Vibrational Color Healing


Energies affect us on all levels, such as: our genetics, the people we interact with, the people we pass on the street, the energy of nature, the storm or sunny day, the food we ate and the energies coming in from the heavens in the form of low level electromagnetic energy …. What do all these things have in common? If you put them on a scale, measuring their vibrations in terms of slow speed per cycle to fast speed per cycle, all will have sympathetic resonance with the octaves of colors.


This revelation is appealing in that colors should influence them. Many may say this is silly, but can colors affect our health?  In antiquity, healers used materials to filter sunlight to create the effect of colored lights. Colored lights were then used to treat people. Historical records state that people used healing colored lights in Heliopolos, Egypt, as well as in early Greece, China and India. Today, there are still healing modalities using colored lights. Two modern pioneers were Edwin Babbitt and Dinshah Ghadiale. The Dinshah Health Society offers a color-spectrum-based health system. This system has been in use since 1920, and was used in a major medical center in Philadelphia for many years. This system utilizes simple, low-powered lamps and color filters to counter particular physical problems.


Many people have difficulty imagining that a colored light causes a physiologic effect inside the human body. Traditional medical research has observed effects of light within the body. Blue-light therapy is used for some types of neonatal jaundice. Blue light is applied to the skin to cause a chemical reaction in the blood circulating under the surface of the skin, effectively lessening bilirubin levels. In another case, an ultraviolet light generates the production of vitamin D. The human body produces vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. Finally, full spectrum light exposure helps those with seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a condition believed to be caused by insufficient light exposure through the eyes to the hypothalamus, thence onto the pituitary gland, which controls the endocrine system. If you had a nasty sunburn, wouldn’t it be more soothing to be with in icy blue lighting that red hot lights?


Color healing is predicated on the belief that the chemical elements radiate a frequency equivalent within the color spectrum. For example, the prevailing corresponding color wave of hydrogen is red, and that of oxygen is blue. Each organ has sympathetic resonance with a color wavelength. The liver is believed to radiate energy that is an octave below red, the pituitary green, the spleen violet, the circulatory system magenta and lymphatic system yellow.


When a particular organ or body system is underactive, its energy has decreased, so an energizing color is projected on the skin near the organ (sometimes the entire body). If a system is overactive (for example fever), the remedy is the opposite, and a depressing color is used. Everything on the red side of the spectrum is more or less stimulating, while the blue portion is sedating.


When a particular organ or body system is underactive, its energy has decreased, so an energizing color is projected on the skin near the organ (sometimes the entire body). If a system is overactive (for example fever), the remedy is the opposite, and a depressing color is used. Everything on the red side of the spectrum is more or less stimulating, while the blue portion is sedating.



People process color differently depending on eye color, geographic location, atmospheric conditions, time of day and altitude.



The Purkinje Shift is the name of the phenomenon describing the human eye’s ability to perceive color according to the amount of light that hits it.[1] Dimmer light fires or triggers more of the eye’s blue wave length, which means that blues will seem more vivid, while more intense light will cause the eye to fire more of the red wave lengths, which makes red appear more vivid. This is why mountains in the distance appear “blueish” and red flowers are most vivid when we are close to them.


Yet, another factor in seeing coloration is atmospheric condition. Hot, high, dry and sunny locations (such as Jaipur, India) show intense coloration. Cool, low, humid and cloudy locations (such as the coast of Thailand) show coloration that is darker and drabber.


Color is in the eye of the beholder. Another factor that affects how we see color is our eye coloration (blue, brown, hazel). Think of the color of our eyes as colored of sunglasses that light passes through before we see. Blue eyes can differentiate up to 30% more color shades than dark colored eyes, because they are a lighter color.[2]


Colors and sound can impact us in many ways and on numerous levels. Imagine a huge pool into which someone drops a dozen pebbles. Each pebble creates rings of waves, which interact with other waves. Waves bounce off the sides of the pool. Reflected waves angle back, further changing each other. The science of these intricate interactions is complex.



Lessons and Attributes





Freedom, Ceremony, Mercy, Purity and Transmutation






Truth, Healing, Abundance and Science





Purity, Discipline and Harmony





Love, Adoration, Creativity and Compassion






Wisdom and Understanding





Power, Will, Protection and Faith

  • Red is different energy depending on what is next to it. The overall vibratory influence of a painting changes with each color that you add.


  • I start to paint with an intent, like a mantra. I start with a specific feeling and go for color that represents this feeling. Also I channel when I paint. Colors contain energy and information.


  • People process colors differently in different brain hemispheres


  • Complementary colors are attracted, balancing and healing


  • Avatars came to be examples of mastering the lessons of colors.  Buddah the green ray…Jesus the golden ray


  • Difference with seeing auras. Those colors may change form time to time and form person to person, but some colors remain the same the color of a time period


  • Mauro Emoto showed changing crystalline structures with changing music. I bet the same thing would occur with change to different colors. .


  • You can mix influences…like colors and music…and colored lights and crystals/stones…like colors and the influences of nature or food…even imaging breathing colored air….colors of what we drink of swim in colors to set a mood (colors and emotions)


  • Colors are absorbed through your skin. So what you wear makes a difference.


  • Part of the magic of a Christmas tree is the colored lights.


  • Colors correspond to emotions. Even our language verifies this…. Red with anger, feeling blue, green with envy,


  • Donna Eden and signature colors and time periods with different colors


  • Colors reflect temperatures red hot and icy blue


  • Sharry’s color charts


  • Energy in shapes as well…What Sharry can hear…conch shell – you can listen to it. Fibonacci numbers converted to music

 Radio show questions!


  • How did people in ancient mystery schools use colors for healing?


  • How do people use color for physical healing roday?


  • How do colors relate to brain waves??? Astrology????  Your emotions??? Crystals and healing stones??? Tissues? Bones?


  • How does the information of colors get into your body?


  • Why are you attracted to certain colors??


  • How were colors used in ancient mystery schools to describes lessons people learned and attributes of humanity??? Does anyone do this today??


  • How do colors relate to your music??


  • Where can people look at your paintings? Get prints or reproductions? Get your music? Books?


free soundhealing mp3s



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Comment by Jill Mattson on February 17, 2011 at 3:20pm

Absolutely. A better color can make you feel better and have  better subtle health. Your best color choice will vary each day, just go with your feelings. Anything that affects the senses, color (and touch with clothes) will affect you. Some gurus wont allow anyone to wash their clothes. If the person doing laundry is in a foul mood, some of that energy will remain in the clothes. So they will do the laundry themselves to insure it has good emotional energy accompanying it!


Debby a sweet day to you! jill

Comment by Debby Rosenberg on February 17, 2011 at 3:08pm

I just looked down to my attire - gray sweatpants and a black sweater...(LOL, it's laundry day)... am  I affected by the frequency/vibration of my color choice?  My selection I thought was based on loose and comfortable for the bending, stooping, lifting, folding, etc... wondering if i'd get it done faster, happier if I had chosen pink or blue instead?   


very interesting to view from this color perspective.

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