Mass consciousness is the majority of the population having opinion or belief about what is true and then attempting to manipulate everyone else to maintain its belief. You may know you are affected by mass consciousness when anything which is in opposition to that consciousness causes a severe reaction within you. This may be experienced as a feeling of shut down/avoidance, a defensive stance, a retaliation, or argument to support your “side” of the belief. Physically, your body may become rigid, mentally your thoughts may be on overload, and spiritually your heart may be closed. There are among the effects of mass consciousness; things you’ve perhaps been taught by parents, siblings, peers, or media without ever knowing the power they hold over you.


Anyone who saw the first Matrix movie was exposed to the idea of mass consciousness and how it can control the population by illusion of what is real. This artistic expression was an excellent example subtly used to awaken the population to the idea/possibility of mass consciousness. Subtle, gradual, possibilities create shift.


As we enter 2011, many forms of divination, astrology, numerology, prophecies and the like, are pointing toward a coming shift which will open the heart, mind and soul, and change the mass consciousness! It’s in the stars. *smiles* Whether or not you believe in these alternate systems of knowledge, I believe the shift continues to strengthen. In addition, I believe this shift is expressed in the hearts of the artists first. Artists are connected to their souls or heart space, or they would not be artists. It is in that connection where awakening stirs, imagination mingles, and concepts, ideals, and change are created. Perhaps you’ve heard of The Renaissance? It has been said “art will change the world”. Yet, even artists are part of the mass consciousness and will be pulled and influenced by it, writing, drawing, singing, and creating scenarios based on beliefs they thought were real. Art plays such a strong role because, as multi-media, it goes beyond 3-D and affects us on multiple levels of our being. Perception is multi-sensory. Ever heard “a picture tells a thousand words”? Has music caused you to cry? Has poetry affected your core?


I invite you to open yourself and allow shift to happen within you. What happens inside when you read these words: Government, Religion, Terrorist, Money, News, ExtraTerrestrial, Earthquake? Guaranteed at least one of them will trigger a fear based mass consciousness reaction within you. Why is that? Because it’s designed that way. When you are controlled by fear, shift is delayed. Personal power is restricted. The existing system is fear based. Designed to profit a few at the expense of the majority.


It's time to be free, releasing all points of view, all judgments, opinions, and constrictive attitudes of belief. It is time to question everything. Be a child and ask why? And why again. Finally, surrender to what is. Let Go. When we empty our mind of thoughts we are free from the mass, the herd mentality, and the control. No longer running on auto pilot. Then creator consciousness, and co-creator abilities awaken and express ideas reflecting what is good for not only yourself but for all. Love and compassion fill our hearts with opportunity to serve our neighbors, give our gifts, and shift human consciousness. We become the shift and contribute to its affect upon mass consciousness.

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