We Have a Story to Air, So to Speak

By Kathy Custren

Deep breath. Air is necessary in order to tell our story. Oh, look, I've given away the plot of the story already...or have I? Stay with me, please, as capturing air is never an easy thing to do. Capturing air and using it, can be even trickier. Using air for its most right and proper purpose, that of telling our story, takes a lifetime to finesse.

So, how are you doing? How are you doing in telling your story? Have you embraced your role as a storyteller yet, or are you still searching for what you want to convey? Are you tuned in to the creative airwaves...to the vibrations that float and flow on air?

Can you convey an accurate story that you have heard from someone else? Do you tell it word-for-word, or do you embellish it? Storytellers have been passing along the tales of humanity throughout history. The celebration of language in the telling of our own story is truly one of the oldest offerings we may give.

The Story of Our Lives

Growing up, television was a primary means of storytelling. TV took over from the movies and radio programs, which usually left a lot to the imagination. We were already telling serialized stories audibly, which allowed our brains to interpret a number of possibilities...where a plot might lead, the look of a character's stance or expression, and even the shadows that happen on the sunniest day. 'Programmed' stories overtook the air and changed our nature. We went from telling amazing stories that marked our lives, to telling brief, on-going tales about them.

Today's human stories have a much more tangible and urgent feeling to them. The world has grown smaller before our eyes. Larger-than-life legends that few people in a particular culture once heard by direct story are now “aired” and seen by millions in movies, games, on TV or the Internet all around the world. The stories of today are much more graphic, involved, fantastical, and a little predictable at the same time. Stories are conveyed with an air of entertainment; most come at a cost for the art, and nearly all of them are a distraction for us in telling our own story.

The Elemental Story

In many parts of the world, the air we breathe becomes foul with pollution. Rotten air leads to the most unhealthiest stories...so what of the questionable airwaves that pervade households in much of the modern world? Part of the overall health of our planet may be seen by observing that certain elements must be maintained in a proper balance. It affects us right down to our genes when we suffer an imbalance of an element in our lives. The symptoms of our air imbalance do show physical symptoms.

People see wireless connections as being a problematic symptom of our age. Storing our life and historical data in “clouds” could result in more than polluted air. It may lay waste to all our memories, materials, and culture. It is a very real part of our story that families are turning away from the wireless connections that are “everywhere” and which, as they claim, have an imprint on our very genetic constitution, and disconnecting to tell an even more direct story.

The End of the Story

As the air and technological clouds fill with data, this glut and imbalance affects the electric, electronic, and electromagnetic systems. Even those found in our own bodies, exhibit a changed pitch and tone to the point of being anxious. We cannot wait to be connected in our modern time, and to tell our story “now” in bits and byes of data that are shared in text messages and photographs...all of which may be recorded, but few of which are printed or memorialized.

The most enduring stories we learn from our historic past are what lie captured on or in stone. Papyrus and other recordings are much less reliable. We see stone as the medium that lasts, which we use to memorialize our graves to this day. While stone does eventually erode or break, certain types are more durable and can stand the test of time. When was the last time you chiseled a note to your loved one? Could you do it even with the proper materials?

We may all wish to have a certain amount of participation in the telling of our story. We each see life from our own, unique perspective. What makes one story any more valid than another is the act of taking the time to not only tell of the great works we do, but to write them down and perhaps see them emulated in some way. Is there any wonder why, after the better part of 500 years, the works of William Shakespeare are still so popular? He and other classic musicians and artists followed through with the telling of their tales, imbuing stories with an air of such present energy that they are still relevant today.

Our story may only be as good, however, as the materials with which we have to work. After so many years of consumer greed, where might this leave us, resource-wise? A look around our planet reveals fouled ground water thanks to fracking, oceans polluted and over-fished, and vast swathes of land (which many call the 'lungs of the planet') stripped of their once-natural health and beauty. Our earth is undergoing change at a feverish pitch, and we are in denial as to the cause of the rising temperature. If the earth were one of our own children experiencing this type of distress and dis-ease, we would be rushing them off to the hospital.

Deep Breath, Now...

The coming months and years will be a time of realization: getting real, being real, telling real stories as opposed to the programmed ones that now fill the air. The programmed air has gone stale. Temperature rise is brought forth by the fire element to cleanse and provide renewed natural vigor in order to tell our real story and not a contrived one. We will know, feel, and see the difference.

So, how are you doing? How are you doing in telling your story? Have you embraced your role as a storyteller yet, or are you still searching for what you want to convey? Are you tuned in to the creative airwaves...to the vibrations that float and flow on air?

Let's gather around the fire and share a tale, shall we? I cannot wait to hear your story. ~ Namaste ~ Blessings!

About the Author

Kathy Custren, OMTimes Senior Editor, is a mother of four, who strives for balance and has a deep respect for All. Interests include education, elements, nature, humanity's cosmic origins, philosophy, spirituality, and wellness. Connect with her community page, “Consciousness Live” on Facebook, and tune in to “What is Going OM?” on OMTimes Radio.

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