Abstract.....To recover is to be resilient, as to be able to bounce back is to be able to flow again like a running brook. The glaring question is, how do they keep going in the face of adversity. Even when life brings them down to their knees, the way they know how to rise stronger than ever, emerging from all those yesterdays, the lost battles, leaving behind the failures and regrets—that defines their recovery and innate in that recovery lies their resilience. Stretched to the boundaries of their resilience, they come back conquering their spirits. Their brokenness did not rebound, rather they were petering out conquered by the resilience and that defines the broken spirit’s recovery. It is a triumph of their souls, as they hear the deepest call to rise from the dust and begin again. They see the light pointing to the unexplored wonders, to the invincible beauty lying ahead. Because somewhere when the rain falls, somewhere out there a flower grows. The clouds break and the light unfolds, while the spirit resumes its buoyancy.

Word count......1451
Recovering from setbacks, being able to adapt to changes, reveals to them the light of growth and evolution. A thousand possibilities unwind as they cease looking back and begin looking ahead. They learn gradually, that dwelling on the yesteryears merely stunts their expansion. As they learn the setbacks can be viewed as the stepping- stones to success, they keep their eyes looking through the darkness for that light which may lie behind the clouds. They are fearless in accepting the brutal reality as they are deeply anchored in their beliefs reinforced by profound values. They hold onto their faith in the midst of a chaotic dance, that somewhere on the other side of the darkness lies a beauty and from that staunch belief, comes an opening amid the darkness and they hold onto life. The pathway of recovery is not by compulsion, but by learning how to fall in love with life in new ways, in another time where loss becomes a history and the next chapter is about to begin. Those failures become pressed between the pages of their books, carefully folded, at times looked back but then, their hands tremble to write the upcoming moments with awe and wonder as new dreams caress their eyes.
Those who have staunchness in their spirits, quit crying out loud, rather make a meaning of their existence, look for a purpose that goes beyond the sorrow and it is from this search, that they feel the deepest need to stand again even when they cannot find the ground beneath their feet. The loss creates them from the scratch, as they trust life again. They believe that failures left it slightly ajar to create an opening for a new beginning. If we observe as to why some people have established themselves with success in the realm of business, what made them successful while others are out there struggling in the business world, we will see it has much to do with resilience, the indomitable will to withstand hardship, to beat the fears before they beat them. Some individuals may need longer than usual time to recover from substance abuse as they are facing emotional, mental issues and have taken a retreat in the substance usage. For them it takes time to come out with recovery and confidence while some others may be resilient and know how to rise stamping their losses. To be able to bounce back after trauma is to master how to think positively about the setbacks without being dismayed. So they see hope amid hopelessness and learn that life is still not over while navigating through a barren landscape.
Evidently, resilience is desirable so one does not descend to the depths of failures, rather ascend to the heights of imagination. Yet, it is human and all of us do go through fluctuations in the resilience while journeying through the pathway of life. Some may have lesser degree of resilience while others may have it to a greater degree. A plethora of challenges seem insurmountable but with a resilient attitude, may of them can be surmountable. Resilience unlocks the possibilities of life as they begin to unwind. It turns despair into hope and helplessness into confidence. To be able to look beyond the failures, beneath the pain, over the fears, through the yesteryears and into the possibilities is to be able to see a gorgeous you. To be able to have the wildest love affair with life, means to have a resilience that invites you to a spirit so young, as you release the chronicles of your journey in this world. Your existence finds a meaning as every roar turns to a whisper and every struggle to an understanding. You understand yourself as you sit with your losses and your soul whispers” be-gin, be-gin, be-gin again.” The dust of life settles down as you rise again. A thousand fears run away as the heart breaks in laughter. You become capable to feel all of you as you emerge with an unresigned mind and a definitive will. That calls you to give yourself one more chance. Times may come when the stressors and challenges erode resilience. But as the determination may be keen on coming up with solutions that have seen success in the past, one may be willing to give them a try again. Negativity is bound to fail in this case, as it sinks a soul in darkness. But the attitude to set positive goal. From this perspective, Cognitive-behavioral therapy, a psychological intervention has much of a relevance in the recovery of an addicted individual. Its efficacy has been demonstrated for a wide range of problems like depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol use problems. This therapy leads to a remarkable improvement in the daily functioning and quality of life. In many cases, Cognitive-behavioral therapy has been found to be more effective compared to other forms of psychological therapy. The essential principles of Cognitive behavioral therapy are that psychological problems arise from unhealthy thinking patterns. There are certain learned patterns of unproductive behavior which an individual may be used to from which his/her problems may start stemming. Hence, the essentiality of the therapy may arise that may assist him/her to be productive again. So, they can master better ways of coping with them, and therefore may wean out those symptoms, enabling them to become more effective in their lives. In the process, there in a transformation in the thinking patterns. The therapy teaches the individuals to identify the distorted thinking that eventually becomes problem building and then to reevaluate them again in the light of positivity. They learn how to evaluate their situations having a hold of reality instead of succumbing to distortion. This way, no thinking heads towards malformation and hope originates once they come out of their warped heads. The depressed individuals delve into a better understanding and glimpse into a life with clarity. They engage themselves into problem solving skills to manage the challenging situations. Consequently, they lean onto their sense of confidence and their own abilities. They learn gradually how to calm the body and relax the chaotic mind. The new behavior and thinking pattern become the one that is practiced with consistency and the more consistency it has, the better the outcome. Eventually the individual learns to trust its strength. Thus, the depressed people engage in creativity with a thoroughness and an unwavering will. With time, they recognize their existing strengths as their behaviors are directed towards positive goals and daily positive affirmations assist them in the process of returning to themselves. With time, laughter becomes the sound of their souls.
For those who do not exhibit resilience, strength based Cognitive behavioral therapy models are employed. It focuses on positive psychotherapy and added to it comes counseling which is centered on innate resourcefulness instead of weeping over the lost battles, shortcomings and weaknesses. With the intentional setting up of this therapy, a positive mindset is built in motion that ultimately leads them to the light of finding the best version of themselves. Eventually, their worldviews and perspectives go through a major transformation and they become altered individuals, focusing on building and not breaking. They learn what to expect from themselves and others. It builds up their self- esteem, breaks through their emotional issues stemming from an abusive relationship with a parent or a partner. The benefits from this strength-based therapy are tremendous and they unleash gradually as they practice with consistency and mindfulness. This therapy is effective for individuals of all ages and unwinds a new life for them, one that holds hope and light.

Jayita Bhattacharjee....born in Calcutta, India and later on education from University of Houston in Economics, she had chosen her career as a trustee and teacher. Her Indian residence is in the vicinity of the famous Belurmath. Currently, she is settled in Tampa, Florida.
Her books " The Ecstatic Dance of Life",
" Sacred Sanctuary", " Light of Consciousness", " Dewdrops of Compassion" " are among the many that she has authored.

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