When I was a kid, I routinely took a running leap from the safely lit hallway to my dimly lit bed, not daring to breathe until my feet were tucked underneath the covers. The yawning, engulfing space between those two places tortured me with the possibilities of eerie hands and unseen creatures that might reach out and grab me.

That idea still makes me nervous to this day.

The difference between my childhood and adulthood interpretations is that back then, I wasn’t quite sure why I felt the creepy crawlies the way I did and I sure as heck didn’t know how to make them go away. 

After many years of deep study, trial and error, personal experience, and tons of changed lives due to my work as an intuitive, channel, and artist, I now have a very clear idea of what is going on and how to handle it. Today, I can say, without question, that there really is something to these encounters that goes beyond an expression of imaginative fancy and that children (and adults) who sense these goings on are not crazy. In fact, they may be more tuned into universal truths than they realize.

I spent my childhood very open and sensitive to everything around me. I could sense that there were more “people” or things in the room than I could see. In fact, I could literally feel them. They were always gentle, but when you feel a hand on the back of your head and you know you are the only one in the room, it is a very unnerving experience. I also could tell if people were lying. I never understood why everyone would be nodding along to someone’s untruths and why no one said anything, so I would just quietly observe. It was not until my mid-twenties, when a dear friend, seeing that I was in a bit of a crisis, opened me up to the reality of my abilities. It seemed that I could check in with the universal language and receive information there is no way I could know from a human perspective.

I get asked what is it like to be psychic all the time and always have to remember that the way I go through my day is very unlike most people’s reality. I see, hear and sense things that other people don’t (yet).  It is super weird, incredibly funny, eye-roll provoking on occasion, sometimes spooky, many times surreal and also, my normal.

I can literally feel in my body when someone is lying. Listening to their story makes me feel off kilter. When I recommend we dig deeper (my kind way of calling them out) and hit on actual truth, my entire body relaxes and aligns again.

I have to watch someone’s mouth moving to make sure I am responding to what they actually say as opposed to what I hear in my head that is their unvoiced thought. People get very shocked when I inadvertently say something they are thinking. I can’t help it – I just get words or images in my head and before I know it, my mouth is speaking about it! AWKWARD!

When walking down the street in the wrong direction, I will feel a hand on my back reorienting me the right way. This honestly used to freak me out. I did not like the sensation of unseen hands on my body. On the other hand (pun intended) I am frequently lost, so it has proven quite useful.

The fun stuff:

I am NEVER alone. It’s like that phone commercial where the guy’s entire network is following him around everywhere. I have, I am told, an entire stadium full of observers with me at all times. I sometimes ask to be given some space, but it is nice to have available at all times people with whom I can chat, joke, ask questions, and commune. 

I use what I call “psychic secretary” so whenever I am scheduling anything – I get told – “no, don’t do it at 2PM, make it 3PM” and sure enough on my way there is the traffic jam I would have not anticipated if it weren’t for that heads up when I made the appointment. 

I certainly don’t mourn the way I used to. While I will instantly sob at the thought of not being able to hug a loved one again, I can’t say that I don’t have immediate access to them at any moment. It’s like I can now only speak to them on the phone, but at least they know what is going on with me and I can check in with them as well. 

The not so fun stuff:

I take a lot of showers. I get very sticky with all of the dense thoughts and feelings around me and have a hard time shaking it off unless I let the water clear it out. Keeps me very clean, but when I don’t remember to do this, I can get really grumpy without realizing the cause.

Working with these abilities are not for the faint of heart. Since there is no Hogwarts and we don’t come with an instruction manual, it takes a LOT of trial and error to figure it all out. It can be frustrating, heartrending, depressing and deeply shocking to the entire system as you make headway and as you make mistakes.

Maneuvering with abilities that are not totally recognized in this culture is sometimes tricky. It can be alienating at times and confusing. I spent decades under the radar. Now I think there is a wider awareness and acceptance of alternative experiences. But that is frankly pretty new.

Not always knowing what is happening can be very frightening. The first time I saw an actual other being in my room (not in my mind’s eye) frankly scared the #$#^ out of me. I called a friend and asked him to help me make it go away. He checked in but paused and said, “You know, we can do that, but I get that at some other point this will not be so unwelcome for you.” In that moment I couldn’t imagine that was the case. I just wanted that lady who was looking down at me to be gone gone gone. But sure enough, nowadays, while I don’t love to be surprised, I certainly don’t mind when they show up.

The stories are endless because frankly, having these abilities ensure that each day is going to surprise you in one way or another. You get to live with miracles every day of your life. To the point that I sometimes take for granted what would be for any other person an extraordinary moment in time.

What the world still deems a “mystery” is for me, an every day reality – incontrovertible to anyone in my presence. People constantly ask “what just happened?” when they realize something completely out of space, time, logic, science, or rational explanation has occurred and there is nothing they can do, say or believe to undo that experience or deny it.

Recently, when a dear friend of mine and I went out to dinner, I was really hungry but waited patiently while she gave her order which included a bunch of changes to the dish. We started our next conversation when the waiter came right back. I turned to him expecting that he had a question, but instead he was holding our meals and a dazed expression on his face saying “Um, your meal is ready!” My friend protested assuming it was an order that had been pre-made and wouldn’t have the changes she requested. But sure enough, it was prepared exactly as she had asked. Just about 15 minutes prior to her expectation of receiving it. The waiter kept stammering that he wasn’t sure how this happened and after he left, my friend turned to me and asked how that was humanly possible? I said it wasn’t “humanly possible” (yet) except that I was really hungry and the Universe must have agreed, so we bent time a little. 

Yeah. It’s real.

Welcome to my world.

Michelle Cohen and her projects have been featured on CNN, GMA, MTV, NPR, and in People Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, and the Washington Post. She has given thousands of private intuitive guidance sessions, exponentially changing the way her clients perceive themselves in positive and permanent ways. Her online program, The Intuition Tool Kit is available at www.theintuitiontoolkit.com

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Comment by Michelle Cohen on February 29, 2016 at 9:52pm

Got it! Thank you :)

Comment by Kathy Custren on February 29, 2016 at 9:38pm

Hi, Michelle - if you would like to have your article considered for publication, it needs to be reworked to be written less from the 'I" perspective. Kindly consider writing with the inclusive we to draw the audience in to have them see your experience. Thank you! 

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