Waking the Green Man with the Tree Ogham, Part 2

          As we step into our divinity we must remember to be gentle with ourselves, and each other. Too often the praise of the divine feminine is done at the cost of the divine masculine, which only continues to perpetuate the problem-the illusion of separation.

                                           Three things all women need to remember
     1. The pressure to succeed in multiple arenas, provide a home and be superman is crushing and unreasonable. It has caused generations of men to feel like failures.
     2. Any man can be (and usually is at some point in life) rude, oversexed, and just plain stupid. Just like any woman can be (ibid) hormonal, impossible to please, and just plain stupid.
     3. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Or better yet is the Einstein quote: “You cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it.” The thinking that manifested the battle of the sexes is the illusion of separation. By moving beyond the either/or paradigm and into the unity consciousness we see the outright silliness, the utter absurdity of there even being a problem. And while absurd might be apropos, there is nothing silly about the things that have been done to men and women, justified by the false dichotomy. Recent statements about the return of the Goddess, taking back our feminine power, it’s our turn, etc. are dichometric thinking, 2-dimentional -old paradigm- and do nothing to advance our evolution. Rather they drag us back into the old past. And re-injure old wounds. Things like Memes of alarmed looking bees with a caption reading “When the male honey bee reaches climax, its testicles explode and then it dies.” are passed around Facebook like some joke. Among others equally cruel. It is degrading to men and it doesn’t “get back” or “even the score” for all the degrading things that have happened to women and it’s certainly not funny. There is no score to even; men were degraded just as much by what happened when it happened.
Power gets talked about like it is a commodity; women are now taking it back from men. This is not the case. No one is taking anything. We are recognizing, i.e. re-cognizing, (NDW) our own power within. The power of manifestation is in the word. Instead of perpetuating another version of the same struggle, let us think and speak of the amazing things we will achieve now that we understand we are one.
We are as apples on the tree. Each apple is different, yet all of the apples are the same.
     4. Make that 4 things. Given that modern society, the US in particular, is the logical extreme of the evolutionary experiment called Western Civilization, the only examples of the divine masculine that we have had are the shadow aspects: competitive hierarchy, domination, control. (Scott, 2013. Umpleby, 2013.) Our civilization has required men to succumb to their shadow in order to succeed. Women’s aggressive reclamation of power is them succumbing to the same masculine shadow aspects they are against. Dogmatically opposing dogma. So to all the men who have “failed” at the game: congratulations. It means you are more in alignment with the real divine masculine. I could write thousands of words on what the real divine masculine is, but I am going to venture an attempt at summing up the essence of the divine masculine in two words: The Sun. Every religion, cosmology, etc. concocted by man has associated the God with the sun, and the Goddess with the moon and earth. Apparently it is the only thing we agree on. Seriously, we cannot live without the sun. It is the penetrating energy of the sun that moves life forward on the earth. Yes, earth has all the correct ingredients for life, but the magic doesn’t happen without the energy of the sun. The moon moves the tides, but the sun moves the winds and creates the weather. And what is the moon without the sun?
I am not saying we need to take up sun worship. I am saying we need to see the same metaphor that our prehistoric ancestors saw clearly: the earth only works with the balance of the sun and moon energies. Humanity only thrives with the balance of the male and female energies.
Again, there is nothing to take back. Are there still men out there doing ridiculous things that reduce the quality of women’s lives? Tragically, yes. I saw one interviewed recently, a congressman. I cannot describe how vile his expression was and remain a lady. But I recognize that he is imprisoned in a shadow energy that he is oblivious to, and grateful that he is here to serve as a point of contrast. And that is what we all need to do most: move into gratitude. The divine feminine cannot birth the new earth without the divine masculine. By design we work in tandem.
     5. Oh dear, 5 things. 5 things all women should remember. Throughout the span of the suppression of the divine feminine, there have always been men and women who refused to participate in that reality. Some are of great notoriety, but many more are not beyond their personal circle of family and friends. Yet still they step into their divinity and manage to navigate the “default reality” of the collective. We have all known people like this in our lives. They are the way showers, the light workers great and small. Remember that the women’s movement has always had great support from men and actually opposition only from extremists.

 A life long food forager, and wilderness enthusiast, Theresa is a self taught herbalist. Her daily practice is a blend of yoga and druidry with a pinch of buddhism. She offers readings through the Celtic Tree Ogham, a system similar to Runes. She is here to promote the healing of our connection to the earth.


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Comment by Trevor Taylor on February 5, 2014 at 5:07am

Theresa, Part 2 of the trilogy recommended to the publishers for inclusion in one of the March 2014 multi-media editions. Could you pop a brief BIO in at the end here, as well as Part 1.

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