What Is ASMR? Why So Many People Enjoy 'Whisper Videos' On YouTube

There is a wildly popular trend since 2010 that has many on youtube ‘feeling the vibe’. ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is the means by which through video (or in some cases in person) and utilising variations of the 5 senses stimulates a relaxation response within the viewer. It is something that is a most pleasurable and inviting experience. Yet what is really uncommonly known is the deeper reasons as to how it works and why so many enjoy such.

To understand this we are to go beyond the 5 senses for a moment and into the body and Soul, Soul embodied. The initial tingle sensation that is created in the head that works its way down and through the body occurs by way of two things~ CSF and the Vagus Nerve.

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CSF or Cerebral Spinal Fluid is the holy grail in spiritual terms. For those of us who meditate or know anything about spirituality know that entering into altered states of consciousness is what is beneficial for the healing and well~being of the Soul embodied, soul and body. What is little known though is that there are sacred secretions that are emitted from the CSF that begin in the cerebrum and then moves to the pineal gland or Third Eye (or in spiritual terms known as the Soul Eye as it opens you up to the multi~dimensional consciousness of the Soul that you are) and pituitary gland. These sacred secretions are called the Holy Christos (Christ Consciousness) oil or the Holy Claustrum.

The activating of this sacred oil through meditation and/or various ASMR techniques induces a similar altered consciousness state we would see in meditation, hypnosis, or by taking plant medicines such as ayahuasca (without having to ingest such) within the igniting of both DMT (Dimethyltryptamine or the honey) and Serotonin (the milk, as it is a milky colour). The pineal gland emites the fire of the Divine Masculine electrical portion (DMT honey) whilst the pituitary gland pulses the Divine Feminine magnetism (Serotonin milk) that creates the Sacred Union Heaven of the land of milk and honey as the saying goes and is truly what it is referring to.

As the CSF then travels down through the spine (or shashuma in Hindu philosophy) illuminating each of the chakras, this is where the story of Santa Claus bringing his spiritual presence and presents down the chimney comes from as this is what it truly means. Whilst this is occurring it is also activating what is known as the Vagus Nerve which is the main central nerve that begins in the brain and moves throughout our body organs and systems that controls are inner nerve centre, the Parasympathetic Nervous System. The PNS is responsible for causing our nervous system to slow our heart rate, increase intestinal ease, soothing the glands of the body and relaxing our sphincter muscles whence activated.

As this sacred oil secretions then flow back up through the shashuma it is then also ignited by the optic thalamus gland enLIGHTening you as the ‘Light of the World’ with this Christ Consciousness enlightenment and then flows out through the crown chakra and into what is known as the Ah~Ti or All That Is Chakra connecting us to Universal Infinite Consciousness or Source. This then moves out around your auric field and then back up through the soles of your feet of your root chakra and continues infinitely in a circulating toroidal field for a most multi~dimensional out of this world experience!

What is also occurring during ASMR experiences is something that is little known about within the realm of brainwave patterning. Within Meditational Hypnotherapiy, brainwave patterning, and RNA soul essence, what appears apparent during ASMR is that what is known as our baseline brainwave pattern can change either temporarily or permanently for the better, dropping us into Delta, Epsilon, and even Lambda brainwave states.

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This is particularly true within the voice intonations and inflections given within an ASMR video, as whence done correctly through what is known as VRP (Voice Resonance Repatterning) can induce these altered states of brainwave patterning. The induction of these brainwave states of consciousness on a consistent enough basis can alleviate inflammation in the body, ease and heal addictive patterns, traumas, wounds, providing an essence of consistent peace, calmness, relaxation, spiritual enlightenment, integration, and overall well~being into our daily lives.

Lastly and perhaps more importantly, the whispers of ASMR give the listener/watcher something that frankly we are sorely lacking in this modern age of electronic gadgets~ personal connection. In a rather strange way considering it is video based usually,  in truth ASMR videos give a sense of feeling nurtured, loved, cared for in a way that perhaps we never received as a wee lad or lass growing up. It gives us as the listener/watcher a sense of this person is taking my best interests at heart and really knows what I need right now. Because really at the heart and soul of it all, we all desire to be held, loved, seen, heard, know that we matter in this world, that we make a difference and an ASMR video and the person giving such to you in such a compassionate loving way is saying ‘I’m Here, right here, for you and with you, holding your hand, you are not alone, I care’. So is it any wonder why we are drawn to and enjoy so the whispers of an ASMR video!

I invite you to give an ASMR video a go now, it is well worth the experience! For to Love and be loved is truly why we are here. I invite you to allow yourself this gift in this moment. May it bless you infinitely.

Lady Nenari is the Founder/Director of The DiamondLight Soul Centre and as a Complimentary Wholistic Therapist specialises in Meditational Hypnotherapy (with her Meditational Hypnosis Course in the hands of Stanford University School of Medicine since December 2016 and is used for their brainwave patterning/RNA research), Sound Healing Therapy, Akashic Records Soul Mediumship Reading, and Soul Mentoring. To book in a one to one session with her or for the courses she teaches, visit her website

Lady Nenari is also featured on OM Times Radio as interviewed on Voice Rising with Kara Johnstad

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