Valentine’s Day was originally known as Saint Valentine's Day and/or the Feast of Saint Valentine, and it is celebrated each year in many countries around the world on February 14. It began as a liturgical celebration of one or more early Christian saints named Valentinus. Over time, stories evolved or were invented for each saint with accompanying tales of martyrdom, imprisonment and execution.

It was during the Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished, that Valentine’s Day became associated with romantic love, in part due to Chaucer's poetry about “Valentines.” In 18th-century England it became known as a day when lovers expressed their love for each other by offering flowers or sweets, and/or by sending greeting cards, which gave us the symbols still used today: hearts, doves, and figures of the winged Cupid.

The history of Valentine’s Day is somewhat shrouded in mystery, but it is inspiring that what started out as a rather serious, even morbid day that focused on pain and death evolved into a day to celebrate romance, happiness, relationships, and all those other great things that inspire us and bring us back to the basics of what life is really all about: love.

Humans are complicated creatures. We always seem to be in some stage of balancing our external and internal worlds, quelling or satisfying our hopes and desires, or searching for something. For one person the goal may be peace and happiness, for another it might be money and power, and for someone else it might be to selflessly serve humanity. And at our very core we all know that we are unique, endowed with our various concoctions of the good, the bad and the ugly. Bottom line, being one-of-a-kind also means we are all alone. Add in life’s constant curve balls, and it is enlightening that most of Mother Earth’s eight billion inhabitants deal with life and its struggles rather well. What makes this happen?

Love in some form or another. Consider this: If we did not love each other to some degree, there would be considerably less peace in the world and our problems would be insurmountable.

Backtrack to the 1967 and the Beatles song “All You Need Is Love.” John Lennon admitted it was a propaganda song, and stated, “I'm a revolutionary artist. My art is dedicated to change.” Still, the song seemed a little too optimistic to me when I first heard it decades ago. The Vietnam War was in full swing, antiwar protestors were considered traitors, cultures collided, and people got hurt.

But now, with the world even more complicated, the message behind that song seems to epitomize the only real truth. Yes, there is too much tension, hate, war, poverty and hunger, but as our love grows, so does our humanity. This world of contrasts does have a way of making some simple things quite mysterious, like how we often learn about one aspect of life only after by being bombarded with its opposite. Accordingly, learning more about love is the result of not knowing enough about it, or perhaps not practicing it as much as we could.

Granted, all people see love somewhat differently. Many years ago, a beer-guzzling, honky-tonk piano player ran it down for me as I drove us to a dance hall gig. “I see it this-a-way. There’s fifty-one percent good crap and forty-nine percent bad crap, and that’s just enough to tip the scales in the good crap direction.” I didn’t challenge his figures or his mystical analogy, but I did enjoy his crude way of expressing what he considered love to be, as that was our topic of conversation.

Everything in Nature grows and expands. So does consciousness, and therefore, human love. Valentine’s Day evolved from being seen in terms of hardship and pain to expressing love and happiness. A similar process of evolution is going on within all of us and throughout our world, whether we know it or not. One does not have to understand or believe in gravity for it to work. The same goes for the Infinite Love from which we came, and for that flicker of love that is at the core of every human, whether we recognize it or not. Collectively and individually, we are realizing more about our interconnectedness, and that awareness lends itself to becoming more concerned about our fellow humans. And what is that but love.

In addition to showing our love to those close to us, perhaps this Valentine’s Day we can boldly contribute our own feelings of love to the growing awareness of the Universal Love that is unfolding. How? By loving who we are, where we are, and everything that brought us to this moment – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Then we can liberate ourselves from what we feel as our limitations and become even greater expressions of the love we want to see in the world. Every little contribution matters, be it a chocolate candy to a mate or an anonymous gift to a homeless stranger. It all adds up.

All You Need Is Love. It sounds so simple, yet it is so profoundly true. If we loved each other enough, we would conquer most of humanity’s problems. Rising waters raise all ships, and though that concept has yet to clearly translate into sane world policies to the degree it should, the fact remains that all ships are indeed raised by rising waters. The ocean of love is growing, slowly but surely. Make this Valentine’s Day the most special of all, the day when you once again expand your concepts of love. It’s a win-win scenario, as well as enlightening and fun! And you can do the same thing again next Valentine’s Day. Or better yet, every day.

By Gary L. Wimmer ~ Psychic and Author

A highly-regarded professional psychic since 1973, Gary L. Wimmer is also the author of LITHOMANCY, THE PSYCHIC ART OF READING STONES and A SECOND IN ETERNITY, the true story about his near-death experience in 1977 and how it still profoundly inspires and empoweres him to this day. For information about his books, Lithomancy, bookings, radio shows, etc. SEE:

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Hi Gary - you may wish to post this article in the 'Time Sensitive Group' (link below) so that it can be considered for the Magazine in time for Feb 14th. (Link :


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