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What have you learned about healing?

Posted on Sep 11th, 2008 by Siona


What, over the course of your life, have you learned about healing, or about forgiveness?


What does healing mean to you? Is there a connection between healing and letting go, or


healing and being whole, or healing and compassion?



Thank you, Thank you Thank you Siona for these questions, as it came, at just the right


time within my life.


The last few days I posted, paintings that I did within a two months time period.


So here is my story behind the paintings, this is a short version as so much happened.


In 2000, I fled with 9 bags, and my children, I hand nothing no money, yet I had my


children. I stayed with my family for a few months, and then my Dad, and my


Grandmother, bought a house, I put in some money, as I never got much from the


Divorce, we fought, and finally, I gave it all to him. I did get some of his RRSP, and


spent them all, as I really did not want his money that way.


Something happened, that made me break, break to the point of no return. I thought, my


daughter was being sexually molested, I will not point, a finger to a name, yet I will say,


there are records regarding this matter. The reason, I believe, I broke so bad is, that I


wanted to help, my baby girl, and find out what was happening, and I wanted to stop it.


I fought like a lion to get answers.

Then so many things started to happen, where I was living, there were rules and I just


wanted to be free to be me. I went to see Dr. Chopra speak, and what happened there


Gave me hope, I had plans. I understood what he was saying, and shoke his hand, and I


Was going to take a coarse of his, and for some reason some people did not like this so


they phoned the person that was organizing the course.


I had gone to my GP, and he gave me some drugs, and they made me go wild, he had


Talked to some people, and then when I went in, to say they were doing this he gave me


more. I was to the point of NO ONE IS LISTENING TO ME. So I went, and started


moving furniture, and for some reason people thought I was moving to Saskatoon.


They never asked. I moved all the furniture all over our house to the middle of each


room. I was on a mission, I wanted to take my children to the country, and just be with


them quietly for awhile. The police where called, I was handcuffed in front of my


children, and then I was taken to the hospital.


There, I saw a DR. he said what is wrong, I said I want to see my lawyer, and then I was


sent up for a month in the ward. My mind was busy, from the drugs that my GP put me


on. I could not sit, or write, all I could do was paint, and I painted, and painted.


One time, I gave two women there, a spa treatment, to make them feel better.


I made a rug for a man beside me, as he was having issues. I gave paintings away. I was


there, and I was not there for me, to get better. I went in with a vision; I went out, and for


some reason, my vision was gone for three years, I forgot everything, all the things that


gave me hope for a new tomorrow.


I do not blame anyone for this. When I was there I was given a label for the first time in


my life. I am a person first; I have a heart and a soul. , and I am who I am, I am me.

Then three years past by, and I really was healing, I was learning, and as my brother says,

you can not help anyone until they want help.


Again, stress started to set in, I wanted to move, and bought a house, I had a business,


that I wanted to create. I was taking courses, as this is something I have wanted to do for


oh so long. I was working with children at the time, and I could not distance myself, as I


loved them all, and my heart went to them. One child was dieing


I could not do anything for here, and I was crumbling inside as, she was such, a joy in my


life. Then I just needed to get away, and I gave her something so special, and dear to




Again, was wanting to build my own business, yet I was coming up with so many road


blocks along the way. Interestingly enough, my visions, my hopes, and dreams were clear


as day. I also had some trouble with a scam, and lost a lot of money.


One day, again I was told I needed to go to the hospital, as I had gone of my meds. For


the very first time.


I stayed in the hospital this time for a month, this time I was there for me, and for me to


heal. I painted , I wrote, I sang , I danced , and I cried like I never cried before , and let so


much go.


My DR. Said the only way we can help is if you tell us everything. I did so many tests,


and still to this day, I do not understand why, they were testing me in this way.


Next time I have my appointment, I will ask so I know.


So over those two month time this is when I needed to paint and it has helped me heal.


When I write, I heal, when I dance, I heal, when, I listen to music I heal, when I sing I




This is my story behind the painting of healing. What works for one may not work for


Others. Yet we all must find our healing paths, as the world has become filled with


Chaos. I for one will not live in a chaotic lifestyle. To many people are pressured in work


home life. The news around us is full of glum and doom why can we not have news of


health wellness and what makes our spirits soar? If we can not look outside the box and


start to be creative assertive and create our own healing imageries. This can be at work or


at home or in a personal way. For me life has never been easy as I have had always work


had to get to where I am. I have gone far yet still have bigger visions to explore. I have


lost everything and that has made me stronger. Because I have seen how many live and


survive. Also get by with pride.I have seen many that have lost their way. I have seen


many that take money and use it and abuse it. We as people have to come together and


work together in harmony and heal. We must begin with letting go and forgiving


ourselves and others. So we can take this healing path . Tred gentle on our Earth and be


gentle with ourselves and other’s. Be passionate of what you believe in, yet be gentle of


who you judge.   I am on a healing journey in life


and I have had to learn to let go of my past, and how I have lived this way.


What can you do today to start your healing journey? Be exotic be rare create with your mind your


heart your soul will guide you and believe in your visions .

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