When you point a finger at the other, the remaining three will be pointing at you. The next time you rush to judgment about someone, stop and ask yourself, “When is the last time I was guilty of that exact same thing?” If you’re completely honest with yourself, you may be surprised to learn of your hypocrisy.

Judgment cloaks itself in many forms. Blame, intolerance, self-righteousness, condemning, criticizing, and complaining are all forms of judgment. They are projected by the phantom so that it can feel a little better about itself by mercilessly deriding others. It’s a subtle attempt by the ego to take power away from the other by verbalizing distorted and repressed beliefs that are unconsciously rooted in your unknown face, the phantom self. The type of criticism I’m referring to here is not of the constructive type but rather has to do with contemptuous derision that ultimately serves no purpose other than to mentally bully the other person. Simply put, it’s a personal attack.

Like destructive criticism, complaining serves the ego’s purpose to feel superior to others, to justify its existence, and little else. When you complain, you are blaming someone else or life in general for your problems. Chronic complainers complain about life all the time as if they are superior to it. When you complain, what you’re really doing is vocalizing your own suppressed feelings of inferiority in relationship to the world in which you live. You’re playing the role of victim to life, rather than honoring or respecting what is.

Chronic complaining is the mind’s way of venting all the negative thoughts that it thinks on a daily basis. Psychologists have estimated that we think about 60,000 thoughts in a given day. Well, you can probably guess what percentage of these thoughts is negative if you’re a chronic complainer. Garbage in means garbage out. Chronic condemners run roughshod over everyone in their path because they’ve convinced themselves that they’re superior life forms, and will frequently remind you that they have a better idea, a better solution, a better way of doing things than what is currently in place. Nothing that already is ever meets with their approval. They simply know better than everyone else, always.

We have observed the result of the projection of blame, destructive criticism, and condemnation consistently in the U.S. government where a rigid party polarity has consistently manifested as gridlock between the Democrats and the Republicans in both the House and Senate for the last decade. Blame always comes from both sides. We have seen congressmen and senators placing their allegiance to party principles before what’s truly in the best interest of the country. With the exception of only a few, our government leaders have become political automatons, walking and talking robots that can’t seem to get past their party’s ideology, and as a result, the entire nation suffers.

While “Rome burns to the ground,” the members of the two-party system continue to argue, ranting on incessantly, and refusing to compromise or respect the other party’s point of view. Lost in the static of their egoic minds, most politicians today don’t give a bean about doing what is right, they’re only concerned about being right. After President Obama’s health care plan initially passed in 2010, several angry Republicans actually sent death threats to their Democratic counterparts. Yes, death threats to those in favor of providing free health care to the masses. And the Democrat, just like the Republican, continuously dismisses whatever the other party says simply because the other party has said it. As a result of this maddening polarization, little gets accomplished and few real problems are being solved.

There is currently a passionate divide in American politics today that is so emotionally charged, both sides seem to be living in two different sets of reality. But as long as the legislators remain emotionally entangled in their own opinions, continue to speak past one another rather than to one another, they will only widen the rift. Presence, respect, understanding, and non-emotional detachment rather than egoic entanglement is required for government leaders in all nations to reach compromise, cooperation, and mediation in the political arena. Entrenched opinions will only constrain the nation in divisiveness and polarity extremism. The Next Human will abolish the behemoth two-party system in the U.S.A. because she will want to vote for a person rather than a “party puppet” who’s bought-and-paid-for by special interest groups and lobbyists with their own self-serving, egoic agendas.

We can also observe the phantom blame game going on between atheistic science and conservative religion. In recent years, a fair number of atheists—some being prominent scientists—have written books attacking religion and God. They’ve declared war on religion, war on God, declaring it all to be delusional, the reason behind our countless wars, and the cause for most of society’s problems. In the process of their zealous recklessness, however, they’ve ignored the spiritual teachings that lie in the heart of all religions. Perhaps it’s not the belief in God that’s been the cause of war but the over-zealousness in defense of one’s own God. This utterly insane “my God is greater than your God” mentality must be transcended if we’re to bring an end to radical extremism on all sides.

Psychologically, there is no difference between this finger-pointing behavior coming from the extreme left of science and the finger-pointing coming from the creationists on the extreme right of Judeo-Christian theology. These creationists believe in the book of Genesis literally. They believe that the earth was created in six days and that it has been in existence for only 6,000 years. They don’t believe in evolution at all. They attack the validity of science and ignore all the evidence it has brought to the table on the subject of creation. This extremist point of view from the creationists is a direct antithesis to the atheistic “God is the cause of all our problems” point of view. It is the exact same projection of phantom blame but polarized to other extreme. The creationist, like the atheist, dismisses whatever the other says simply because the other has said it. One polarity’s theory blindly ridicules and diminishes the other polarity’s theory. But it’s still only theory. Neither side is consciously seeking the truth because their egoic agendas cloud their sensibilities. Their aim is only to cram their opinions down the throats of their adversaries. They seek to wrong their “enemy” so that they can, in turn, be righted.

At this point you may be asking, “What if one side is right and the other is wrong in a debate? Doesn’t the mere fact that one side is right justify its zeal?” Try not to think of disputes as one side being right and the other being wrong. To the Next Human, both sides are right based on their individual perspectives. Everyone clings to their own truth based on their own uniquely conditioned understanding of reality. Just because you have a different view of the world than your neighbors doesn’t mean that they are wrong. This is why people argue, fight, create conflicts, and cause wars, because the ego says, “You are wrong and I am right, and therefore you are my enemy.” To the Next Human, this is utter madness.

When we become egoically wrapped up in our opinions, we are no longer in control of them, our opinions control us. Consequently, rational thinking and sensible reasoning is abandoned in exchange for zeal and provocation. Extremism, no matter which side is taken, is the path to evil. You never see a terrorist with a moderate political stance, do you? The Next Human will always chose the middle way, the straight and narrow path in between the two extremes. This is how you transcend polarity, and this is the way, the tao, to lasting peace.

About the Author:  Jason Lincoln Jeffers is a spiritual teacher, life and wellness coach, author, mystical expressionist fine artist, evolutionary astrologer, philosopher, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and self-taught authority on metaphysics,  transpersonal psychology, and alternative medicine.

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