Let your chakras guide you to your deepest yearning

The human story is a story of beginning with love, being wounded by those we love, seeking or escaping love, and then finally coming back to love. Every single aspect of our personality develops from this core, and it all starts with that first wound to the love in our hearts. That first blow in our formative years creates the original yearning to heal it, and so the shaping of our personality and beliefs and defense mechanisms begins. And there are only two original yearnings, either of which motivate us, drive us, torture us and fulfill us. The yearning for belonging, or the yearning for freedom.


Now let’s study the relationship between the chakras, these soul yearnings and the emotional wounds that everything pivots around. The seven chakras can be the most magical guide to unearth our deepest yearning, and by association, the original wound to our innocent selves, which get formed during the formative early years of our lives. The firs wounds are either abandonment, or rejection.


Let’s first illustrate the emotions that relate to the lower chakras. A blocked root chakra causes physical fears and patterns about the basics, the roots – finances, food, home, survival, physical health etc. The emotional belief that manifests all of these is ‘I don’t deserve to be on this earth’; and therefore, a tendency to energetically manifest difficulty with the basics of living. A blocked sacral chakra involves fears and patterns around sexuality, guilt, joylessness and a seriousness of being. All of these stem from a core belief that ‘I have to prove my right to exist, to receive’ making everything tougher and harder.


Both these harmful self-beliefs start with the wound of abandonment. In infancy, or even in the womb if a child is made to feel unwanted by its mother, or if the mother is unable to care for the child, the soul’s introduction to this world is one of fear, anxiety and abandonment. And that forever becomes how we view and deal with the world. Depending on the degree of the wound, and other family dynamics, this pattern would either create a weak, fearful and clingy person; or an indifferent, aloof escapist. In either scenario, however, the soul’s deepest yearning is to feel a sense of belonging. The belonging that it never received, from the moment of birth. Tracing the patterns of anyone with a core root or sacral block will inevitably lead to a yearning for, and a life lesson of belonging. To forgive people, to courageously allow them to love us, emotional intimacy and building a family. Those of us with a root and/or sacral chakra block will most often find these aspects the most difficult and untenable, either by circumstance or within our own psyche. The inner most dreams and fantasies will be around making a mark in the world, proving in some indelible way that we deserve to belong here.


If the core blocked chakra is one of the higher ones, either the heart or the throat chakra, the soul’s deepest yearning will always be freedom. The core wound received during the formative years is rejection, either from one or both parents. This usually occurs with critical, over focused and strict parenting. As a child develops and learns about life, when there are too many dos and donts’ imposed, the child grows up constantly feeling wrong in its behavior and therefore, rejected for who he or she is. The emotional belief that forms is ‘I am not loved as I am. I have to, need to be a certain way, achieve certain things in order to receive love’. And so the heart chakra gets blocked, because the flow of love is conditional to performance and behavior. Sometimes this also causes a throat chakra block, because freedom of expression is so rigidly curtailed and thought through, for fear of rejection and whiplash. This belief creates an adult who struggles with giving and receiving love, is either a martyr or dictatorial and often has patterns of betrayal and disloyalty. At the core, we are yearning for complete and utter acceptance from those around us, almost permission to be who we really are. The fear is that if we allow ourselves freedom to be, we will be neither loved nor accepted. Our inner most dreams and fantasies are about running away, starting afresh, even suicide in extreme cases – the ultimate freedom.


As we navigate the energy body, either personally or as healers, and arrive at the core chakra block, healing can be achieved beautifully by correlating the blocks to either the yearning for belonging or for freedom. Both are inner beliefs and restrictions, and true growth will occur as soon as we gift these to ourselves. For the lower chakra blocked, the journey is about opening up to connections, to belonging, to stop holding ourselves apart for fear of abandonment. And for the higher chakra blocked, the healing process is to grant ourselves the freedom to do as we please, to say what we want and to release ourselves from the need for external approval and permission.


The middle chakra of the solar plexus is the chakra of control, of power and of faith. This chakra is rarely a core block, but rather symptomatic. It is the action chakra, so will be blocked if rigid control is being applied to protect oneself, or if there is excessive dependence on others. Both these traits are super imposed on the lower or upper chakra wounds. Similarly, the third eye and crown chakras are also connect chakras, blocked as a result of the original flawed belief. A complete denial of our inner self, or a complete denial of a higher power will often block a crown chakra, whereas a conflict in the outer and inner image will result in a third eye chakra block. All three of these chakras are defensive chakras, to protect us from the core wound and from emotional vulnerability.


A great exercise to discover for ourselves the truth of these wounds and yearnings, is to observe someone close to us, who has some of the fears opposite to ours, or receives easily what we most struggle with. For e.g., if I resonate most with the yearning to be free, and recognize that I have a blocked heart chakra; observing keenly the behavior of someone in my life who feels completely free and loved will help. I will mostly find that they receive because they never did feel rejected, and so there is no wound to protect. But I may also find that they likely struggle with money, or anxiety about money and the future and have several fears about death, mortality, the supernatural or intimacy. Which I likely don’t.


These are the two yearnings of the human soul, to dream of belonging and to dream of freedom. We can heal the chakras to fulfill our soul, or heal our wounds to balance our energies…either way, let’s find the road to our joy!

Priyanka Bakhru Talwar is a certified practioner of chakra balancing, integrated clinical hypnotherapy and crystal therapy in Mumbai, India. She is also a reiki master and conducts workshops on Mindful Parenting and chakra healing. Her healing philosophy is about finding our authentic selves and the process of unbecoming. Contact Priyanka at healwithseven@gmail.com or www.facebook.com/healwithseven

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Comment by Priyanka Bakhru Talwar on March 30, 2015 at 3:38am

Hi Shelly, have edited the article and included my author bio. I look forward to your feedback

Comment by Priyanka Bakhru Talwar on March 25, 2015 at 11:53pm

Thanks Shelly, for the feedback on my first submission. I really appreciate it. Let me rework it, and add the author bio. Shall I post the revised article in this string or create a fresh post?

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