Understanding time - Transcending Linearity


Conventional time is an illusion and the belief in its reality causes suffering, entrapment and bondage to the third dimensional realities. The ascension process awakens our awareness to other temporal realities and enables us to transcend linear time resulting in a rapid spiritual evolutionary process and the speeding up of all life lessons. This freedom from linear time eventually lifts the vibration of our body out of three dimensional space-time – the end result being ascension and immortality.

One of the characteristics of 3D is linearity and the perception of chronological order. Higher dimensions contain the vibration of time singularity where all possibilities can and do happen at once and every single event that happens in any part of the Universe with any person occurs in an instant and all in one place (non-locality) – or in “no-time”. The 3D consciousness cannot perceive this kind of quantum temporal reality and so the mind constructs space-time as a kind of grid to space out events and distance them so they can be perceived in 3D. Thus 3D time is nothing other than the mental perception of a duration between two events. Any concept of linear time can only be measured by comparing two happening phenomena and noticing change. The more change there is – the more time speeds up – until one reaches quantum unlimited potential for anything to happen and one crosses zero point and becomes timeless as the notion of separation collapses.

Linear time can only exist in a reality of separation – where all is one – linear time bends around and becomes a circle of completion. For one who experiences Oneness consciousness and singularity linear time is transcended and one can move forward and backward in time and even change timelines (changing the future). This vibration of timelessness when integrated into the cellular structures of the body prepare us to become immortal. Cellular death can only exist when the body is out of the NOW vibration. In the NOW all is eternal, and Ascension is about being in the now not only in consciousness but in body too. In the NOW consciousness rejuvenation is unlimited.

In the NOW there is no other reality. Past is simply non-existent and any links or connections to it are only created by the mind and have no ultimate reality. Understanding this breaks the chain of causality and we are free from the events of the past and can then become karmically liberated and can manifest any kind of reality we wish. In the Now the arrow of linear time (albeit an illusion) can be swung around and one can perceive a future event before a past one. The explanation for this is that past and future are all part of the same circle – a quantum temporal model of timelessness where past and future become one and so can be perceived simultaneously or in a reversed way.

All kinds of things can happen as we approach the vibration necessary to escape conventional and linear time. In the prelude to it processes will accelerate. Emotional processing will be rapidly compressed and the events of our lives will unfold at what appear to be crazy speeds. Dreaming will intensify and exist outside of time and we may sleep for two houirs and remember 1000 dreams or astral journeys occuring within that time scale. The explantion for this is that once we transcend linear time we can parallel into other realities running at different time scales or even timeless realities. Interstellar astral travel becomes normal and can even happen in the waking world with a single journey occuring in a fraction of a second of this time. Our vibration can also spike and we can find ourselves in airy vacuous realities intersecting our own but free of time and thus one feels an instant rejuvenation and vibratory acceleration. Here it is possible to access other parts of the universe and remote view them with our consciousness. The immortality vibration is seen and experienced and the vibrations of the partcles in our body speed up as they prepare to align themselves with the vibration of the ascended realities. This acceleration and experience can be taken as a sign that Ascension is approaching and we will soon be leaving 3D. By this point one is mostly in 5D with just a foot – or even just a toe remaining in 3D.

At this point interaction with those in 3D consciousness will become challenging as the two realities become more divergent and 3D reality begins to look like a fictitious cardboard cut out populated by all kinds of characters behaving as if it is all there is. 3D reality then becomes totally absurd and astonishingly insane. By this point one will be running on a totally different time incomprehensible to those still purely in 3D. As these realities continue to diverge as those in 5D reach zero point the ascendees will then vanish out of space-time as all of the particles in their body will be aligned with non-linearity and non-locality which cannot be perceived from a 3D perspective.

Transcending 3D time results in freedom from the bondage of space-time and spiritual liberation. One becomes centred in the NOW and is no longer trapped by ordinary time or bound by it. Ordinary time does not serve anyone seeking to attain 5D consciousness and ascension. At this point it will be impossible to align oneself with 3D conventional time and remain in those constraints. Surrender and fearlessness to this process brings about profound shifts, realisations and awakenings – as well as the deepening of the LOVE vibration propelling one vibrationally ever closer to the ascension portals where time has no meaning. Transcendance of time equates to the transcendance of death and the return to Immortality and the Eternal Now.

love and blessings

Free Spirit

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