Abstract: Any identity we create is for the world. We hide behind many masks that may serve us well in the short term, but when it comes to authenticity and genuineness, our masks do little to aid us in making progress in our journey within. Our inner journey begins when we, through mindful living and meditation, begin to shed our false personas and find our Self within, where true peace and happiness reside. Then and only then can we sincerely and compassionately reach out to others.


We are all caught in our fake personas

We humans are gradually losing our presence; we are getting caught up in the mess of fake personas. We are unhappy because we have moved away from our true Self, and are living a life of pretense, wearing masks to satisfy the demands of the blind society. These masks may serve us well for a while, but eventually they weigh us down and hold us back. That is when our personal and authentic inner journey towards being happens, resulting in our shaking off these false personas and realizing who we truly are.

Our true identity is in the recesses of our heart

Any identity we create is for the world. Our true identity is hidden in the recess of our heart. How can we be happy with our shadow identity? How long can we be happy wearing a mask called “personality?” When we shed the false persona and know that we are the children of eternal light, and that we have come to this transient world only to burn our karma and not create any more, only then can we dive within to know who we really are.

As long as we are in the society, sometimes we just have to put up the mask that the society loves to see. We will always attract people who are not happy with us, for everyone has his or her own expectations of us. We need to recognize this fundamental block which is our self-created image of our limitations based on others’ expectations; our own profile that is a fake mask!

Emerging from behind our mask

Our masks are like the caterpillar that covers its own body with the silken fibers from its own mouth and remains bound within that cell where nobody can help it come out. But like the caterpillar who, when in due course, transforms itself into a butterfly, cutting its own cell and emerging without help, we too can emerge from behind our mask to reestablish our lost connection with the very essence of the life principle, our true being.

Spirituality is to return to our natural self

Life once again is expressed in its naturalness because the force of nature inspires the emergence of both the butterfly and our essential being or self. Spirituality is to return back to our innate naturalness. We are nature. It is separation from nature that is causing pain and suffering in life. As we practice meditation and live mindful moments, our masks will fall off and our natural self will blossom, like a butterfly, into a radiant being of light.

Becoming Happens

Once we are closer to the radiant being within, then becoming happens. Becoming what? Becoming a person without a false persona or mask! Becoming a truly good human being. Becoming a person whose heart melts seeing the pain of others, and whose heart has no tint of jealousy in seeing another’s prosperity and success.

Becoming a person of pure compassion and unconditional love that touches all and heals all.

Becoming the Buddha in our heart to heal the world and hurt none.

Becoming a simple, humble person whose presence ignites all positive light in all who come in touch with him or her.

Yes, that being and becoming is the process that each one of us needs to go through to manifest our innate divinity, our birthright as a human: to be one with God again, and to be His eternal companion.

Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari (India): Globally acclaimed spiritual and inspirational speaker, author, and visionary social advocate; founded Lokenath Divine Life Mission, 1985, which serves thousands of poverty-stricken individuals in India. Received Lifetime Achievement Award, House of Lords, UK, 2015.



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Comment by Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari on April 27, 2018 at 11:40pm

Thanks Lisa! Love and Blessings, Baba and Sue 

Comment by Lisa Shaw on April 27, 2018 at 11:07am

Thank you!  Sending this forward!

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