We’re the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For. Shining our lights during times of chaos.

I’m on Facebook a lot. I have made it an active part of my life for about nine years now. Some people would be ashamed of that because others that think that our online time is dangerous. But I see Facebook and the Internet in general as a wonderful gift that we have been given. The ability to communicate and share our lives with people who are different from us without leaving the comfort of our safe homes.

We can literally drop into a conversation about Muslims vs. Christians in one group and then share a new bread recipe in another. We can share our whole life or create another that is a merely a mask that makes us look normal or successful. I think we all do a little of both.

What we have in the year 2019 is a bigger platform to share our thoughts and views than we have ever had before. This is more than your church group, your coworkers, or your neighbors. This is the new frontier. The world became accessible by all.

“With great power comes great responsibility.” Uncle Ben’s words to young Spiderman. Are you using the Internet responsibly? Most likely. Are you using this “power” to live out your “responsibility”?

That’s the big question and one that I’ve seen some sad replies too. Including my own. As Lightworkers, (if you’re reading this you probably are one), we have a responsibility. To Shine.

Shining can be so many things. There’s no one way to be a spiritual being. We are each unique and thus our light is specific to who we are. So, you can stop checking out the wattage of the one next to you! You are where you are and who you are so that your radiance fits the environment you are currently in. Your purpose is to be an example of a more evolved way to be. A more peaceful existence. A living display of the superpower “calm.”

For years many of us have been working on ourselves and healing the broken places in our lives. We have been devoted to our spiritual growth and the raising of our frequencies. We have let go of the toxic, low energy parts of our life with Love, and we have replaced them with Light. We have Awakened to a new way of being. We have done our pilgrimage to our inner selves and have returned renewed and reborn.

“As above, so below.” The Kybalion. We’re halfway there now. We've connected to our higher selves and have raised our vibrations to be at a frequency that no longer matches that of those around us. The “below.” I’m not saying that others are now below us. Instead, I’m suggesting that the below is our real life. Our flesh and blood existence. “Where the rubber meets the road.”

We have our newly renovated spiritual lives and now we are required to live out those upgrades in our day to day living. Lightworkers are way showers. Some will do that through their words as writers or teachers but most will lead primarily through their example. How do we live out our lives in front of our unique audience? Do we blend in or do we show a different way to be? Are we practicing what we preach? (Whether that’s out loud or in our heads!)

Now, back to Facebook...

I don’t need to tell you that we are living in a time of ridiculous chaos. The world seems to be a mess with the basic structures of our society being shaken. The Government, Religion/The Church, Entertainment Industry, Health Care, Law Enforcement and Financial systems are all taking hits right now. All areas that in the past that have been our security have become embarrassing liabilities. They are the byproduct of years of secrecy and deception. The ugly, dirty truth is being revealed and it is paradigm shifting. Something, as an awakened soul we are used to, but to those that are not in the same place, this is very scary.

Facebook has given us the ability to share how we are reacting to these changes. Or more accurately, it shows others if we are living out the words we share. Are we our memes? I hope you’re laughing because I am, but we both know it’s true. If you’re like me you share a lot of spiritually uplifting quotes and stories. Every time I get online I turn into a new age evangelist up on my soapbox at a busy intersection, preaching the good news. But the sad and embarrassing truth is that sometimes I would use my Internet soapbox to share divisive words. I did preach good and bad, right and wrong, ugly and beautiful. Saved or unsaved? Maybe not those exact words but what is the difference, really?

I saw myself in the mirror of so many who were blinded by hate, anger, and fear. I was no different, which is fine for them, but I was called to a higher standard. I had to change.

A meme. You know I had to. “If you feel like you don’t fit in in this world, it is because you are here to help create a new one.”

That’s us. It’s time. We must start creating.

So, I am. I am kinder, more open-minded and I share less divisive posts. I am creating a more loving atmosphere for those who enter my Wi-Fi world. I am still a catalyst for change. I make people think. I won’t shy away from the hard questions but I’m learning to do it with Love. I’m working on truly “being” an awakened soul. Not just in mind and spirit but in body, words and intentions.

That’s our job. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. The warriors of light who bring in change, as long as we can remember that sometimes destruction is necessary before a rebuild can begin. The demolition crew is here. The wrecking ball has started it's work. Our part is to usher in the new ways with peace.

The war on the old energy has begun. The battles will be fought in the hearts and minds of all the souls we come in contact with. Let’s do our part to the best of our (still human) abilities.

Let us be the beauty in the chaos.

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Comment by Omtimes Media on December 5, 2019 at 4:10pm

Hello there Frankie, Thank you for your submission. Your article is not an article but a blog. It is the first-person narrative and that is not what we are looking for, we are looking at articles in 3rd person, with some examples using yourself, but not all the way. Those are part of the rules for submission.

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