Waking the Green Man with the Tree Ogham, Part 3

Face of the God

One of my favorite scenes from The Mists of Avalon (the book by the way, the movie was a disappointment) Taliesin (the Merlin that served Uther and Arthur) explains to Morgaine the child that we do not fight the Saxons because they worship the Horse God, we fight them because they raid our villages, burn our homes and kill our people. He continues on that it matters not what face one sees on God, all Gods are one God, and all Goddesses are one Goddess.

Like all earth based pagan cosmologies, there are several faces of the God in Druidry. Some of the more well-known ones are: Pan, Green Man, Jack Frost, and Merlin of course. Lessor known is the Daghdha, the sentient spirit of the trees (Blamires, 1997) also known as the Father of Wisdom (Matthews, 2003.) and the Good God (SilentOwl, 2010). These are of course the same masculine archetypes we see in other cultural stories: the lover, the king, the warrior, the magician, the priest. Most people on a spiritual path are keenly selective in their media choices, but if we guess-timate that 30% of the population is awake and/or in the process of awakening, that’s a lot of people still taking in the programming from “Big Brother.” And the incessant male bashing coming out of women’s empowerment groups isn’t healing him, but it is turning him into The Wounded King and in some instances is backfiring completely and fueling the fires of The Tyrant (like the aforementioned congressman in part 2). How do we get out of this mess? Simple. Disclaimer: the term “simple” is not synonymous with “easy.” Although in many ways it is easy. 

Renewing our tie to the land, Arthurian energy

The remedy is to reconnect to the land, to the practice of husbandry. We need to convert our neighborhoods into community gardens. Yes you can still have a yard for leisure, but everybody grows, everybody collects rainwater. A system for dispersing produce, keeping and harvesting animals, domestic and wild, for each neighborhood needs to be developed. Local organizing teams resolve individual logistical problems. This means talking with, actually really knowing your neighbors. Having real community connections not the competitive dramas portrayed in the nail-biting sit-coms on TV, nor the all too common reality of neighborhoods where no one knows each other. When we re-connect with each other in this way, we will throw our heads back and laugh that we ever wanted a TV.

What I described in the previous paragraph is essentially a full out revolution of our current system, and I do believe that is where we are heading. It will be a revolution tied to our connection (or lack of) to our food supply, hence the land, unless of course it is not. It could happen quite swiftly and seamlessly with a collective aha. Here is where we need the most chivalrous archetypes of the divine masculine we have available. Not only do we need his strength, power and skill to build and help maintain our gardens, we need his protection. We could be about to do battle with the behemoth over our food and water. We need every man to tap into the Archangel Michael of his psyche and be there to protect us all. Did you know that in many places it is illegal to collect rainwater? It is. Most places these laws are not enforced, there isn’t anyone hired to go around and check to see if people are collecting rainwater. Still, the law is there. There is at least 1 psychopath CEO out there advocating the enforcement of the rainwater laws. Most of us do not collect rainwater because we do not need to. But what if we did? Is it really possible that some kind of government workers could be sent around to inspect for water collection violators?  

I learned from Conversations With God that what appears to be external physical reality is the result of the dream of the collective unconscious. I do not know what percentage of the world population is “awake.” But I do get how the system works. The current default reality is an unconscious creation. How far are we willing to watch it go? If we are going to reclaim our power, then we are responsible for using it, and responsible to use it. As in, to know and not act is much worse than to not know. And that is why people like Neale Donald Walsch, Eckhart Tolle, Panache Desai, and many other luminaries are working tirelessly to reach out and awaken as many people as they possibly can. They know that with a collective shift in perspective, what we all experience as external reality could and would shift dramatically. Just like magic.

We need a little magic. Actually we need a lot of magic. We need Arthur and Merlin and the Knights along with Boudicca, Bridged, and Xena. As a spiritual practice, Druidry today is having a wonderful resurgence. Recently declared an official religion in Britain, and with the internet the modern practice grows and evolves for the modern age. We like to call it magic instead of the Law of Attraction and it probably doesn’t matter if what remnants of the old Druid knowledge still exist is ever unlocked. We are learning to do it on our own, but boy would it be fascinating to learn some of the old magic. I have read that the ancient Druids could control the elements. I wonder if there is elemental magic that could be applied to extreme problems in the environment like Fukushima, the ozone layer, or the ice caps. We need a lot of magic. Big magic. The kind of magic that only comes from co-operation.

A life long food forager, and wilderness enthusiast, Theresa is a self taught herbalist. Her daily practice is a blend of yoga and druidry with a pinch of buddhism. She offers readings through the Celtic Tree Ogham, a system similar to Runes. She is here to promote the healing of our connection to the earth.

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Comment by Trevor Taylor on February 5, 2014 at 5:22am

Theresa, thank you for the Trilogy - Part 3 is recommended to the publishers for inclusion in one of the March 2014 multi-media editions of OM Times. As in parts 1 and 2, short BIO pse at the end here please.

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