Vagus Nerve - The Key to Vibrant Healing and Well Being

The vagus nerve is the longest nerve in the body, the root system branching nerve connecting most of the major organs between the brain and colon throughout the whole of the body consisting of two vagus nerves, one for the right side of the body (Divine Feminine) and one for the left (Divine Masculine). It is called “vagus” because it is a wandering nerve, like a vagrant, through, in, and within the body temple's organs and is what is known from the scientific perspective as being the bridge between the mind and body in its connection between thinking (brain) and feeling (sensations bodily) and is often where the term trust your gut comes from which people really mean trust your vagus nerve, which really is also a misnomer as trusting your gut is all about our fight, flight, freeze reptilian brain instead of where our intuition really resides which is in our heart which is the gateway to our soul and intuition.

Vagus nerve from the soul perspective is comprised of~

* Ida is the right channel. Ida is white (or blue), divine feminine, cold, represents the moon and is associated with the river Ganga (Ganges). Originating in Muladhara root, Ida ends up in the right nostril. Or from the Soul Perspective from the right nostril down.

* Pingala is the left channel. Pingala is red, divine masculine, hot, represents the sun and is associated with the river Yamuna. Originating in Muladhara, Pingala ends up in the left nostril. Or from the Soul Perspective from the left nostril down.

Sushumna is the central channel and is associated with the river Saraswati. Within the Sushumna nadi there are three more subtle channels~ Vajra, Chitrini and Brahma nadi through which Kundalini moves upwards running up the body from just below Muladhara chakra to Sahasrara chakra at the crown of the head and out through the AhTi (All That Is) Chakra out through all the chakras multi~dimensionally, then cascading back down round the body and back to the soles of the feet completing the circuit of the toroidal soul embodied vibrational frequency energy field.

The Ida and Pingala are the two divine soul essences that when they come together the blue and the red create the purple enLIGHTenment within the crown and AhTi (All That Is) Chakra and is known as the violet flame. In the medical realms this is represented within the caduceus and is what it means. In eastern philosophy this is known as a kundalini awakening.

The kundalini awakening modalities that are taught though are missing a key component of what is shared above within the completing of the toroidal soul circuit. This is vital as completing this circuit replenishes our energy from Source's energy infinitely rather than just sending it out into the ethers of the cosmos. This completion of the toroidal circuit is a key component for all, yet especially for those whom are HSP (Highly Sensitive Persons) and empaths who are particularly sensitive to vibrational frequency energies, feelings, and e~motions (energy~in~motion) to be able to utilise Source's energy infinitely through them as them rather than their own energy as using one's own energy is then draining, whereas Source's energy is infinite.

The reason this is important of activating and attuning to the channels of the vagus nerve is because it is typically believed that melatonin is what regulates your circadian rhythms. In actuality though it is something called the suprachiasmatic nucleus, which is accessible through your nose. The suprachiasmatic nucleus a small cluster of cells within the hypothalamus which is situated above our optic area if you will that is the circadian rhythms setter and that is what actually controls and balances our sleep patterns. So when you go through each nostril you entour into the hypothalamus that way and when you do, that is where our centre of core body temperature regulation is and if that is off (ie when your nose is cold or having breathing problems in the nose) or sensitivity to Light (too much or too little) which it is these things that then can throw off your suprachiasmatic nucleus which is what produces the melatonin hormone (or lack of) and therefore makes it hard to sleep. Other issues related to the disturbance of the suprachiasmatic nucleus is what the root cause of sleep issues are rather than just the amount of melatonin in the brain/body. Sleep issues therefore are so much more than just a melatonin/seratonin imbalance and has more to do with what has disrupted the suprachiasmatic nucleus which often is related to sinus issues, core body temperature issues and the like. Therefore just taking melatonin may or may be free from helping.

The vagus nerve is overall zero point of our parasympathetic nervous system which assists us with rest and digest (food and also digest as in processing feelings and emotions more calmly) and calmness, centredness, peaceful stillness within. The more we can stimulate, activate, attune to, align with our vagus nerve with things like deep breathing such as the Transcendent Breath Meditation

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) 

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movement of our lymphatic system through flow dancing, yoga, tai chi, sound healing, mantras, and the like, the more we shift the adrenaline/cortisol fight, flight, freeze mode of the sympathetic nervous system and remain more in our parasympathetic nervous system of rest and digest and calmness, centredness, peaceful stillness within bringing us into the enLIGHTened, enSOULed being we truly are.

Lady Nenari is the Founder/Director of The DiamondLight Soul Centre and as a Complimentary Wholistic Therapist specialises in Meditational Hypnotherapy (with her Meditational Hypnosis Course in the hands of Stanford University School of Medicine since December 2016 and is used for their brainwave patterning/RNA research), Sound Healing Therapy, Akashic Records Soul Mediumship Reading, and Soul Mentoring. To book in a one to one session with her or for the courses she teaches, visit her website

Lady Nenari is also featured on OM Times Radio as interviewed on Voice Rising with Kara Johnstad

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