘worth the wait’. An “awakening” of ‘higher consciousness’, un conditional at all levels!


Sunanda Sharma is a professional Tarot Card Reader, Psychic, Author and Life Coach .She is a member Elite Psyche Team - Best American Psychics 2013, Member of Certified Psychic Society 2013 USA , Winner Tarot Super Achievers Award 2012 . Winner SuperAchievers Award 2013 for 'Spiritual Counseling' in India. She is a published author. She has written two books of Spiritual/Inspirational genre "Inspiration from the Spirit Volume 1" and "Inspiration from the Spirit Volume II". Both these books are available on . You can reach her at



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Comment by Sunanda Sharma on January 17, 2014 at 10:08am

yay...thank you Trevor Taylor

Comment by Trevor Taylor on January 17, 2014 at 9:42am

Hi Sunanda. Interesting. Recommended to the publishers for inclusion in one of the forthcoming multi-media editions of OM Times

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