The Mediumship Connection to its Paranormal Pioneering Partners.

"  Of mediumship there re many grades, one of the simplest being the capacity to receive an impression or automatic writing, under peaceful conditions, in an ordinary state; but the whole subject is too large to be treated here."  -  Oliver Joseph Lodge

   There are many different types of mediumship, they are normally classified as mental mediumship and physical mediumship.

       Mental  Mediumship

 As the name suggest the connect between the spirit and the vessel begins in the mind. These types of mediums normally include clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, also trance medium. Also involves communicating through the use of telepathic messages. This communication normally takes place via- spirit, guide, angel, or religious icon. They deliver messages the medium finds the meaning to this message, and then carries it forward to the person the message is intended for; or also know as the sitter.

 Some example of mental mediums are James Van Prague, John Holland, Thersea Caputo. Mental Mediumship has become the norm today in the media.

 " Media today is the coexistence and laying on of different mediums. We consider this a perfect marriage of mediums." - Amy Fuller

       Physical Mediumship    

   Spirit uses the medium energy to send messages . They can physically manifest in things such as noises, voices, flickering lights, objects being moved, ectoplasm exuding from the body, music, full-bodied apparitions. These physical phenomena are visible to one lookers. This type of mediums usually do very well working with paranormal investigations.

  One example of a Physical Medium would be Leslie Flint, also known as the great voice box medium. She was quite aware of the fact when she was producing spirit voices, she had the ability to manifest several voices at the same time. Another example are the Fox sisters: Katie, Margaret, and Leah came from New York state with their abilities to contact the dead. During the rise of Spiritualism in the 19th century, another example would be the great Sybil Leek.

 " All human being have magic in them. The secret is how to use this magic, and astrology is a vital tool for doing just that"..... Sybil Leek

  She was born in England to a well-to-do family, She came into fame during the 1950's . She had strong value in her beliefs and heal strongly to them, she would often quarrel with others on their beliefs. But she was also one of the first to throw out a curse word, teaching us not to take life to seriously. She also helped and had an effect upon the neo pagan witchcraft - the Wicca religion.

   Mediumship is a wonderful and sweet gift from the universe/ God to be able to heal the world to deliver messages that come from the other side. To watch as you deliver a message to someone who as so longed to hear from a passed loved one. To know that their energies still continue and live on, that truly death is just the new birth into something new and greater. More than our human minds can conceive of to watch ones mind who is filled with longing and darkness. In turn, you can 

a simple message and be able to heal that pain, and  turn that darkness into light. Just by beginning able to reach out with your own energy and allow the energy to use yours to heal themselves and the one that they are connecting with.

 It to me is selfless love that I can be open and allow my life to be this for a tool for the universe to raise awareness and spread love in this way.  When I excepted my gift from God/ the universe I made the agreement with this energy that I only wished to know the things that would lead me to the healing of all things nothing more, nothing less. Only what was needed to know to use my gifts to be what I was designed to be. Don't need to know every detail in how this works only that my mind and body are the tool to be able to do so. To me, my gift is about inspiring and enlightening others the best way possible.

Just like most people, like myself we have gone through great pains in this life to take away and dissolve walls of ego. That may in some ways hold back the truth and in turn we gain compassion and humility to gain a greater sense of reasoning. To bring us closer to spirit, and grateful for the ability that we have been given to be able to speak with them.

Which is the same with many people whom have had near death experiences, these events we go through to bring us closer to spirit. The universe delivers messages this way to tell us, yes there is more to life that what is seen. We must choose to have enough faith in these things and know that they are miracles to bring this world peace and love. It is important for us to remember that that most passed loved ones that have passed feel no desire to return to this world. Because they are busy being filled with the pleasant feelings that they are experiencing in the hereafter.

Only people who are free from their earthly body, which is completely free of such things as passions, desires, and every selfish tendency are allowed to enter into the heavenly world. That may sound very boring but in all reality one should make no mistake the dead  are surrounded by a incomparable wealth of everything we could ever dream of here in this world . Divine love is the driving force behind everything , the dead strive forward to help us with the goals of the entire universe.

 Consciousness is the matter is the highest frequency from another dimension. If this is the case, including in the after life. This is a new perspective allows the human body and death to be viewed in in different ways . Religions have always known this view point, as has been shown. All that remains is for us to move forward with faith. 

  Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance. - Plato

Airanna Blake has owned several businesses over the years. Recently, she began pursuing her passions in the field of spirituality, mediumship and writing. She would receive angel messages and Christ centered conscientious workings from said messages. She began writing for and helping a holistic magazine called OM Times where she nurtured her abilities helping many in the healing process. Today, she is a researcher in the paranormal field and the events manager for the global organization, Hunt with Holzer, dedicated to the research of the modern pioneering forefather, Professor Dr. Hans Holzer. A non-profit Musuem has been launched in his efforts to preserve paranormal history. Arianna can be found on FaceBook under her name and her Intuitive Photography can be found under Ms. Phoenix Photography.


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Comment by Airanna Blake on March 6, 2015 at 1:06pm

Beautiful Alexandrea thank you for you input will get these changes made. be blessed and grateful for your help.

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