Foreword: This is being presented on 2/13/12, as a special birthday honor for my former neighbor, Lark Ann, and in honor of Valentine’s Day (2/14/12). Most of it was written on 8/6/11 (my son’s 18th birthday), after waking up needing to see something and realizing it might not be seen until I wrote it on the computer. While on the subject of hearts, you may also want to read another post from last year entitled, “The Heart Remembers.” I suppose you can say I have followed my heart. ;D

Our need for healing unity is increasing. It can be heard from many people, and seen as evidence on the internet and in the news. Humanity is crying out, from nearly every corner of the globe, for this unity. This is not the ominous vision of control being imposed by some “new world order,” however--although maybe that plays a part in helping us recognize it.

This is a more genuine calling, heart-to-heart, of each and every being to join together and unite for a common cause. We see this other vision, or intention, or matrix of control, and realize it is not who we are. We cannot identify with some overlord-type, top-down, oppressive method of being united.

The conversation and conversion that has begun in our hearts comes from a much more genuine, spiritual source. It is difficult to imagine that we are receiving such a push for greatness, or for more, but we are. Many of us involved in the effort may not be able to be categorized as not having a very identifiable spiritual label. Yet, the effort is on for great change, which lies very much in line with an enjoined sense of conscious oneness.

The experiences we are all having, the things we see and sense, are affecting us in a way they have not for many years, maybe many generations. It is as though time is providing us with a wormhole view of that past and tapping us on the shoulder. Do we really want to repeat what we have already done or already experienced? It is time to go through the birthing of a new place--a new dimension of our existence--that will provide what this one currently does not.

Each of us, in our hearts, knows this to be true. We hear peripherally about the great shift that humanity is going through. Messages, ancient calendars, and other divinations portend to this great change and how so many of us are involved in the process. Whether we believe any one of those indicators is a matter of personal discretion. The fact remains we are realizing (perhaps in spite of similarities with the past) that our Now is not the same as what happened back then. We have the opportunity to make things right--to fix them once and for all.

However, we cannot do this if we remain separated by opposite polarities, disparate beliefs, and wild, extreme imaginings and actions. If our hearts are turned against one another, then those whose purpose is set to the mode of “divide and conquer” will win. The rest of us who seek to embody the new unity are on the verge of creating and bringing forth a very real, spiritual change.

Similar to how each of us may be encouraged to find our life’s calling, it is our heart center that rings true in determining our path; no matter what label might be assigned. A noticeable piece, in this time of change, is the way we are being called to unite--to come together--and help each other. Compassion is the key for what our action must be.

Perhaps what we need is a slogan? Let us use our many years of advertising conditioning to help unite the hearts and minds of people. What catchy phrase will take us to that next level? There are some memes out there already, “We are One;” “United we stand, divided we fall;” “One World,” “One Love,“ and “One Heart” come easily to mind. We need something with which to focus our intention. Maybe a good visual image to accompany it? Two hearts interlocked as in a Venn diagram, with the word Unity in the joined part.

Whatever the slogan or image, one thing is clear. More and more of us are realizing that our hearts, united in purpose, can work wonders. We are reaching out to others and sharing intimate, deep truths in unexpected ways. Another key aspect is its authenticity--the fact that it is not some sort of systematic, planned agenda--not some contrived show for the masses. Rather, it is a natural progression OF the masses to work together to make change happen. It is not going to be neat and tidy. Trying to meet needs alone can feel very frustrating and impossible. Together, that burden is shared and the load is lightened. We understand.

As this is being presented with gratitude to a line of heart-related connections, it feels appropriate that it is being offered in connection with Valentine’s Day, when hearts, love, and unity are celebrated. We look to a time when our hearts will join together with others, become as one, and realize what it is like to feel the emotion of love that is compassionate and all-inclusive.

Let us think of that center of our being, our heart, and do what we can to help keep it healthy, vital, and sensitive. We can knock down the walls that keep it closed off, and share our selves with and caring for each other in ways that bring health to us and our planet, instead of splitting us farther apart. The heart is our means of doing that, of having that unity of oneness we all need, more than we desire.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Namaste ~ Blessings!

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