Weird is the new Normal – Expansion of Consciousness

Weird. What does the word “weird” mean exactly? Weird is usually spoken by someone when they feel it is outside their normal comfort zone, knowledge base, or reality. Well, luckily our reality is changing.

As a society we were taught to be inauthentic. We didn’t talk about, acknowledge, or express interests or ideas that were not generally accepted to be commonplace. Today, children and adults alike are finally beginning to be authentic and allow themselves to be free of these rules of what they can and can’t talk about to others.

For years there has been a disassociation of who we really are versus who we must be in front of the public. Luckily the vast majority has found that not being who you really are takes too much energy and effort. The amount of resistance you face in fighting the natural ebb and flow of your soul, eventually tires your spirit. It is so much easier to allow the divine source within to shine and to express the authenticity of the soul. Each person is unique, expressing God’s love in their own way. Shedding the compartmentalization mentality and expressing pure soul is something we are moving toward. Thank goodness.

As more of humanity begins to express their pure state of being, there are more topics, ideas, and interests being introduced to the community. Ideas that previously may have been identified as occult or taboo are becoming mainstream. The more these ideas are talked about, the more questions are asked, and the more light is shed onto the subject. What once was considered weird eventually becomes normal, as others become comfortable or even begin to understand the subjects being discussed.

It is a new era. No one can define weird anymore, which is the mindset we all need. When we come from a place of love, we are more able to accept ideas contrary to what we personally believe. We allow new ideas to enter our vibrational field instead of shutting or blocking them from our perception. We get to see the perspective from a place of love. We may even choose to learn about these new ideas. We then get to decide if this idea resonates or does not resonate in our vibrational frequency. If it does not, then we release this idea with love and recognize (without judging) that others may choose to keep this idea in their field of consciousness. What a beautiful world this is!

Mediumship, for example, used to be a very taboo topic. Some religions believed that only the chosen few were able to communicate with Spirit, and all others who tried were outcast. As more people have chosen to follow their own hearts and share their experiences with Spirit, others have started to question their own experiences and have opened themselves to learn. Now we see mediums in the media, hear discussions about spirit communication in the grocery store, and more people are becoming more comfortable or can identify with this topic.

It’s a fact that consciousness has expanded. If you compare today with the last few decades, you can see the growth of acceptance. Sure, we still have a ways to go, so let’s start bringing this acceptance into our conscious awareness. Try this exercise in your daily life.

Each time you hear or see something new that seems “weird,” take a moment to center in your heart space. Ask yourself these questions, “Why does this concept feel “weird” to me?” “Why do I feel uncomfortable with this subject matter?” “What is the other person’s perspective?” “Where have I felt this weird or uncomfortable sensation in my life before?” Notice the answers that come up. Take a moment to see any patterns of situations that trigger these sensations. The more you bring your awareness to the cause, the more you may understand a pattern in your life that perhaps needs to be healed or understood. If you receive illumination to those things that need to be healed, come from your heart space and send love to and release those areas of your life. Perhaps you may find that there is no trigger and there is nothing that needs to be healed. You just realize that this idea of concept is not in alignment with your vibration. Focus on those ideas and topics for a moment. Send love to them and release them from your energy.

The more you come from your heart space, you expand your consciousness and become lighter. We call this raising our vibration. The more you shift your energy, the more you contribute to the shift of humankind. This is similar to being a drop of water in an ocean. If each droplet changes their frequency, the ocean begins to change as well. Expand your consciousness, and Universal Consciousness expands.


Whitney McNeill is a Certified Medium, Mediumship & Metaphysical Teacher, and Mentor. She is the owner of Messenger of Spirit, LLC and the co-founder of the International Institute of Advanced Metaphysics (International I. A.M.) in Sedona, Arizona. For more information about readings, services, classes & retreats visit or for more information.

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