As the Winter Solstice nears, many of us wonder what is going to happen.  Will there be an end of our world, of us, of time, or something else?  What, if anything, is going to change? Though there have been many predictions of events or energetic shifts, no one is fully clear about the specifics.  What is clear, however, is that we are in the midst of great change, and those changes are noticed both inwardly as well as in the world.

Before we look at the changes, we might first be compelled to look at what hasn’t changed. For one thing, our ego’s need for consistency and reliability helps keep us sure that we, and our world, are okay. In general, we can look at the past few years and see that things are fundamentally the same. In America, our economy is still shaky, the unemployment rate is about the same, we re-elected the same president, and we haven’t experienced too many major upheavals. Many other countries have experienced a similar pattern. Good or bad, most of us would agree “things are basically the same.”

Yet, if we look at this same area using a larger chunk of time, we notice that things have significantly changed over the last decade or so. As we look to worldly events, we can certainly identify radical movements of change in numerous nations.

What’s clearly noticeable for many of us is our personal lives have shifted pretty dramatically in a relatively short period of time. Many of us have experienced huge losses, some of which are directly mirroring the greater picture; almost everyone knows someone who’s lost a job or home. Additionally, significant changes are rampant; marriages and close relationships have dissolved, major illnesses have arisen, people have made unexpected moves, and personal crises have created noteworthy changes that have nothing to do with who’s president.

When we look at the patterns that are common to so many people, we can see there is something shifting and for those who are intuitively in-tune with higher, cosmic energies, we are certain that this shift is monumental.


What is changing?
Most notably, we are changing. The economy, job rates and election results are merely a manifestation of the inner changes we are experiencing. In other words, these vast changes – conscious or not – have began within us years ago and are growing rapidly. We, in our agreement to incarnate at this time on planet earth, have embarked on a huge evolutionary mission. We are changing the world by allowing our divine essence to shine through our human bodies. This is the fundamental collective impulse of the New Age and its manifestation is taking various forms.

For most of us we have relied heavily on the rules, structure, and suppressing forces imposed on our lives as a constant, even comfortable, construct. We have incarnated into families with issues to help us form patterns of lack, insecurity, anger and so on. We’ve adhered to the rules and directions of our society, trusting that if we behaved accordingly, we would ultimately be happy and successful. Unfortunately, many of us have hit that dead end of the rat maze to realize there is no cheese! Either we’ve discovered that this is a game and we’ve been running around for the sake of some illusionary goal, or we beat ourselves up and try even harder to find it, never allowing ourselves to leave the maze.

For those of us who’ve rejected the rules, we’ve experienced self-doubt, isolation, and fear and in so doing, have often found ourselves so far outside the construct of the game that we’ve struggled to survive. We waffle between being part of it all and completely denouncing the whole system. And in spite of our own fears, we know that those who’ve played the game right, still aren’t living joyfully and empowered. The fact is, the majority of humans experience negative feelings because they are the holding pattern of the ego.

Thus, our mission is to transform old, limiting patterns and free ourselves from the ego’s grasp. Individually and collectively, this is why patterns of suppression, rules, and conformity are crumbling. For those who are experiencing crisis, it’s the resistance to these changes that are manifesting loud and clear. If we want true freedom and joy, it is up to each of us to listen to our soul’s calling.


How do we listen to our higher calling?
The problem with all the issues that have been collected by our egos, compounded by the suppressions of our society, is that we believe the game is real and we are powerless. At this time, the game is very real, but we are not powerless. It is time to claim our power and release our constrictive beliefs.

First, we can realize that we are all intuitive and have access to our own guidance. Whether we connect best with angels, guides, a specific deity, or what we refer to as Source doesn’t matter. What matters is that we reconnect with this energy and practice listening. The easiest way to connect is through the heart and avoid the chatter of the mind. Practice journaling with a question and answer format and see what comes. If the words are critical or fearful, they are from the ego. If they are uplifting and filled with love for you, they are offered as guidance. Next, connect with others on a similar spiritual path; one that allows you to embrace your power, not deny it. The idea is to make positive connections on both the physical and spiritual planes making it easier to find clarity.


What is our part in the shift?
All of us are playing a part. As humans, we are part of the cosmic shift because we are here. As this energetic shift is essentially about becoming who we truly are, then this is the bottom line for taking on our personal task. What can be confusing, unfortunately, is that we have been playing roles that are so out of alignment – roles that have kept us out of our power or joy – that we may not know what else we should or could be doing. Self-care is a crucial step in participating in the shift and illuminating our way.

For instance, if we are caregivers who do too much for others, our personal empowerment will not unfold by continuing this unhealthy pattern. Therefore, we would probably not be guided to do more service for others; our attention will be focused on nourishing self care. If we have been playing small and are afraid of our power, our struggles with trying to hide and dodge our own light will intensify to the point that we will either surrender or die from the battle – at least in the egoic sense.

Though there may be urges to contribute to the greater collective as we shift, the reality is that this is an inner shift which will then manifest outwardly. By acknowledging and taking care of our divine selves, we are doing our part.


What about 2012 worldly changes? 
Whether we look to December 21, 2012 with excitement or fear, we are setting the stage for what to expect. In other words, if a woman is frightened about experiencing pain while giving birth, her body will be tense and contribute to any physical pains. On the other hand, if she has been working toward a conscious, prepared birth, her experience will likely be one in which mindful breathing and loving support guide her through the experience, thus minimizing both fear and pain. Yet, this is not to say that she won’t feel pain, or her work will guarantee a simple, normal birth. And, of course, the fearful woman can choose to be knocked out with drugs to avoid the whole thing.

Hence, the real question is “What tools to do you have to stay centered during life’s ups and downs?” Regardless of what comes in December, or any other time, we can choose to rely on our centeredness or bend with fear. With a rocky economy, looming unemployment and political stagnation across the red and blue isles, we can feel the wave of tensions and easily get washed away. Moreover, if personal changes have blasted your life, the need to cope feels like a matter of survival.

Again, personal self-care as well as conscious connection to Source and community are vital components of an empowered, joy-filled life. Additionally, mindful breathing, meditation, and yoga are simple and effective ways to find our center. There are many other methods, of course, and it is always in our best interest to learn and practice methods which offer inner peace. Regardless of what we can or cannot control outwardly, we empower ourselves by learning to maintain our centeredness of heart. Imagine what will happen if, on the Winter Solstice, each one of us spends the entire day staying centered in our heart?



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