Unheard Sounds - Do they Bless us or Curse us?

Unheard Sounds

Do they Bless or Curse us?!


Vibrations constantly change us! Many are so tiny in volume or out of our hearing range, that we are totally unaware of them.


Tiny sounds may only change us a tiny bit, but when we are constantly bombarded, their impact adds up. Think of the “seemingly inconsequential” influence of the Colorado River, having no effect on the rocks, until you look up and see the Grand Canyon – the spectacular result of continuous tiny pulses of soft flowing water. Tiny packets of continuous subtle energy can change our worlds.


We would not walk into a hospital and randomly start taking other people’s medications, which are not tailored to our unique needs. Yet we are subject to auditory “mystery” energy that definitely changes us - slowly but surely. Science confirms that waves in close proximity affect one another – changing our very essence. From vibrations emanating from nature and the midnight sky - to cell phones and microwaves - we are constantly soaking energy. Yet, we remain unaware as to how our auditory meals affect us!


Let’s explore the dark side of “unheard sounds” and ponder if we are “lambs to the slaughter”. Next we will adventure to the light side, investigating how sounds positively alter living things in the plant kingdom and also ourselves!


A bizarre experiment revealed that people are affected by sound they cannot hear nor see. Scientists from Liverpool’s Metropolitan Cathedral analyzed the responses of 250 people who heard a 50 minute piano recital with inaudible vibrations, too low in pitch for them to hear. The audience's emotions intensified as the inaudible sound vibrations were blasted out. Those feeling uncomfortable before the concert got increasingly angry. Others, who were initially happy, got progressively more joyful.


In experiments people felt physical affects from the silent blasts: tingling in the back of the neck and a strange feeling in the stomach.[1] This should not come as a surprise as many scientists confirmed harmful effects from unheard or unseen vibrations, such as microwaves and electrical energy. A science experiment conducted by students in Denmark demonstrated that unheard vibrations from cell phones mutilated bean sprouts in a matter of days.


It is well documented that sound entrains brainwaves, creating specific states of consciousness, and of course music makes us feel as we dance to a lively beat and feel sad with another song. Clearly vibrations of sound change us.


At least within the hearing spectrum we have a clue as to the impact of sound vibrations because we can hear them. Vibrations, even those unheard, can intensify our emotions – for better or worse. Our brain waves can be deliberated altered with unheard sounds, with a similar result – altering our consciousness. Can we be brainwashed or influenced – without a clue as to what is impacting us?


Do we choose our emotions and thoughts, or do we respond like robots to unseen vibrations?  Inaudible vibrations have a strong impact on us – our body, mind and emotions, and we are helpless to avoid the strong influences. Waves in close proximity combine – like it or not.


Finally, are there “Sound Stalkers?”  Are people creating unheard blasts to hurt preople? Given all the people creating computer viruses with intent on wreaking havoc… this action would not be hard to conceive of. We should monitor unheard vibrations and be warned of their effects. Ultimately, when are we going to take what we listen to seriously?


Sound blasts can be used for good – for nutrition, for encouraging positive emotions, to elevating our consciousness and awareness, and more. Plants respond to music, growing better while listening to classical music, but how does sound change the physicality of the plant?


In the book, The Secret Life of Plants, researchers hooked plants to machines resembling lie detectors, which revealed their response to threatening behavior. Wow! Plants possess an awareness of their wellbeing and surroundings. Even more startling, the plants showed a response to their owner’s well-being, even if the owners were across the country. This seems like quantum entanglement (when two energies link on the quantum level, and effect another, even at long distances).


If this idea is not delightful enough, researchers display plants “singing.” The plant’s tiny vibrations are too soft for us to hear, but may account for why we feel uplifted in a botanical garden or calm down in nature. Unconsciously these “plant songs” lull us into harmony and a sense of wellbeing. People have hooked electrodes to plants’ leaves and roots - to musical instruments, producing fairy-like music: a new genre? An experiment at Dananhur in Italy showed plants connected to electronic instruments, producing exquisite music. Listen to this concert at the You Tube video in the footnotes.[2]


The Kairos Institute of Sound Healing in New Mexico tested if sound vibrations enhanced crop growth. They played tuning forks and hand chimes over seedlings. The forks were tuned to the frequency made by Mars and Venus moving in their orbits and other frequencies found in space (raised octaves into hearing range).[3] Their findings showed that sound vibrations improved seed germination, quantity and quality of produce, longevity of production, pollination, and plant size.[4]


Dan Carlson, of Sonic Bloom, noticed that plants’ use of nutrients spikes at dawn. Plants do not benefit nearly as much when fed at other times. How did the plant know when dawn was? Carlson noticed that birds’ choruses sing loudly at dawn. When he played local bird chirps at any time of the day, the plant acted as if it was dawn and utilized more nutrients. At least one way that the plants told time was with sound. Carlson sells plant food packaged with recording of bird chirps and boasts of 100 percent increase in plant growth.[5] Once again a link appears between sound and the plants’ well-being.


Joel Sternheimer, a French physicist, calculated the vibrations of the amino acids in plants. After he calculated the tones of each, and then he organized the amino acids in the same way that they were in the plant’s protein. When he played the “plant’s song” back to the plant, the plants growth nearly doubled with resistance to drought and disease.


What do we learn from all this? Plants are far greater beings than we expected? They are also exquisite musicians? Perhaps the biggest lesson in that sounds, below our hearing range, have a significant impact on the energies of living things: body, mind and emotions. At very least, in a romantic picture, we are bathed unconsciously in plant songs and lullabies of the stars.


Sound and music enhance the health of plants. Yet, we stubbornly believe that we are not influenced by sound in the same way. What would make us exempt? In the future mankind will use sound to be more in control of their body, mind and emotions, harnessing sound for benefits.



Jill Mattson, a four-time author & composer of Sound Healing CD's, combining Healing techniques with Award Winning Music. Free mp3's - Solfeggio, Star, Flower Frequencies, Fibonnaci and nature tones. www.jillswingsoflight.com

[3] They also used planetary gongs tuned to the “three cycles of the Earth: the four seasons, the Earth spinning on her axis, and the Earth going through its processional cycle.”

[4] Leeds, Joshua. The Power of Sound: How to be Healthy and Productive using Music and Sound, Healing Arts Press: Vermont, 2001, 2010, Pgs. 207-209.

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