Want the Key to Manifest Anything in Your Life? Before Law of Attraction There is This

The First Law of the Universe Before Law of Attraction

Most people have heard of LOA (Law of Attraction). Yet, beyond and before LOA, there is a more vital Law that few speak of or write of, that is the true first Law of the Universe~ LOV the Law Of Vibration. The LOV, Law Of Vibration is the key to Evolution, ergo LOV becomes LOVE or Law Of Vibration for Evolution.

Before you can even LOA, you are to LOVE! Before you can even LOA, you are to be in the vibration of that of what you are desiring to attract. Without that LOA cannot even exist. Everything is vibrational frequency.

Thus, it is about the vibration and frequency you are residing within FIRST that matters and will bring about what you attract. LOVE (Law Of Vibration for Evolution) is the first Law and is the key to your health, wellbeing, relationships, business/job/career, and all of life. So many training programmes within business, sales, health, wellbeing, relationships, etc are focused on LOA, whereas we are to go to the Source as it were which is LOVE (Law Of Vibration for Evolution).

Words and their vibration cast spells, ergo why we call such spelling. Certain words carry a vibrational frequency resonance that when felt within and said in the outer world create your world and worlds beyond that even. Thus, it is a pause to be conscious, aware of what words and the vibration of those words you choose.

The four most powerful words in our English language to encapsulate this vibrational frequency are the words I Am and I know. When you come from both the vibrational frequency of I Am or I know (ie I know free from being the egoic I know yet from that inner knowing of the small voice within you of Source speaking to you, through you as you) first and then physical words of such, it is then you have the power to move mountains.

Going through the scale of vibrational essences within words then~

* I Am or I know is resistance free and allows the flow of manifestation into your life

* The word or words of believe (belief) even a little lesser resistance

* The word of words of hope there is a little less resistance

* Words of doubt this means there is loads of resistance to the flow

Such words as 'I Am' or 'I know' is a statement of vibrational frequency within and of words spoken, felt, known without (in the outer realm) that are a complete statement of who you are. When you say for example I Am ugly or I Am ill or I know this will never happen, the Universe then says 'so be it' and you then experience what it is you know and Am (are). Equally can be said for the other vibrations of worry, doubt, fear, anxiety etc.

When you are within that resonance of I Am or I know in a consistent manner free from other consistent vibrations of fear, doubt etc (a thought or brief moment of such here and there will be free from delaying manifestation, it is consistent vibrations of such that does) there is a certainty of vibration through that consistency that tells the Universe that this soul is ready to receive the manifestation and thus 'so be it' it shall be. The I know is an inner knowing resonance just as the Love a mother has for her child. Me, I Am free from waking in the morn and wonder ‘hmmm, do I Love me children this day?’ No, I know I do, I just do, free from explaining it, it is just a deep intuitive inner knowing within me. It is this same knowing we are to utilising within the 'I know' vibrational frequency within and without.

Herein resides the key to LOVE (Law Of Vibration for your Evolution)~ Vibrational Frequency Inner knowing from Source speaking through you as you from an earthly context speeds up manifestation. Doubt, worry, fear etc slows the manifestation down. It is the dominate vibration that you are consistently consciously (or unconsciously) residing within that always manifests. The only exception to this is if you have a soul agreement to be free from having such a manifestation in your life. Thus, if you are saying I know yet vibrationally you are in doubt, the doubt will be what manifests because the dominate vibration is doubt rather than knowing. It is all about what vibrational frequency you are coming from FIRST rather than just the words coming out of your mouth. This is what is known as the first and true Law of the Universe, the Law of Vibration.

LOVE (Law Of Vibration for Evolution) IS the first cause, the first Law. The effect of that cause is the creation in manifested form. Vibration means energy and frequency. So in other words to mean that LOVE is what vibrational energy you are resonating in always, in all ways.

The invitational question then is~ What is your vibrational radio frequency channel you are broadcasting? Are you attuned to, in tune(d), tuned into LOVE, to compassion, bliss, harmony, co~creation, and all the other attributes of LOVE?

When you are on a consistent enough basis, this then is the vibration or frequency you are emitting. And when you can get on another's frequency, whether in business or relationally, that is how you can be of service to another. Everything you desire comes to you when you come into vibrational harmony with it, for you attract to you whatever you are in vibrational harmony with. LOVE (Law Of Vibration for Evolution) FIRST then LOA (Law Of Attraction within attracting what it is you are in vibration with). So….as we used to say in the 60's hippie days ~ What's your vibe man? Can you be farout within LOVE (Law Of Vibration for Evolution)?~ One Love All, One Love!

Lady Nenari is the Founder/Director of The DiamondLight Soul Centre and as a Complimentary Wholistic Therapist specialises in Meditational Hypnotherapy, Sound Healing Therapy, Akashic Records Soul Mediumship Reading, and Soul Mentoring. To book in a one to one session with her or for the courses she teaches, visit her website

Lady Nenari is also featured on OM Times Radio as interviewed on Voice Rising with Kara Johnstad

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