To release from the ego is a journey, not a moment. However, this is your ultimate purpose. This is certain.


Step one is to wish to reach the truth. To truly want to know it. You must be at the point in your karma where this becomes more important than any other task.


Step two involves finding the patterns that come from this life, perhaps others and have been passed down by your family, events in your life or the culture you grew up in. You have adopted these through modeling.


In step three, you resolve these so that you are free of the pain and therefore of the ego’s hold over you. The more pain you hold, the greater the ego’s ability to use it to control your emotions.


Now seek an experience of the truth, the reality of the place that is your home and where you can be clear that your soul is immortal. That can only come via grace or in meditation. If you attempt this step, as many do, before you have cleared this karma, you will not reach the truth. To pass through the veil that holds this experience, you must be clear in body, mind and spirit. You must have developed what is termed by the Buddhists “the eye of contemplation”. In the Hindu religion it is called “the third eye”, which means using your internal sight of focus inwardly to await the divine.


Once you have seen the truth you will have a clarity of purpose. You will live in this universe but be grounded in another. You will do what you need to do but have a greater purpose. You will know of past and future lives and connections with all those around you and the greater connectedness of yourself with all others. Compassion for the unaware is a natural result of this step.


The truth is that you are divine. You are creative, you are at peace and you are in tune with the positive, in the universe. When you rest in the positive, life is a joy because you are in alignment with the silence, the space between time. The only moment is now and that’s what you are. Living in the moment feels nothing but pure joy because there are no concerns, nothing is a threat and there can be no fear. That is what the truth is.


That is what every spiritual master has said in various forms and ways.


With this experienced and resting in the truth, you must be clear of negative karma. You must do this by deed and action. In the small daily things you do to accumulate karma.The time this takes is up to you. It can take one lifetime or many. What occurs really is your perception of how long it takes extends as all time really occurs now.


Step one is the release of the patterns that bind you to a false ego image of yourself and hold you to actions that do not bring you closer to the divine – actions which are not in accordance with its nature. Step one is a journey that is best taken with others. This takes enormous courage. It is far easier to see the ego in others than in yourself. It can also be completed with a trusted person. Rarely is it done alone.


Lack of progress in this step is never the divine not accepting us, it is always us undertaking thought or action that is not in accord with what the divine is. It is our ego delusion that we are different from the divine and that we need acceptance. This is what the ego believes. We must cease these actions and thoughts to stop being the ego and become our true nature.


There are modes or therapies that can shift you from an unawakened state to an altered one where the ego can be put aside for that moment. Modalities such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnotism, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Emotional Transformation Therapy (ETT) and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) all create different states in which the ego is put aside for a moment, a month, or a year. But these will not give you access to the truth. These are roads that can lead there. These modalities do not create permanent change. The ego will return in another form, problem or issue.


Awareness of the creation of a pattern clearly seen is the best solution to step one. When the event that occurred when you were a child happened, the ego decided that it meant something. The story it told about the event was only one interpretation of the event, but because it was the ego’s version, the meaning was negative. You must undo this version through awareness of the delusion. In seeing the reality, the pattern it created collapses. You will then be free to choose to view this event in a different way.


Step two is a personal journey that others can guide you on but none can do for you or accompany you on. This is the inward journey to experience the truth. You will not find the divine in an outer experience, only signposts pointing to it, no master can give it to you, nor any amount of joy or belief in positive mantras, or the beauty of the birth of a child. You may certainly observe the divine in a beautiful sunset or the energy of a forest, but this is still not a personal experience of the divine. This inner journey is one of concentration and meditation. This takes enormous focus. As Buddha said:


No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. You yourselves must walk the path.


Lao Tzu said:

Tao exists in one’s own true self.

It cannot be found outside of one’s true nature.

Hence, there is no need to leave the house to take [a] journey in order to know the world.

There is no need to look outside of the window to see the nature of Tao.

The further one departs from Tao, the less one will be able to know.


He says here that the knowledge of Tao is not enough, you must experience it for yourself. These are key words to show you the way. The further you depart from these, the less you will understand.


This journey is the same as Buddha’s on the night of his enlightenment. The first part of the journey is to face the ego’s delusions and pierce the veil of its deception. The second part is to become clear on past lives. The third and final part is to experience the interconnectedness of all life and the grand tapestry of our souls.


During stage two. in meditation you will feel the pull of the ego and be distracted. You will find it difficult to focus without thoughts constantly pulling you away from silence. Bring your attention inward and ask your quiet mind what events, past or present, this distraction relates to. What events in life are still karmically unresolved inside yourself? What do you need to forgive yourself or others for? What things have you done that you still want to do? What events has your ego told you a lie about?


This process became the distorted Christian practice of Confession. Its real purpose was to undertake this questioning and personal accounting and move to be in alignment with the divine nature.


Once you have identified them with your quiet mind during meditation, let them go. Release them from yourself. You cannot join to the divine without silence inside and purity in your heart. Purity comes from forgiving. It comes from right decisions and right actions. It comes from you believing you are ready, and it comes from you combining right action with right thought and letting go of attachment to deeds you have done or making amends internally for deeds others hold you responsible for. This is why the Buddha developed the eightfold path: to set out a process of joining with the divine, which is ultimately joining with yourself.


Step three must be taken only in the service of all others. This is the final portion of the journey to find your true purpose, which is aligned to the greater purpose of awakening all. It will not be a goal of the ego. It is the journey of the accomplished. This will come from joining your heart and your quiet mind.


The Tao expresses it thus:


In pursuing Tao, one is enlightened with the true nature and thus diminishes daily one’s worldly desires. The continuous depletion of one’s desires persists until one acts accordingly to the natural Way.(4)


Every day you spend in this meditation will bring you closer to knowledge of the divine through experience.


Every lie the ego told you about each event that created each pattern is what creates each desire. You must rid yourself of every pattern. Each of these steps must be experienced to fully comprehend their real meaning. No words can convey the actuality of having taken this step.


The ego would have you believe this journey is difficult and cannot be achieved. It wants you to believe that you are powerless.


However, the truth is, when we band together, we can stop tyrants, end wars, eradicate starvation, create a heaven on earth. These are not the goal though. They will initially be the result. These are the ways of attracting the correct karma, which will lead to changing the world.


The ego will distract you and use up time, which is its creation. In the divine there is no time, there is only the moment. In the ego there is only the past and the future, never the moment.


It will speak of how frustrating this process is. It will tell you it is fruitless and you have better things to do, other priorities. These are all delusion. This is your ultimate journey and no other exists.


Begin it now and you will find your way home.

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Brett Jones is a teacher of inner peace, enlightenment and awakening. He is author of the best selling book Awaken on Amazon and Itunes.

He can be found at and on social media via that website.


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