Do you know who you are?  Do you know where you are and what you are doing here?  Do you take the time to ask yourself these questions?  Or, do you prefer to cruise through daily vicissitudes conveniently ignoring them?  

It is ok if you do.  In fact, it is ok no matter what you choose to do.  It may just be of interest to know that your actions or non-actions create your experiences and your reality.  "Wait a minute! What do you mean create my own reality? So everything is not pre-destined?” Hmmm.... No.  The good news is that we are creators of our reality.  The bad news is that we are – without fail – creators of our own reality.  It all truly depends on what reality you wish to experience, or how well you master the creation of it.  Let's explore an utopist day that may please the majority of people.   

What would it take for a person to wake up every morning smiling, singing in the shower, smiling at someone cutting them off in traffic, laughing at a presentation gone upside down, blessing the cancellation of much anticipated dinner plans and blissfully enjoying the end of the day?  They could be in the first week of a madly passionate new relationship with someone they believe to be the love of their life, where endorphins and oxytocin are running sky-high in their system.  They could be on psychotropic drugs where artificial triggers are ruling the show.  Or, they could simply be aware of a few truths that, when applied to daily fluctuations, literally make them so in love with life to seem on drugs! 

In order to create the reality that you wish to experience, you need to figure out who you are, where you think you are and what you think you are doing here.  These fundamental questions are the precursors to everything.  Do you believe to be a banker? A housewife? Or, a spiritual being that has chosen to incarnate in a human body to fully experience its Divine magnificence? Depending from your perspective, the answers to the other questions unfold automatically, and the creation of your experience advances thereafter.  Perspective is everything.  An individual who will define him or her as a role (banker, housewife, coach, manager and so on) will most likely live in the finality of the realm of physicality.  They might assume to have little influential and transformative power over their life.  They might automatically go through the socially-acceptable evolutions of events: get a degree, get a job, get a car, get a house, get a promotion, get a wife, have children, get a bigger house, a bigger car, a better promotion, and son.  

Until one day, it all stops making sense.  Hence they wonder: who am I? What am I doing? What is my life about?  Haha! Ultimately, we all get there!  The existential crossroads is on a well-traveled road.  On one hand, you can Make a Life; on the other, you can Make a Living.  It is entirely up to you.  In order to choose the road that works for you, you must answer the fundamental questions of life, for the answers will guide you further and will prevent you from ever looking back in self doubt.  However, if blankness overwhelms you, immobilizing you in ignorance, there is a simple – yet powerful – exercise that may send you on your way:

*** Write down three things that you could spend each day,

for the rest of your life, doing absolutely free of charge.***

Take time to do it right now, before reading on.  What did you discover?  What is the common denominator interlinking the three items on your list?  If your answers are a true reflection of things that you could devote the rest of your life doing for zero income, the common denominator is life’s true essence: pure joy.  When you live in a genuine state of joyfulness you will cruise through your day with the utmost serenity and ability to accept and bless everything that crosses your path.  Joy is the secret ingredient of a perfect day and a perfect life, where perfect is intended not in the event itself (someone cutting you off in traffic), rather in how you choose to react (smiling and nodding in acceptance) to the event.  Perspective is everything, and when joy is your perspective all becomes perfect, bringing you more joy.

“This all sounds wonderful but I have to work in order to pay the bills and put food on the table!  It would give me joy to dance all day but I cannot afford to do it!” I can almost hear you saying it.  You can replace “dance” with whatever it is that you would love to spend your life doing.  It is undeniable, there are responsibilities bounding many people to a stable income, which does not necessarily fill them with absolute and unshakable joy.  It would be naïve to think otherwise.  However, what would happen if your job was like a tool that you used to build the thing that you would love to spend your life doing?  It is rather pointless to hate a hammer that is helping you build your dream tree house.  Similarly, it is rather pointless to hate your unfulfilling regular job because, thanks to the economic stability it grants you, you have resources to invest in things that bring you joy.  By consequence, your regular job is something you should love, and here comes the Divine twist, the moment you love it, it becomes even more helpful in helping you make a life rather than keeping you stuck in making a living.  


Ultimately, it all boils down to your desire to live a life or to make a living.  What is stopping you other than yourself?  What is stopping you other than your self-doubt and limiting thoughts?  If you want to turn your life around, turn your perspective around:

  • Deliberately move into a state of joyfulness until that becomes second nature.  Your mind, if stuck in self-doubt, will put forward a lot of resistance.  It will require constant re-training of the mind initially, but ultimately a state of joyfulness will be who you are all the time (because it is who you really are). 
  • Make a list of three things that you could spend each day, for the rest of your life, doing absolutely free of charge. Give gratitude and blessings to your current job (in case this is not intrinsically fulfilling) and open yourself up to its true gifts. 
  • Through these states of joyfulness, gratitude and blessing, open yourself up to the inspirations and synchronicities that will help you realize your true joy, transforming your making-a-living-Life to making-a-life-Life.



Annalisa lives in Florence, Italy, is the Education Coordinator at the Italian Centre for Conversations with God; a licensed Naturopath and Spiritual Counselor.  She is trained in the CWG material, TCM, Spagyric Medicine, Psychosomatic Diagnosis, Mindfulness Meditation, and Reiki.  She is writing her first book on applied spirituality and enjoys writing articles for the heart and soul. Connect with her on

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Comment by Annalisa Corti on November 14, 2012 at 9:29am

Hi Dawn, thank you so much for your continued support. How about changing the phrase into "Or, do you prefer to cruise through the daily ups and downs conveniently ignoring them?"

I have a query because i am unsure about how things work. When you say you will submit an article for a monthly edition, does this mean that it will be in the edition or that it will go further screening and selection and may not be in any edition?

I am asking because I was looking forward to seeing the Hitler Went to Heaven article in one of the november editions but it did not seem to make it. As it is the one blog post that has received most pageviews on my personal blog I figured it would have just as much reception, if not more, amongst the OM Times reader.  I am so grateful for this corner of heaven in which i can make my writing public with others, my query does not want to be bothersome polemic.  I am just trying to better understand the process so I know if and when an article will be published.

Thanks so much for shedding light if you can. Much love and light to you and the rest of the team.

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