Cancerland : We Are Not Alone! by Kathleen Kanavos

We Are Not Alone!

by Kathleen Kanavos 


Cancer is Humbling.  It’s guaranteed to knock you down with its series of crises, beginning with discovery and continuing through treatment, often with no end in sight.  Upon hearing a cancer diagnosis, many people feel devastated, confused and alone. Nothing is farther from the truth:  Even in our darkest hour—we are never alone!


I know because I am a two-time, twelve-year, stage-four breast cancer survivor who found out the hard way that not all cancers are discovered by conventional medical tests.

 I didn’t believe the test results that came back “negative for cancer.” My dreams told me the physicians and tests had missed the 2.1cm tumor that was Stage Two invasive ductal carcinoma. Five years later, they told me my doctors  had missed a second breast cancer that was lobular stage four.

   My persistent self-advocating with the unwavering help of spiritual guides in my dreams finally resulted in convincing my doctor to perform exploratory surgery on a spot that he couldn’t feel, the tests didn’t show existed,  was against hospital policy, and his better judgment.  The result was a diagnosis that shocked the medical community and changed my life, forever.

 Have you ever had a gut instinct that disagreed with scientific facts, and then found that your intuition was correct and the facts wrong?     I let my dreams guide me, and then used modern medical tests to validate what those dreams said. Listen, and then validate!

  One of my biggest and most pressing challenges throughout my ordeal was deciding whom to trust—my doctors and their conventional results, or my dreams and their spiritual messages.  I decided to listen to both! I requested different procedures and medical tests and cross-checked them against my guided information as I ran the race of life against time.

Fortunately, I was under the watchful eye of something even wiser than my learned physicians. I was under the protection of spiritual-guides from the other side who were at odds with my doctors and the tests on which they relied.

  My story is an alternative to ignoring our intuition in favor of science or ignoring science in favor of intuition.  I learned that the best way to survive any health crisis is to mix intuition and science and then cross-check them against each other for answers that are indisputably correct.

In order to effectively battle illness, we must get in touch with our inner-selves and work together toward the goal of survival by using everything available to us. By searching within ourselves through dreams, meditation or prayer, we will find our own set of answers to any challenge.


I remember the exact moment I received validation of my dreams, and spiritual guides. “Pathology didn’t like what they saw when they cut the tumor open,” my surgeon said after closing the privacy curtain behind him.

“So, is it cancer?” I asked, while holding fast to the hospital gurney, bracing myself for the answer I already suspected and feared.

“Yes, I’m sorry. I’ll refer you to someone else now, a specialist.” Thus began my Alice in Wonderland’s steady decent down the dark rabbit hole of Cancerland.

 My dreams had been right.  With my surgeon’s words, the first shot of my ensuing battle had been fired, and it was not a warning shot across my bow, it was point-blank into my breast. I glanced down at my painful wound and wept with grief and joy.

 My guides in dreams had saved my life. I was not alone.


About the author- Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos  is a two- time breast cancer survivor who penned SURVIVING CANCERLAND.  She is represented by Scovil, Galen & Ghosh Literary Agency & Steve Allen Media.

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Comment by deZengo on September 28, 2011 at 10:11pm

Hey Kathleen - please join our Health & Wellness Group and Post this article there:


For the future - our deadlines are : 15th of the month if you need our team to do layout / 20th of the month for all others.  


I had forgotten it was posted till (Liane- the editor in Chief) reminded me.  I read too much / on too many different sites and lose track of where I saw what.  ;-)


Thanks again for the submission and look forward to seeing more of your pieces under health & wellness.  Love & Endless Light,


Comment by Kathleen Kanavos on September 25, 2011 at 9:26pm
deZengo, thank you for sharing your experience with cancer with me.  Yoga is wonderful therapy. Yes, I long for the day a doctor will say to a patient, "I was afraid it was something serious, but thank goodness it is only cancer."  And Thanks  for posting this in the October Issue. I will post it on all of my pages.
Comment by deZengo on September 25, 2011 at 8:55pm

I have heard so many of my sisters with similiar stories and takes me back to a few of my own.  For some, perhaps cancer was tragic.  Maybe the stigma of losing a breast was traumatic?  For me, I walked away with a new understanding of the relationship between my physical health and my the emotional toxins I was feeding my body.  Yoga was my best friend during my own cancer adventure.  Thanks for taking the time to share your own experience and understandings on a subject that we hope will soon become part of our "history" versus our "future."  


So glad you posted this in time for October's issue!  ;-)

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