Fear - Four little letters that mean so much. But is fear literally really a factor for everyone? Or is there something much more complex and diversified going on when we feel challenged, stressed or our backs are against the wall. What if fear was something we could see and discern in the mirror?


As I began my coaching practice many years ago, clients would come to me and I would begin my work with them using the protocols I had been given in my coach training, working under the assumption that all human beings have the same core fears. The results I achieved with those first few clients, although, helpful, just didn’t seem to get to the heart of the issue for everyone. Could it be that not everyone had the same core fears? Could there be another solution to offer that I wasn’t seeing?


The questions I asked myself in those early days, led me on a quest to deeply understand human nature and our biggest challenges and fears. The quest led me to face reading and it was in the face, that I found the answers I sought and the answers that have been providing lasting solutions for my clients ever since.


You see, our faces are not just the unique combination of maternal and paternal DNA that comes together to embody a physical representation of an individual, but the offering we give to the world that translates our personality traits, our behavioral patterns, our response to life experiences and most importantly, what our greatest “fear” will be.


All of our fears are not the same, even though we are all human. However, the dominant features on our faces can give us an indication of the theme of our fears and thus provide us with valuable insights into facing and even conquering them.


So, if you are someone whose prominent features include dimples, red hair, freckles, or sparkly eyes, your challenge will be “fear” of rejection. The thought of being without love, or being unlovable, of not being the centre of attention, can be the thing that cripples you, that leads you into potentially unhealthy relationships or leaves you so lonely because you don’t want to feel the pain of rejection yet crave the company of others.


If you have a prominent nose, strong upper cheeks, high eyebrows and fine bone structure, your greatest “fear” will centre around the concept of “enough.” You may never feel good enough, no matter what you achieve. You may live in a perpetual state of lack, worried that there may never be enough. You may hold others to impossibly high standards so that they can never be good enough for you.


If you are someone who has a well-defined jaw, strong eyebrows or indented temples, your biggest fear will be around being “shamed.” You are someone who is competitive and driven – a change agent, a leader. Being publicly humiliated or losing can be things that keep you up at night and that you can’t deal well with. Your desire to be dominant is so strong that anything that would call that into question or belittle you in the eyes of others can shatter your self-esteem and self-worth.



If you are someone who has a full mouth, rounded features, or fullness in the upper and lower cheeks, then your biggest fear will be being left alone, not having a community. You are a nurturer by nature and desire people to take care of in your life. It is your purpose. If you are alone, you are unfulfilled. There is no one to tell your story to or to feed and the act of giving feeds your soul and your purpose. A life without others to care for can be devastating for you.


Lastly, if you are someone who has one or more of these features: a domed forehead, strong chin, or natural shadowing under the eyes, your challenge will be fear in its basest form. You may be one who is frozen by fear, real or imagined. The unknown can stop you dead in your tracks. You have a strong connection to the unseen and a vivid imagination and as such can create more to be afraid of than actually exists. The challenge for you is to discern what is healthy fear i.e. caution and what is irrational fear, i.e. fear that is unfounded and based on the most unlikely outcome.


When we look in the mirror, our faces give us clues to our own unconscious behavioral patterns. Being able to identify our unique challenges opens up a world of understanding. No longer do we have to compare ourselves to people who don’t understand why we react with trepidation in situations that they do not. The solutions to the unhealthy expressions of each of our unique fears are now more easily discernable and treatable with processes that are as individual as we are. The ability to redefine fear by our features, allows acceptance in a whole new way to surface. 

Michelle Butt is a Facial Intelligence Expert, a Certified Master Coach and an Ordained Metaphysical Minister. She is also a contributing author to the book, Ready Aim Captivate, featuring Deepak Chopra.


She teaches Insightful Communication Strategies using the face as the guide to knowing how to interact with others based on their needs and communication preferences. She helps clients use the face as a tool to truly understanding habitual patterns, behavioral preferences and needs to create success in all areas of their lives.





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Comment by Michelle Butt on November 10, 2015 at 9:38pm
Thanks Shelly!

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