Informational paradigm, energy-informational world, chakras, human aura, quantum physics, consciousness… why are people talking about all that? Can’t they just live as “normal people”? What does it mean to be normal by the way? There is actually no definite answer or benchmark applicable in this case. Psychology or any mind related science can’t give us an answer to this question. The  answer could be quite simple – being normal is to be able to harmoniously fit into ever-changing environment.

Ok, then do we really need to know all that new information in order to be normal? Well, you actually don’t have to … as long as you are ok with just surviving but not really living. However, if you want to know how to effectively invest your potential in order to receive the best possible interest, then you might want to look into things like intuition, higher-self and laws of Nature. In reality we are living in the informational paradigm, which also means that in order to survive in the XXI century we do need to learn efficient ways on how to filter out all the information that we don’t need and concentrate on the information that will help us improve our life and help us realize our potential.

In search for the answers to those questions, for many centuries, people have turned to religion. Not so long ago, just a couple of centuries ago, people turned to the concept of science in order to get the answers. Both religion and science are models that are trying to explain how our world really works. They don’t tell us the truth about what things are, they give us a perspective on how things work. In other words religion and science are opinions or interpretations of laws of our Nature or Universe based on faith and practice. 

For many centuries science and religion have been arguing about who is more correct in describing how our world really works. Apparently their individual attempts failed to satisfy most people, we do see a lot of disbelief around us today.

Perhaps, the real answer lies somewhere in between. Perhaps, combining the knowledge from both, we will get the answer that will help us better explain what things really are.

The argument between religion and science is the same as the eternal fight of our brain and our heart. Frankly speaking, there is no reason why both of them have to fight. They are both vital and one is not more important than the other. Both of them have to cooperate in order to help Nature create a human that is able to live in harmony.

Perhaps, it is all much simpler and perhaps, there is a model that can explain how both - religion and science, heart and brain can work together to achieve a common goal.

Think about our body as our planet; and as our planet has an atmosphere, our body has something around it in order to protect us from the bombardment of meteor showers. This something around our body is a human aura, and, yes, it has its chakras or energy centers that support the work of our organs. Let’s not go deep into the fact if all of those actually exist, let’s just try to build a model and see if it can be useful in practice. You might have heard – practice is the sole criteria for testing the truth. Thus, there you have it – let’s say that we have a human body and a human aura around it with its energy centers or chakras. Human aura is generated by the brain waves that connect our body through biologically active points which have been used in Chinese medicine for the last 4000 years (acupuncture is one of the good examples). There is also scientific research that proves the existence of these biologically active points.

While our brain is busy creating our energy shell, our heart is busy creating our emotional shell. This shell is above our aura and it is responsible for collecting information from surrounding environment or in broader sense – from cosmos. Our positive look on life makes our emotional shell bigger and it allows more needed information to flow to our brain. Emotional shell works as a lens that collects flat parallel cosmic rays and concentrates them on the top of our head – or our Crown Chakra. Since our brain in general can be described as a very complicated radar system, it receives the information and transforms it into energy or brain waves that create our own aura.

This model is one of the simple ways to explain how our brain and heart work together to create a human energy shell, which in return is responsible for how our physical body functions. It would be incorrect to say which is more important: the brain or the heart.

We do need to teach our brain how to concentrate on the information that we really need and we do need to follow our heart and positive emotional shell in order to receive more information from cosmos. It is an informational age after all.

So, fine… our brain is a complicated radar system, but how does it really work? How does it help us to interact with the surrounding environment?

Human brain has three orbitals of its activity: vertical or spiritual/creative brain activity orbital and two horizontal brain activity orbitals – our biological orbital and our social activity orbital. See… on the cosmic scale we are just an atom that is having its creative, biological and social interactions or experiences. Our biological brain activity orbital is responsible for our material manifestation in different coordinates of cosmos. Our social brain activity orbital is responsible for how we interact with people around us on the energy informational level. But, what about this spiritual or creative brain activity orbital? Our vertical brain activity orbital is what gives us a chance to communicate with cosmos. The upper petal of the vertical orbital of the brain activity is our channel of communication with our Spirit. There… I said it – our Spirit. If it makes you feel better, you can call it your higher self, your potential, your subconscious mind or your guardian angel. Remember, it’s just a model and we are trying to find a simple way to explain how things work. Thus, our Spirit is the architect that holds all the information on how our body should look like. Architect does have a plan, but we are the ones who supply the materials – we are what we eat.

Our Spirit also holds all the information on what should we do in our life in order to have more fun and interesting experiences so we can grow and evolve – to put it simply our Spirit knows what will make us happy. The lower petal of the vertical brain activity orbital is represented by our spine and that is why we don’t only get a bad feeling when we are going in the wrong direction (direction that will not make us happier) we also often find the physical proof of it on our body manifested by all kinds of broken bones and sicknesses.

Ok, so, our vertical brain activity orbital is a communication channel with our Spirit and we eventually receive the information across our spine and further to our nervous system. But what is the Spirit and how can we communicate with it?

You can think of the Spirit as a vinyl record with information about our life. We use our vertical brain activity orbital to read the track of the vinyl record and if we zoom in to the track of the vinyl record we will see different bumps and holes that create vibration or music of our life. These bumps and holes can be described as our karma and we actually do need to straighten them out in order to make the music of our life flow smoother.  So our Spirit is a vinyl record? Well… it is actually a sphere J we are moving on its surface using our vertical brain activity orbital. So, how does this communication with our Spirit really take place? Well… our Spirit communicates with us through the events of our life, signs on the way, and thoughts in our head. But please, remember that thoughts in our head can come not only from our Spirit and we do need to know how to filter out all the trash and finally be able to clearly hear what our Spirit is trying to tell us. If we can’t filter out the trash and we take a wrong turn, we get a reminder that we are going the wrong way through our body’s response. If we stray too far away from the road that our Spirit wanted us to take, we can actually run into some serious problems, including a lethal outcome.

So all we have to do is to learn how to listen to our Spirit and follow the orders? Don’t we have a saying in what to do with our life? What about freewill?

We can communicate with our Spirit through prayer, wishes and visualization techniques. We do have a voice in what goes on in our life. It’s like sending a letter to a Santa Clause - we send our wish list and if we were a good boy or a girl, and if we followed directions set out for us and laws of Nature, then we might get what we wished for. One thing is for sure though, most often we don’t really know what is good for us and we wish for all kinds of things but not for those that we really need. Our personal Santa does often give us what we wish for, just so we can learn that it actually wasn’t what we really needed. A lot of our wishes are influenced by other people and illusions that we have created. Even when our wishes are influenced by our parents, family members, close friends or partners, it still could be a wrong turn for us. Some of us do learn from trial and error, and we do get frustrated and dissatisfied with the Santa until we begin to wish for the things that we really need – for the things that will help us realize our potential and help us find happiness in our life. When we begin to really enjoy the things that we really need, we do get a lot more than we could have wished for, and it often happens in the ways that we never could have imagined was possible. That’s the time when the real magic begin. Wanting what you really need and being true to yourself is the key to communicating with your Spirit.

Dmitriy (aka Life Script Doctor)

(original version of the article was posted at Life Script Doctor website  where you cal also find visualization techniques that can help you in your everyday life).

Originally from Ukraine, Dmitriy (aka Life Script Doctor) have studied new spiritual science Infosomatics and how human brain interacts with the levels of higher consciousness. He continues his research in many other self healing practices, teaches how ecological worldview based on the laws of Nature together with different visualization/meditation techniques can help people resolve their problems with health, personal or professional life. More at:

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