Virtual Healing Can Be the Wave of the Future.

Right out of the gate 2015 is ushering in some magical and mystical healing that can help us continue on the path to transformation and transcendence. Between the planetary activity and the wealth of human souls who possess skills and talents that dazzle the mind, the next 12 months are sure to be a gallimaufry of goodness all around. The only way to understand the new techniques of healing is to experience them firsthand. In the past few weeks I have been graced with two different virtual sessions that sort of surprised and delighted me. I had never experienced either on that level, so I thought ‘why not?’ and proceeded to be a guinea pig for my friends, and to also help and support their efforts in their own separate practices.

The first session was administered by a longtime friend from Florida, who has been practicing her clairvoyance and spiritual guidance long before I knew her. The talents she possesses originated from her own near-death experience in the late 1970's, where a great spirit awakened her to the ability to see what we don’t normally observe with the naked eye, and boy does she have a gift. Absolutely every word and subsequent action she mentions, or is guided by, is so spot on it’s almost scary. I have an enormous amount of respect and admiration for those who can take their challenges and turn them into a mission of helping others. It is usually through overcoming adversity we can rise like a phoenix and give back in the most charitable way. Most healers and mystics have had charred beginnings, which led them to a path of understanding and forgiveness, which in turn, is shared graciously with society. Almost all clairvoyants (the tried and true kind) have a wherewithal of seeing past the mundane and normal, and bringing about the extraordinary and unforeseen real stuff that lies beneath the surface, the things we don't normally choose to see or accept. Their extra-sensory knowledge of the far beyond nature mystifies me, yet I am fully accepting of the messages they envision in their telepathic quest that I'm not privy to.

Was I apprehensive? Sure, but I was willing to try something different, because she is also a longtime friend. It is only through not trusting that we don’t allow the gifts of the virtual healer to shine. If we block their spirit in any way we are sure to distort our own positive consequences, by not opening our hearts to change of any kind.

Clairvoyants and spiritual healers do not predict the future. These magicians are guided by intense and truthful spirit guides which gives space for the process to unfold. There are no timelines at all, only clues, or a hint, or a word, or a place to be filed away for future use. Often I don’t understand what's being said, but maybe I don't need to at that moment. I just need to accept and allow, which is a preferable path for us all.

In addition to virtual clairvoyance there is long-distance reiki healing, which is a non-contact way to connect with your intuition through the powers of the practitioner to facilitate the flow of spiritual energy within the body. I had worked with reiki healers in a personal and present way many times before, but I had never experienced the virtual type.Obliging to a dear friend from Austin, an old colleague who is stepping out of her comfort zone to try something new to add to her lengthy wellness resume, was cause enough for me to take a stab at something new. This was my second reiki healing session with her, despite our 1300 mile distance apart. She gave me a coordinated time, and I acknowledged and allowed my body to do what it needed to do at the chosen time. After the 30 virtual minutes we email or have a phone conversation to engage in feedback. Was anything unusual or different done during the half hour? How did I feel? What distinct aspects of my heart and emotions came to the surface? The first session a month ago I remember distinctly sitting in an entirely offbeat direction outdoors than I normally sit. During our session-and almost in a subconscious manner-I plopped myself down in a whole new way, not that close to nature or the sun, and I did things almost uncharacteristic of my comfort zone. What was that telling me? I felt great, I felt flexible in attitude and spirit. I felt full of new feelings and emotions. I harbored no ill-will towards anyone or anything at all. Every chamber in my heart had layer upon layer of love and contentment. The virtual reiki session offered me contemplation and meditation at its highest level.

I discovered that sharing any type of experience, even in a distant and remote setting, gives us an opportunity and blessing to learn more about the collective consciousness that connects us all, that we together and unified can bring about more growing and learning and caring.

Wellness is comprised of all the pieces of the life puzzle, the physical, emotional, spiritual and the mental. It is with these main collaborators living in harmony where our quest for wholeness evolves. One cannot exist without the other. The true healers who practice and dispense their knowledge are helping many to solve every piece of the beautiful pie of health, one being no more important or vital than the other. When it all works in sync our bodies have more of a capacity to accommodate and grasp the constantly changing issues that present themselves to us on a daily basis.

 If we have enough power, intention, insight and love, there are plenty of virtual healers to fill our lives. I’m on board (and a fan) and very grateful that I was able to experience their gifts to integrate into the next chapter of my life.

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Comment by Gerry Ellen on February 5, 2015 at 4:51pm

Shelly Wilson, here is the updated version. I'd love more feedback, thank you.

Gerry Ellen 

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